3D Modeling & CAD Design Recap

Our talented network of CAD designers, 3D modelers, and digital artists is always hard at work producing great portfolio pieces! The Cad Crowd gallery is always full to the brim with fresh and excellent designs. Here’s a quick recap of some of the awesome pieces we’ve seen uploaded recently!

1. Space Mouse 3D Modeling Design by DeBasstyan

This piece is pretty meta! It’s a 3D model of a 3D mouse. What’s a 3D mouse, you say? Well, it’s a mouse that allows CAD designers to move objects three-dimensionally. With a conventional mouse, objects can only be moved in one direction at a time. These devices allow for more streamlined 3D control of objects in CAD programs. In other words, this mouse was used to model itself!

2. 3D Printed Drone 3D Printing Design by GodInventor

We get quite a lot of drone designs on Cad Crowd. It’s kind of a thing. This somewhat evil looking example takes an interesting approach. The idea here is for a 3D printable drone that is highly rigid but also lightweight. The organic lattice that makes up the frame suggest generative design. A pretty unique looking drone design, for sure.

3. ATLAS HERMES Drone 3D Modeling Design by Victor E

Speaking of drones, here’s another awesome and unconventional design. This drone goes for a three-propeller design rather than the more popular quadcopter style and seems ready for racing. A visually beautiful product design.

4. Low Poly Art 3D Modeling Design by dotquote

Aww! Isn’t this adorable? I wish I lived in a low-poly paradise. Look at the little bunnies! While originally developed as a strategy for dealing with the limited rendering power of computers, low-polygon art has developed into a style unto itself. This particular piece was made for inclusion in a children’s book.

5. Prosthetic Cover 3D Modeling Design by Saket CAD

Modern manufacturing and CAD design technologies are bringing some exciting developments to prosthetics design. Prosthetics are becoming more affordable, more effective, and cooler looking to boot. This prosthetic leg cover certainly falls into that latter category.

6. 1U Server Rack 3D Modeling Design by V.M Design

This design was a winning entry for a recent CAD design contest. A high-quality 3D model and great rendering. Great detail, clever design — you can see why it would be a winner!

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MacKenzie Brown is the founder of Cad Crowd