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Looking to redesign the home. Something about the home is not appealing and we're looking to see what we can do.

We believe the front wall and gate needs to be raised with a taller gate. The fountain in the front needs to be replaced. The driveway could be redone or not. The color scheme doesn't seem right.
The best design will win.
Additional Information
Looking for small modification. It’s hard to imagine what this house can be changed due to the red roof.

Repaint the home, slight modifications to the front to change some pillars.


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Sat, 29 Feb 2020 07:17:00 +0000
The prize is more like a photoshop contest :)
Thu, 27 Feb 2020 12:21:57 +0000
I totally agree with the comments by other contestants below. Time and quality put into this is for way too little amount of money! I am begging to think this is getting very ridiculous and thoughtless for such work. Sorry will not include any bidding unless the money is raised. the price is far far too appallingly to my opinion
Thu, 27 Feb 2020 09:31:33 +0000
The time frame, money and the inputs are way too limited. In the current scenario, what looks possible is just a photoshop makeover on the input images to depict the concept ideas.
Thu, 27 Feb 2020 07:41:57 +0000
If you want to have a hight quality design and professional work you should raise the amount of money you put into this. Because re-designing....something ?! is not that easy as it seems. Unless to find a guy who screams "i`ll do it for free". As other guys mentioned in comments you need to give a more detailed brief with more informations and pictures. You can`t make a complete re-design with just 4 pictures. Come on...let`s be serious...let`s think like real pros!
Thu, 27 Feb 2020 03:24:32 +0000
The home is already quite appealing so I'm not entirely clear what you are looking in terms of a "re-design"? A better brief is needed for this contest. Additionally, I would second the comment of a couple of other people on this thread. The lack of information (i.e. cad drawings, model, etc) and the fee/price you are proposing is far too low for the projected workload for this project.

A better brief and more detailed resources would be ideal to move forward.
Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:33:53 +0000
As Jim81 has indicated, it is almost impossible to make changes without an existing CAD model of your property. If you could not acquire a model from your previous builder/designers, a site plan is needed for us to build the model. After building the model, we can render the house with suitable changes that you desire. Now the time and effort to build the house model and render realistic images would be worth at least 5x the prize you’re offering right now. Just my opinion, of course.
Wed, 26 Feb 2020 22:00:53 +0000
A site plan of the existing house would be helpful. Unlike others who have commented I don't think you are asking for the redesign of your house, it is beautiful already. Color combinations should be left to a different group of specialist, probably a landscape architect. I think the colors are perfect for the style of the house. Not every color goes with a red roof as well as white. I doubt you want to re- roof your house. The only thing I would change is to have gates on each side of the property and high fencing across the center section. Fence to be in excess of 6 feet high, possibly 8' or more high with matching architecture to your house (possibly large matching openings and gates to match) in your case to conform with the estate look it is supposed to have and lacks. You don't need a re-design of the house you need a re-design of the front gate and fence as well as drive way being split to both sides of the house with something interesting in the front area between the split driveway. I'd love to see a life size strutting horse and buggy statue in the entrance yard surrounded by a large interesting shaped pond. I wouldn't touch the house but I think the entrance court on the left side could have higher more interesting walls !
I'm sorry but the time involved to address and present any kind of presentation for you can not be covered with the prize money you offer.
Wed, 26 Feb 2020 19:22:29 +0000
HI, i am very excited to see that you are looking for some design ideas for your house and i would be more than happy to assist you with that. Is there a specific style of home you like or something similar to it that you want? and as commented by @yakub would it be possible to get a few more pictures?
Wed, 26 Feb 2020 06:56:25 +0000
Hi, I am interested in your project. I will need more pics from the top, side and rear of the building so as to ease my design.
Thanks, I await your reply.

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