How Cad Crowd Helps Inventors Design Innovative Products

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The ultimate goal of any inventor is to design an innovative product that’s a hit on the market. But how do you introduce a new product to an oversaturated market and ensure it stands out? Cad Crowd can help.

Cad Crowd is a marketplace for product design, prototyping design services, and 3D modeling. Our platform connects inventors with the product design and prototyping services they require to design a high-quality product that sells. We’ve helped clients ranging from Tupperware to Tiffany & Co. bring their ideas to life, and we can help you.

Confidentially Develop New Product Designs

Cad Crowd works with inventors like you, providing them with the professional services they need to get their product designed and developed. We have a network of freelancers and design businesses on a part-time or full-time basis, whatever you need to use to get your product where it needs to be.

We stand behind the freelance talent on our platform. When you submit a design project, we will connect you with someone who is pre-vetted by our team of engineers to ensure you only get the best. You don’t have to worry about signing contracts, hiring or firing, or any of the logistics typically involved in that sort of thing.

All you have to do is send us your design project and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll scour through our team for the best professional to bring your project to life.


Our private projects are perfect for those requiring complete confidentiality. If so required, we provide signed NDAs to ensure complete confidentiality prior to reviewing your project. You will always be in complete control of your intellectual property. In fact, we can even help you get a patent.

Regardless of the type of product you’re looking to have made or the required skill set, we have the right freelancer for the job. We’ll connect you with a freelance product designer with experience crafting things similar to your product using whichever software you require.

Innovate with a Design Contest

Aside from a private project, inventors can also host a design challenge. By simply hosting a challenge, you can get a wealth of design concepts in days. It works in three easy steps:

  1. Describe your project in enough detail to ensure the designers understand exactly what you’re looking for. Set a timeline and a budget. And you’re off to the races.
  2. You can review submitted designs as the contest progresses or when it’s finished. You’re able to browse 3D designs and CAD files and provide feedback to freelancers you think are promising.
  3. At the end of it all, you pick the winning design. They get the prize, and you get the working product design.

Our contests are used for all types of projects. Whether you want to launch a new product, require images for a Kickstarter campaign, or are looking to crowdsource your interior design project, a contest is ideal. Currently, we have a contest running to support the work against coronavirus. Check it out here.

We have thousands of freelance 3D modelers, product design services, freelance CAD designers, interior designers, and much more.

Pricing on Cad Crowd

On Cad Crowd, you have a couple of options regarding pricing. Having a prototype designed through a private project will cost you, on average, between $1,000–$3,000 depending on your requirements. This price range covers product prototypes, mechanical components, toys, and pretty much anything else you could dream up.


For our contests, the price is up to you. You set the prize for the contest. However, keep in mind that you may not get many entries if your prize isn’t adequate. The higher the budget, the more entries of a high caliber you’ll have submitted to your contest. We recommend a prize of at least $500 to encourage a sizable number of participants.

The Many Ways CAD Designs Can Propel Your Product

Create Prototypes for Testing, before Patenting

If you’re looking to launch a new product onto the marketplace, then you’d be doing yourself a huge favor if you created a prototype. That’s where CAD designs come in. You can have a CAD designer create a digital prototype for you using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or any other similar program. A digital prototype can be put through simulations to test its durability and functionality. A CAD design can also be 3D printed for an efficient and cost-effective physical prototype.

Now, it’s important to do this before filing your patent. Prototypes often have to be changed multiple times, and if you already have a patent, you’d have to make changes to it over and over, costing you money in the long run.

CAD Design will Ensure Design is Manufacturable

Design for manufacturing is a process aimed at making the manufacturing process as simple as possible. It allows you to single out and solve various issues and inefficiencies that could be more problematic when you come upon them while manufacturing your product. You can have your CAD design be as specific as possible, showing small details and every single part, so you can see how everything works together.

Can Help You Save 40+% on Manufacturing

The main benefit of design for manufacturing is it allows you to save a lot of money on manufacturing. The most significant opportunity to save money when creating a new product is during the design stage. It’s more cost-efficient to make changes when your product is simply a CAD file and hasn’t been manufactured already. Not only do you save money, but you work out the kinks.

Photorealistic Designs for Licensing

Another benefit of getting a CAD design service made of your product is that you get photorealistic designs. You can use these designs to secure licensing agreements and even investors well before your first item is manufactured. Photorealistic designs are just that, photorealistic, and allow people to see what the final product will look like and even how it will function.

Pre-Sell Your Design on Kickstarter

You can also use these photorealistic designs to launch a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, many crowdfunding campaigns use 3D models and CAD designs to get off the ground, as they don’t have a physical prototype made. These designs usually can’t be distinguished between the real thing.

Let Cad Crowd Design Your Product

Cad Crowd is the leading marketplace for product design services, CAD designers, and 3D modelers. They are an online platform specializing in connecting inventors with the services they need. Be sure to check them out.