More 3D Design Projects from the Cad Crowd Gallery

abstract yogi napkin holder

Cad Crowd’s roster of top-tier CAD designers and 3D artists are always working on something neat. Lots of those great designs find their way to the Cad Crowd 3D model library. Here again is our roundup of some of the coolest, intriguing, and most interesting specimens from the portfolios of Cad Crowd’s leading designers!

1. Funky 3D Pendant 3D Modeling Design by Bmiotto

3D modeling pendant

Part strawberry, part leaf, totally synthetic, but seemingly organic. What a neat pendant! This design is part of a series of funky 3D modeling designs by Bmiotto. Creative and beautiful designs that would look great in the real world, too!

2. Geometric Bookshelf Furniture Design by cstfrz

Book shelf cad design

Usually, the most interesting thing about a bookshelf is the stuff that’s on it. In this case, though, the book might have to take a back seat to the shelf itself! You wouldn’t need to rifle through the used bookstores for conversation pieces with this particular piece of furniture livening up your stylish pad!

3. Abstract Yogi Tissue Holder Consumer Products Design by benito

abstract yogi napkin holder

Here’s a sort of creepy and really cool holder for your napkins and tissues. Most tissue holders are neither creepy nor cool, so this is definitely a pretty unique piece of design. Elegant, minimalist, and probably the most striking napkin holder you’ll likely ever see.

4. 3D Render Anodized Aluminum Upright 3D Modeling Design by Luisdamed

3D Render Anodized Aluminum Upright

We see a lot of designs at Cad Crowd are distinctly pragmatic — and yet they can still be so beautiful! The rendering on this mechanical component is fantastic. Attention to detail is everything!

5. Mr. Donkey Desgin by Alireza Emtehani

Mr donkey illustration

Well, what more needs to be said about this? It’s Mr. Donkey! He’s making his way through the world as best he can. It seems like he’s taking it all in stride! Good for you, Mr.Donkey!

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