New Open-Source 3D Models and Free CAD Library Launched on Cad Crowd

New Open-Source 3D Models and Free CAD Library Launched on Cad Crowd

The team at Cad Crowd is excited to announce the launch of the platform’s new free CAD library filled with open-source 3D models. In an age where CAD design has become an essential part of product launches, architectural projects, and engineering, this step is one that can help make CAD designs even more accessible.

For over a decade, Cad Crowd has developed a community of freelance 3D modeling professionals. Additionally, the team has worked to build connections between designers and business owners who need their services. Hopefully, this new step will help designers enhance their craft and allow business owners to learn more about the benefits of CAD design.

The Cad Crowd Design Community

Over the years, the Cad Crowd team of 3D rendering freelancers and companies has expanded the community of freelancer designers to over 30,000 professionals. This group includes 3D modelers, CAD designers, and mechanical engineers.

Collectively, these individuals have delivered almost 19,000 designs to 1,500 clients. Cad Crowd’s network of engineers and designers are experts in their own right. However, the company is dedicated to supporting these designers wherever possible.


This is one of the primary reasons that the CAD library was created. This tool allows each designer who is a part of this community to not only share their ideas but also to gain inspiration to add even more creativity to the projects they do for clients. The world of CAD is forever changing, and the team at Cad Crowd wants each design professional to be at the forefront of an ever-evolving skill set.

What Models Can Be Found in the Library?

The new open-source 3D models and free CAD library gives both product design freelancers and engineers an advantage. Designers can upload 2D and 3D models and share their concepts with other design professionals. This action promotes the collaborative nature of CAD design. Consequently, designers can provide feedback to one another, discuss ideas in forums, and even use other design ideas to gain inspiration for their projects.

Nevertheless, clients also stand to benefit from this tool. Clients can use this library to find design ideas that fit their project and see the work of an industrial design service they are interested in working with. Both can download these files and even add them to other projects. Best of all, both designers and clients can feel confident knowing that they are seeing and downloading designs from some of the most experienced design professionals in the industry.

There shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity, so the library is free and accessible to all who need it.

So, what types of designs can designers and clients plan to see in the library? Take a look at this list of the kinds of models, drawings, and consumer product designers and clients can find:

3D Models

Whether you require 3D models of machine parts or need a gaming asset, interior architectural layout, or automotive design, the free CAD library likely has it. The Cad Crowd community of 3D modelers has worked on projects ranging from construction site plans to product models.


These individuals are using programs like Revit, SketchUp, Blender, and VectorWorks to develop photorealistic 3D models for a variety of projects. The design community can expect to find well-designed 3D modeling designs to use in their own projects as they see fit.

3D Printable Designs

The world of 3D printing has expanded over the past decade. A recent stat by Forbes found that businesses who identify themselves as 3D printing first companies increased from 15 to 22 percent in 2018. This means that more and more businesses are looking to integrate 3D printing technologies into their manufacturing processes.

The design community has embraced this innovation and Cad Crowd 3D printing designers are answering the call. Three-dimensional printing design is a trending skill on the Cad Crowd platform, and many designers are creating designs that are 3D printable. Our team has recognized the importance of moving ahead, so clients and designers can find well-crafted 3D printable designs in the free CAD library.

Mechanical Designs

Laying out the interior of a machine or power system can be a challenge, especially if a professional has no idea of where to start. This instance is where resources like the CAD library can come in handy.

Technical drawings are essential to the success of any mechanical design project. The open-source models and mechanical designs and drawings in the library can help mechanical engineering services and clients find a blueprint to get started or find an example that can help guide design teams.

Machine Parts

It can be argued that the design of machinery is the most critical step in the manufacturing process. Great design leads to an excellent finish and exceptional designers are aware of this. In addition to 3D models, 3D printable designs, and mechanical designs, machine part designs can also be found in the CAD library.

Open-source designs and models from 3D modelers allow business owners and other designers not to have to start from scratch. These open-source designs add efficiency to the process of developing machine parts. Whether you need to cut costs or combine components, the library can give you a place to start.

Drone Designs

Drones have become a pivotal part of capturing video. These instruments provide views that were unprecedented before their invention. Today, they are used by photographers, videographers, and even the military. Drones are consistently being innovated upon, and professionals are figuring out a range of new ways to use these tools. Drone and UAV design services and clients alike—who are in the business of capturing video—can find drone and drone part design models in the Cad Crowd library.

Architectural Designs

Much like machinery, residential or commercial space is only as good as its original design. Today, property buyers are looking for more customization options when it comes to where they live, work, and shop. This reason is why the interest in architectural designs have grown in recent years.


The Cad Crowd library includes several kinds of architectural plans, drawings, and models. From high-rise apartments to hotel lobbies, the Cad Crowd network of architectural drafting services is adding their design ideas to the library for designers and clients to gain inspiration for their next architectural project.

A Way for Designers to Reach A New Client Base

For a decade, the Cad Crowd platform has been a medium for designers to connect with clients who need their design expertise. There are many ways that clients can connect with designers. Clients can request private quotes, start a design contest, and sign up for ongoing hourly work.

This free CAD library is another way for designers to show their work and connect with potential clients. Each posted open-source design reveals that CAD design freelancers name and provides a way for clients to get in touch with these professionals. In a way, these open-source libraries are a portfolio as much as they are a resource for clients and designers.

This CAD library is also an excellent way for designers to see industry standards and see the work their peers are doing. It raises the quality of work, as exceptional designers can learn from one another.

Improve Access to Exceptional Designs

Every client may not have the budget to hire an experienced designer. The team at Cad Crowd understands that affordability is important when seeking design help and assistance. This reason is why the CAD library is at no cost to clients and designers. The staff at Cad Crowd wants to ensure that individuals can find exceptional models and drawings and use them to create designs that move their business goals forward.

Whether business owners have a team of five or an organization of 500, The Cad Crowd team wants entrepreneurs to succeed, and offering models, drawings, and design files at no cost can help businesses achieve their business growth and design goals.

The team at Cad Crowd seeks to connect professional freelance CAD drawing services with clients who need their help, regardless of zip code. This move furthers the company’s goal of being a one-stop-shop for exceptional design help.

CAD designs facilitate the entire creative process involved with design and development. From exploring the right design for a project to developing a solution to an engineering problem, the library is a place where designers and clients can draw inspiration. With Cad Crowd, users have model and design options from over 30,000 experienced design professionals.

The Free CAD Library Is the Design Resource Designers and Clients Are Looking For

Starting from scratch is never easy. And the Cad Crowd design community makes it so that starting from square one is no longer a necessity. Whether users are searching for electric motors, motorcycle renderings, or architectural site plans, they can find them and more on Cad Crowd’s free CAD library. Cad Crowd’s goal for this tool is that it continues to promote collaboration and increase accessibility for those needing design assistance.

Whether users are designers or potential clients, this is a resource the team at Cad Crowd hopes improves their design processes, helps them meet their budget goals, and gives everyone the inspiration they need to make high-quality products for their customer and client base.