Coronavirus Classroom Safety Challenge with 3D Product Design Crowdsourcing


With the fall semester quickly approaching, schools and colleges are under a lot of pressure to find a safe way to re-open. The Coronavirus shifted classes online, forcing schools to improvise, but parents and children are eager to get back to their regular routine in the fall. This will prove to be tricky for once-crowded classrooms, so educational institutions must adapt.

As a follow-up to our May challenge, Cad Crowd is hosting a COVID-19 Classroom Safety and 3D Product Design Challenge. We believe that our community can help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the classroom. We saw great success with our previous challenge and would like to replicate that.

This open-source contest will make the 3D printable files available to anyone to print for free wherever they are in the world. We would like the entries to be affordably produced with 3D printing and/or off the shelf components (pre-made parts, plexiglass, etc.).

Cad Crowd’s Freelancers Designing Products for Good

The FDA suggests that COVID-19 spreads through person-to-person contact, mainly through droplets from coughing, sneezing, or even talking. It’s crucial that we erect barriers and other methods of preventing the spread.

Our previous contest saw hundreds of high-quality designs ranging from no-touch handles to face shields. This time, we’re looking for designs that involve modular walls, barriers, and other ideas that encourage social distancing in schools, more specifically in classrooms, washrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and lockers.

Specific ideas that we’re hoping to see include modular walls and barriers for desks, lockers, urinals, cafeteria, and other appropriate places.

Band Together to Combat the Coronavirus

Crowdsourcing is an effective way to generate ideas and solutions to problems that may not have been possible alone. When paired with Cad Crowd’s specialty experience in 3D modeling and product design, we’re bound to create useful products to combat Coronavirus.

Feel free to download any of the 3D models submitted for the contest. You can also check out our 3D model library.