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Tucana Engineering, LLC

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2D Schematics

Creating 2D schematics is important in engineering and manufacturing and in many other industries. Through these detailed drawings, inventors and engineers can put down their ideas on paper and make improvements on the designs they have in mind. Schematics are also important documents when it comes to the actual production of the device or part in question. These drawings can also be used as a basis for more informative 3D designs and models, which are then utilized in manufacturing products and attracting customers and investors.

You can always work with traditional design firms or hire additional full-time staff when you need to make 2D schematics. But why do so when you can get the help of 2D schematics freelancers from Cad Crowd? By taking this step, you’ll have your drawings done by experts who have extensive skills and knowledge in creating 2D drawings and have years of experience in the field. With lower overhead costs, we provide world-class design and engineering services at highly competitive prices. With Cad Crowd, you can save a substantial amount of money but still receive the high quality of service that your project demands.

Here at Cad Crowd, our freelance 2D schematics experts can assist you in creating drawings for the designs you have in mind. Just discuss your ideas and requirements with them and/or provide them with a copy of your notes, and they will produce detailed and high-quality schematics on time and within your budget. Our freelancers can also assist you with redrawing an existing design. Whether you're looking for help in drafting the original schematics, or you want to change a few elements of the design or simply if you need to make it more accurate and readable, you have the assurance that our drafting technicians will be able to assist you.

Once your 2D schematics are completed and you’re happy with them, we can help you turn them into 3D models. These are highly useful if you’re planning to manufacture the design you’ve created and turn it into actual product, or at least make a prototype of it. Our 2D schematics freelancers are fully aware of the importance of 3D modeling, so they make sure that their 2D drawings can be easily converted into 3D versions.

If you’re ready to begin your project, simply browse through our list of freelancers, choose those whom you think have the right skills and experience, and invite them to work on your project. Or, you can let us handle the selection process. Submit your project to us for a free quote. We'll review your requirements, set you up with a free estimate, and connect you with one of our pre-qualified top-tier freelance CAD experts. Cad Crowd takes the guesswork out of online hiring.

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