Top 101 Engineering and Mechanical Design Firms in the United States

Top 100 Engineering and Mechanical Design Firms In the United State

The United States is home to thousands of engineering and mechanical design firms that have worked on projects for many top companies. Whether you’re looking for help designing a product or want to see what’s out there, we’ve rounded up 101 of the best firms to check out.


1. Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd is a premier platform that caters to the needs of clients seeking the services of freelance professionals with expertise in engineering and mechanical design services. With a robust network of skilled freelancers specializing in 3D modeling, product design, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, and other engineering and design-related fields, Cad Crowd is a trusted resource for clients seeking expert assistance with their projects.


2. 219 Design

An interdisciplinary design and engineering firm based in Silicon Valley. Its services mainly focus on a combination of product development and management, and they specialize in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. Previous clients include BMW and NASA.


3. 245 Product Development Group

It is a design consultancy firm that provides design research, engineering assessment, prototyping, and product development management services. Recent 245 Product Development Group clients include ADTEC Digital, Casablanca Fan Company, and B/E Aerospace.


4. aarn

The person behind aarn is Aaron Panone, an engineer and self-producing designer. The product development firm focuses on creating logistics outfits and rugged consumer goods. The firm has even launched house brands, including aarn Plastics and aarn Transmission.


5. AB Controls, Inc.

The main capabilities of AB Controls include designing and manufacturing laboratory equipment solutions and test equipment. They also offer turnkey product development and manufacturing support. Some high-profile clients include B/E Aerospace, Pfizer, and Panasonic.


6. Adherend Innovations, LLC.

Adherend Innovations specializes in design finite element analysis, including explicit and implicit implications. The firm also offers to manufacture composite materials such as thermoplastic polymers and thermosets. Their portfolio includes Project Cedrus (composite hydrofoil) and RipeLocker.


7. Alloy Product Development

A product development firm that does its best work in product prototyping and testing. This company is willing to collaborate with manufacturer partners to supervise the production process. It has compiled a portfolio with popular products such as Plume Wi-Fi, SanDisk Cruzer Contour, and GoPro Hero5.


8. Ansync Labs

Comprised of a small team of engineers with various specializations, Ansync Labs provides nearly all of its product development services under one roof with a full-range electronics assembly line and manufacturing shop. It has worked on medical instruments and connected devices.


9. Anubavam

An end-to-end digital products development firm, Anubavam has overall mobile app design and large-scale cloud computing expertise. The firm has developed and launched hundreds of mobile and web projects for startups and large corporations. Clients include Samsung, Landmark Group, and AstraZeneca.


10. Areteworks

An engineering and design firm specializing in software development—specifically UI/UX design for medical applications—Areteworks has gathered impressive design experience over the years. Some of their best works are Ormco Digital Orthodontist and Thermo Fisher DXR xi Raman Microscope.

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11. Aria Group

Aria Group is a capable industrial-scale engineering firm with a massive 60,000 square feet of product development facilities. It designs, creates, and manufactures all sorts of product prototypes, and the Aria FXE hybrid supercar showcases what the firm can do.


12. Art of Mass Production

The Art of Mass Production is an engineering company focusing on product development designed for mass production. Its engineering services are mainly concerning thermoplastics and specialty and commodity plastics. Clients include Nokia, HP, Bosch, and Whirlpool Corporation.


13. Atech Designs, Inc.

An award-winning product development firm, ATech Designs, Inc. works on clients’ ideas and turns them into designs ready for manufacturing. It has worked on high-tech devices, including a Programmable Electrode Array Knitting (PEAK) Machine and SmartSite Needle-Free IV Valves.


14. Baren-Boym Company

The company has been in the industrial design market for over 20 years, offering services for complete product development, medical devices, and embedded systems. Clients who have worked with them include Bayer Diagnostics, Boston Scientific, Cybex International, Pentax Medical, and more.


15. Bay Area Innovations

They are a full-service product development and engineering firm providing its assistance right from the beginning of concept generation through to functional design. Bay Area Innovations also help clients with production tooling and manufacturing sourcing.


16. Bb7

There have been over 2,000 projects in bb7’s portfolio in the last 15 years, 80% of which went to market. The firm has worked with well-known clients, including Motorola, Bosch, John Deere, Baxter, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. They work on product engineering, manufacturing, and assistance.


17. BC Mechanical Design

An interdisciplinary engineering firm, BC Mechanical Design, does the entire product development process, including concept validation, product mock-ups, 3D printing, manufacturing support, and certification assistance. Some of its high-profile clients are GoPro, FUJITSU, Juniper Networks, and Cisco.


18. Blue Clover Devices

Blue Clover Devices has grown from a design firm into an ODM (original design manufacturer) specializing in electronic products with over 100 staff. It has partnered with well-known clients such as Volkswagen, Audi, Herman Miller, Peachtree Audio, and Audyssey Labs.


19. Blur Product Development

All product development services from the company are done under one roof, from the research process to short-run production. Blur Product Development works on medical devices, consumer goods, electronics, and industrial products. Its best work includes Altopa OBlend and Adaptec Sensica.


20. Brainchild Engineering

Brainchild Engineering is a turnkey product development company. However, they also offer stand-alone engineering support for various industries. They have partnered with Detroit Audio, Michigan SoilWorks, Boekel Scientific, Jack Doheny Companies, GoBout, and more.

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21. Bright Product Development

The firm provides engineering and manufacturing assistance to small- and medium-sized tech companies. They work by complementing clients’ teams or handling product development projects. Design experiences include projects with Cisco and Dell.


22. CAD Design Company

The design firm focuses on product development stages, from sketches to 3D modeling. Completed works are product concepts with 3D visualizations ready for prototyping and manufacturing. CAD Design Company also offers free consultations regarding product ideas and the development process.


23. Catapult Design

Catapult Design offers product development services, including a commercialization strategy for the low-income target market. Before engaging with third-party vendors for CAD models and manufacturing, the firm handles early product development stages, from concept to design and review.


24. Connectable Design & Dev

Founded in 2006, Connectable Design & Dev has grown into a sizable product development company that thrives with its “turnkey” nature. It covers all stages of product development, from ideation and engineering to prototyping and manufacturing. High-profile clients include Vodafone, Samsung, Sennheiser, and BMW.


25. Creative Engineering

Most of Creative Engineering’s product development services are aimed at businesses. They cover everything from concept sketches to prototype fabrication. The firm offers its service as a consultant for independent inventors. Some of its best work includes the EverTune and the Roomba vacuum.


26. Cusp Development

Cusp Development is a small firm with a track record sprinkled with awards, including IDEA Gold, SPARK Award, and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award. Tech Bed, Speck Products’ smartphone case, and Perspecta Spatial 3D are some of the firm’s best works.


27. Custom Case Group

When Engineered Packaging Solution (EPS) and SCS merged, Custom Case Group became their brainchild. As the name says, they design and provide heavy-duty custom cases for brands such as Anvil, Pelican, Wilson, and Zarges. Applications include military, industrial, medical, UAV, and more.


28. Customs Factory

The specialization of Customs Factory is vehicle engineering. They use CAD/CAM and generative design to handle rapid prototyping, testing, and low-volume production runs without requiring massive financial capital on the clients’ part. They’ve partnered with Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Dodge, and Fiat.


29. Datum3D Product Development

Datum3D is an experienced product development firm that offers comprehensive product engineering services, including turnkey development, cost analysis, and DFM&A consulting. Their portfolio is filled with works for big names such as Bose, Siemens, Cognex, Hamilton Storage, and Honeywell.


30. Design Integrity, Inc.

An end-to-end product development firm, Design Integrity offers a complete package of services to bring clients’ ideas into profitable commodities. The company serves clients in medical consumer goods, defense, and industrial markets. Its portfolio includes the American Standard ActiClean System.

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31. Device Engineering & Product Design

Founded in 1991, Device Engineering & Product Design provides a full range of product development services to continuous product improvement after the manufacturing stage. It works with a vast network of prototype fabricators in the U.S. and manufacturing partners in China.


32. DeviceLab

DeviceLab is a full-service product development firm with expertise in electronics engineering, medical device prototyping, pilot manufacturing, and consumer electronics. Their portfolio includes the LenSx Laser Eye Surgery System and Phillips Zoom UV Lamp.



One of Michigan’s best product development companies, DISHER offers a massive range of services, from market research and prototyping to everything between consumer products and commercial applications. Hardware, software, firmware, and IoT development services are also provided.


34. Driven Innovation

Driven Innovation is a product development specialist focusing on helping startups materialize their ideas and launch successful commercialization. The firm works with a network of prototype builders and provides manufacturing support. Recent projects include the WOWsolar controller and BackShield/BackSport.


35. DSP Electronics Inc®

The firm provides full-range product development services from concept to production, including market research. They work in various industries, such as consumer electronics, software or application, medical devices, home automation, toys, etc.


36. Elting Mechanical Enterprises

Elting Mechanical Enterprises has been around for over 20 years, providing a tailored approach to product development services. Their expertise ranges from 2D drafting and 3D solid modeling to product simulation and high-precision mechanisms. They serve clients in the industrial, aerospace, and defense markets.


37. Emelody Worldwide Inc.

The Product Development Department of Emelody Worldwide Inc. provides various services, including CAD, prototyping, mathematical modeling, manufacturing consultation, PCB design, and benchtop testing. They have partnered with Eigen Aerospace, Mechanical Design Studio, Grizzly Cast Iron, and more.


38. Engenious Design

In addition to providing services in electronic medical device design development, Engenious Design is equally competent in consumer goods and high-tech products. For example, they create life support ventilators, wireless HD video streaming, and a video quad-copter. They have an in-house prototyping fabrication workshop.


39. Evocativo

Evocativo offers product development services ranging from ideation to creating a fully-documented engineering specification ready for further manufacturing. It works in various industries, including automotive, retail, commercial, and aerospace. Their portfolio includes Food Cubby, the ORBglider® Fitness Machine, and the ReadyGolf Cart.


40. Facture

Working on the principle of the Lean Product Development Cycle (Design – Build – Test), Facture also offers turnkey development, from product feasibility evaluation to third-party regulatory certification. The firm was founded in 2017 and has partnered with Powerit, Rhino Camera Gear, and Obliq.

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The primary services provided by FATHOM include advanced prototype fabrications, parts production, and engineering support. The firm also provides custom services for clients needing additional expertise to strengthen its in-house team. Some of the firm’s high-profile clients are Intel, Mercedes-Benz, and Medtronic.


41. Fikst

A flexible DFM and engineering firm, Fikst is willing to work either as a full-service engineering department for clients or on a short-term basis. Services cover various industries, including consumer products and biomedical. They have partnered with The Jackson Laboratory, Yankee Candle, and Lucky Litter.


43. Function Engineering

Function Engineering is a product design development firm. The company started in 1987 and has now contributed to thousands of clients’ projects in various categories such as robotics, household products, and industrial equipment. One of its most recent works is the Savioke’s robotic base & cargo bin.


44. Geometrix Design, Inc.

A product development firm, Geometrix Design is filled with a team of highly specialized engineers who help clients through every stage of the development process. The firm provides a complete range of services, from initial concept generation to the final functional usable design.


45. Glad Designs LLC

A relatively new mechanical engineering firm founded in 2016 based in Colorado. Glad Designs focuses on industrial equipment design with tailored services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It has partnered with QuadShoX, HAL Extraction Technology, and Summit Extraction System.


46. Hebert Engineering & Design Co, LLC

Focusing on turnkey product development services for small and medium-sized businesses, Hebert Engineering & Design has a respectable track record filled with function-centric consumer products such as Yard-X Garden Tool, Tuna-Mate, and Frogs Feet Suction Cups. They also have a fully-equipped prototyping shop.


47. Higher Concept Engineering

The product development services from Higher Concept Engineering cover all stages, from idea generation to functional prototyping. They also do Finite Element Analysis, Failure Effects Mode Analysis, and Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. They’re an excellent source for prototyping.


48. Hive Design

Despite their relatively small team, Hive Design can handle turnkey product development services for various industries, including the consumer and aerospace industries. They do idea research, 3D modeling, simulation, prototyping, campaign management, and manufacturing support.


49. IDE Incorporated

Arguably the most experienced independent product design and development firm in Silicon Valley, IDE focuses on enclosure design, ruggedized products, ergonomics, and handheld/wearables. Partners include Xerox, Texas Instruments, Polaroid, Philips, Palm, Cisco, Compaq, Epson, and Samsung.


50. Igor Institute

Mainly providing product development consulting services, specifically consumer electronics, Igor Institute is also willing to take a tailored approach for clients of any industry. It works from the concept stage through to the production process. Some of its best works are Valve Knuckles EV3 Controller and Upthere Skyline.

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51. Innovative Design Products

The primary product categories in Innovative Design Products’ portfolio are medical, electronics, consumer, auto, security, and eco-green. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rubbermaid, and Black and Decker have used their product development services.


52. Kickr Design

Kickr Design is a full-service product design and development service that handles manufacturing. The firm has an in-house prototyping shop capable of 3D printing, parts machining, metalworking, etc. Design experiences include VRgluv, Precision Siding Tool, and TaskLab’s TaskOne.


53. Larsen Design Engineering

It is another small firm with work experience spanning over 20 years. Based in Connecticut, the engineering consultant provides consumer product development services, including concept generation, 3D solid modeling services, considerations for DFA and DFM, and manufacturing sourcing.


54. Levine Innovations LLC

Not particularly a turnkey product development firm, Levine Innovations works the development process from early sketches to prototyping. It provides manufacturing support by providing instruction, bill of materials, and part specifications. Other services include computer algorithm development and IT.


55. Likuma Labs

It is a modern engineering firm run by a small team from NextFab in Washington Avenue, Philadelphia. Likuma Labs is the hardware startup or product design team behind Biomeme’s smartphone diagnostic lab, Noria Smart Window Air Conditioner, and Nucleus Home Intercom.


56. MicroCube LLC

A small self-sufficient medical device innovator, MicroCube provides concept development, rapid prototyping, clinical trials, market research, and regulatory submissions. All work is done in one space by an interdisciplinary team of freelance professionals.


57. MicroType Engineering

The core capabilities of MicroType Engineering include electronic product development and circuit board design. Ideas are turned into functional prototypes with a DFM approach. The firm also offers free design consultations for clients through the product development process.


58. Mindtribe Product Engineering

The company is primarily a product design and engineering consultancy firm. They work by providing not only technical capabilities but also sourcing and managing partners. Mindtribe Product Engineering focuses on creating modern connected devices. Notable work includes Adobe Ink & Slide and Scoot e-bike.


59. Mobisoft Infotech

Some products are physical, others are digital. Mobisoft Infotech is a familiar name in the latter category. The company has various product development services from web apps to IoT to bring ideas into reality. Project experiences include working with Samsung, Deloitte, Volkswagen, and Kohler.


60. Montie Design

Montie Design has an assembly and prototyping facility in Hot Springs, North Carolina. It has worked with Aberdeen Proving Grounds to design an environmental test chamber and with consumer product companies such as Invisi-ball and Fog Thief.

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MYDESIGN works on 2D and 3D modeling plus prototype fabrication. Product development services are also available for companies of all sizes and individual inventors. They also offer reverse engineering, concept design, and prototyping help.


62. NextFab

Rather than a stand-alone engineering firm, NextFab is a vast network of product development service companies providing easy access to technologies and tools for its members and innovators. It is a fabrication workshop specializing in helping clients build a small volume of unique products.


63. NK Labs, LLC

As a product development engineering firm, NK Labs has designed popular products for the consumer market category and industrial applications. Production is done through vendors and contract manufacturers. Design experiences include Motorola Moto Mods and Airbus Transpose Modular Cabin.


64. NOVO Engineering

NOVO is comprised of a wide variety of expertise including mechanical engineering, modeling & simulation, electronic design, user experience design, and intellectual property. Services start from inception to pilot manufacturing. Clients include HP, Qualcomm, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Medtronic, etc.


65. NPI

An internationally recognized product development firm, NPI has helped commercialize various products worth $1.3 billion in just the last 10 years. Its services are available for any product category, but the firm’s real expertise is in biotechnology products. Clients include Safety-Kleen, Stanley, and Motorola.


66. Nytec

A design consultancy firm, Nytec was the recipient of the 2016 and 2018 Red Dot awards. The firm offers strategic advisory services, resource logistics, and engineering solutions from its own labs and studios. Their portfolio includes Axiom Watch, Dynaudio Intersection RED, and Carnival Intelligent Access Panel.


67. ONE Labs, Inc.

The firm assists with product development, from early specification to prototyping and testing. Products and systems listed in ONE Labs’ range of services include consumer goods, robotics, transportation, medical, and aerospace.


68. Ottermatics Design and Engineering

The way Ottermatics works can be summarized in a simple sequence: drawing a sketch, creating the prototype, finding the right manufacturer, launching a fundraising campaign, and marketing. It has contributed to the design of Lightning Rabbit, Equator Aircraft, Natilus Cargo Drone.


69. Paragon Innovations, Inc.

As a turnkey product development firm, Paragon Innovations listen to clients’ ideas and help them turn those ideas into profitable products. The firm starts working from the idea leading to the final production and market launch step. Clients include Siemens, Motorola, Panasonic, Alcatel, AMD, 3M, and more.


70. Piton Engineering

Piton Engineering is an off-site mechanical engineering department for communication, military, avionics, medical, and consumer products. They also offer product development and management, rapid prototyping, and DFM&A services for inventors.

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71. Primordial Soup, LLC

Having been in the industry for about 10 years, Primordial Soup has partnered with small and big companies to develop various consumer products and medical devices. It provides designing and validation as well as production support services. Clients include Honeywell and Medtronic.


72. Product QuickStart

Now known as Product QuickStart, the company remains focused on providing product development and manufacturing services for inventors, entrepreneurs, and early-stage companies. However, it has partnered and innovated with large companies too such as Hamilton Beach, Panasonic, Yamaha, Cisco, and more.


73. Produktworks Design

Nearly all Produktworks Design’s engineering services are related to technology product development. Recent projects include FlowBelow AeroKit, Atlas micro-XRF spectrometer, Motion Computing R12 Tablet, and the Alienware Area-51 Desktop.


74. Proof Engineering Co.

They are a team of mechanical engineers providing services for businesses (especially larger ones) to help increase their engineering capabilities/throughput. For individuals and smaller-sized companies, Proof Engineering offers its engineering expertise. It has worked on medical, military/defense, and consumer markets.



An engineering firm that focuses solely on the manufacturing process, either for prototyping or low-volume production. PROTOLABS is active in 60 countries, with 12 fabrication workshops worldwide. The company serves the medical, aerospace & defense, automotive, and consumer electronics industries.


76. Pump Studios

Pump Studios is a product engineering firm that prefers to work with growing companies. Not only do they provide services for product design and manufacturing, but they also offer assistance during market introduction. Previous projects include Dell Latitude E6000 and APEX Cooler System.


77. Quigley Scientific Corporation

The main service and expertise of Quigley Scientific Corporation is engineering analysis; the results are useful for clients to develop or improve the product’s capabilities. The firm has done complex engineering and performance analysis for various automotive components, medical machines, and military systems.


78. Radicand, Inc.

Radicand is a rather young product development firm. Starting in 2013, it specialized in providing mechanical design and engineering services for small design teams and startups. The company also offers one-on-one educational workshops and coaching for clients.


79. Rimnetics Inc.

It is one of the busiest RIM companies in North America. Rimnetics offers RIM services for encapsulation, structural enclosures, and parts, as well as cosmetic housing. The company has been around for 30 years doing what it does best in various industries including medical device and defense applications.


80. Sakonet DesignWorks, Inc.

A product design and development firm, Sakonet DesignWorks provides various services, from product conceptualization to the pilot manufacturing process. It serves multiple market categories, including medical, consumer goods, and lighting. High-profile clients include Hasbro, HP, and Ralph Lauren.

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81. Salt City Technical

A versatile product development firm that works from the beginning of the product design process or by picking up where you left off somewhere. Salt City Technical shines in the design analysis department to determine any possible room for improvement in the product design.


82. Scojet, Inc

Scojet’s primary areas of expertise are casting, cable, plastic injection molding, tires, headlights, and molding tools. Scojet works on an average of 60 projects annually in various industries, including outdoor equipment, consumer products, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries.


83. Seipo Corporation

Established in 2005, Seipo Corporation is a Texas-based contract manufacturer with a warehouse in Boston and facilities in China. In addition to metal fabrication, the firm’s customized manufacturing services cover die casting and injection molding. Known clients include Microsoft, Google, and HP.


84. SGW Designworks

As a product development company, SGW Designworks provides a complete range of engineering and management services from the concept stage to the final DFM phase. Clients include Emerson Electronics, Weyerhaeuser, Loon Outdoors, and Bayer, to name a few.


85. Sherpa Design Inc

This mechanical design firm focuses on new product development. It covers all sorts of services in the business, from complex modeling to CNC fabrication. The associative design tool department supports Sherpa Design, which offers rapid prototyping and industrial design services.


86. SOIL Design Group

Starting as a product development firm that helps other companies bring ideas to materialization, SOIL Design Group has expanded its business by creating its own consumer electronics brands. Its primary focus is developing products that implement the latest technologies and are easy to use simultaneously.


87. Solid Design Solutions

Core competencies of Solid Design Solutions include project management, manufacturing engineering, and software development. The firm works of consumer products, medical devices, manufacturing devices, and connected hardware. Clients include Honeywell, Bose, and Medtronic.


88. Spanner Product Development

A mechanical engineering studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Spanner Product Development has worked on various innovative consumer products such as Brava Oven, Pi Wireless Charging, Arable Mark, Otto Smart Lock, and Target Fetch. They are a product engineering studio.


89. SPARK Product Development

The core expertise of SPARK Product Development is the creation of tool-ready designs. The firm also handles conceptualization, 3D rendering, prototyping, and branding. A vast network of vendors supports it for rapid prototyping and metal fabrication.


90. Stanfy

Intellectsoft purchased Stanfy on May 2017. Developed in 2005 as an engineering firm focusing on app design and development, it is now part of a larger company that handles hardware and software development for connected devices, including industrial IoT.

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91. Swope Design Solutions

It is a small firm yet flexible and knowledgeable enough to work in various industries, from small home appliances to aerospace projects. Swope Design Solutions starts a project from research and development all the way forward to manufacturing or part production.


92. Symmetry Product Design, LLC

The product research and development services cover broad industries such as consumer goods and electronics, sports equipment, and medical devices. Services start from idea generation to rapid prototyping. Its portfolio is filled with innovative work, including Palm Lifedrive and Fitbit Force Activity Monitor.


93. Synapse Product Development

Powered by a team of interdisciplinary designers, engineers, strategists, and inventors, Synapse Product Development offers product development services in various industries, from consumer goods to life sciences. Some of the firm’s best works are NASA VR Tracked Astronaut Tools and Nixon Mission


94. Syncroness Inc.

Their expertise is in heavy-duty industrial product applications such as aeronautics, space, defense, military, industrial automation, drones, and energy. Syncroness Inc. is an interdisciplinary engineering firm with more than 150 engineers to offer a tailored approach to every project.


95. Tact Product Development

A product development and contract manufacturing firm, Tact’s portfolio is filled with various high-tech creative works, for example, Google Chromecast, Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch, and HP ENVY Curved All-in-One. Services range from 3D surfacing to high-profile turnkey product development processes.


96. The Design Factory, Inc.

The Design Factory’s expertise includes electronics packaging, optics and lasers, medical devices, and fixture design. The firm works from the product concept stage to analyzing manufacturability and engineering specifications. Consumers range from startups, small businesses and large corporations.


97. Tiger Industrial INC

The range of services Tiger Industrial provides is slightly more specific than many other design firms. They specialize in designing product parts such as plastic components and sheet metal to improve manufacturability. The firm also designs molded or CNC machined parts, die-cast, and electronic enclosures.


98. Tri-Power Design

Tri-Power Design builds custom automated industrial machinery, such as factory robots, commonly used in mass production assembly lines. The firm serves various industries such as medical, plastic marketplace, automotive, and consumer goods. Clients include Ford and Unilever.


99. VisionWorks Engineering, LLC

An engineering service provider and contract design company, VisionWorks assists clients in materializing ideas and bringing products to market. It serves various industries, including automotive, consumer products, energy, medical, military, and industrial.


100. VistaTek

Starting off the business as a small rapid prototyping firm, VistaTek has now grown into a sizable custom manufacturing company with in-house production capabilities. Their services include injection molding, mold-making, and secondary operations. However, their specialty is high-volume production for plastic molding.

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101. WB Engineering

The Miami-based engineering firm handles every product development project in its entirety, including design, engineering services, simulation, prototyping, and parts manufacturing. WB Engineering works with reputable clients such as Boston Scientific, the University of Miami, and Kraus Industries.

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