3D Printing & Coronavirus: How 3D Printed Designs Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread

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These are crazy times we’re living in. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, shaking up the foundation of our economy and society. But working together, we can help slow down the spread of COVID-19, potentially saving lives.

Modern technology is allowing us to prevent the spread and share information at a much more effective rate than in the past. Things we take for granted, like telemedicine and blood pressure monitors, are proving to be highly effective tools.

3D printing technology is at the forefront of combatting the virus. The affordable and efficient method of manufacturing is allowing anyone, anywhere to 3D print devices that help us to navigate daily life safely. We’ve seen plenty of no-touch door handles already, but those are just an example of the innovation coming out of creators in this time of need.

Cad Crowd is hosting a 3D printing and product design challenge, allowing innovators to design 3D printable products to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All of the designs will be available to download free of charge, making it a global endeavor. Let’s take a look at some of the entries so far.

COVID-19 Product Design Challenge on Cad Crowd

We’re honored to have hundreds of prestigious product designers working in our marketplace. Our COVID-19 contest already has over 40 entries that could be highly effective. Here are some highlights.

Door Handle Universal Device


Door handles are perhaps the most frequently touched surfaces out there. Thankfully, many devices exist to bypass ever having to lay your hands on one.

Here is a universal door handle that can be attached to any pre-existing handle. It allows you to open doors without having to use your hands. Simply place your wrist on the half circle and press down. It’s easy to install and remove and quite simple to manufacture.

Market Door Handle


He has also designed a similar device for a different type of door. Mini market style doors don’t need to be pushed down on; instead, they open through simply pushing or pulling. Slide your wrist in the space provided and push or pull as required. It couldn’t be easier.

Sanitary Wrist


The tap in the bathroom is another common surface that’s touched by many people each day. While most public bathrooms have automated taps, some don’t. And even at home, germs can spread. This sanitary wrist is something you can carry with you and use to touch surfaces you wouldn’t want to touch with your bare hands.

Fistbump Toilet Flush Button


No one wants to put their hands on a public toilet. The flush buttons are covered in germs that we don’t want to spread. With this flush button, you simply bump it with your fist for a quick flush. Fist-bumping leads to way less germs being spread. This particular device has ridges to reduce the contact area even further.

Protective Knob Sleeve


For your traditional doorknob, you’ll need this sleeve. It can be made with rubber or another flexible material. It’s meant to be placed over a doorknob—simply slide it over and open. Then remove the knob.

If made with rubber, it can be cleaned and reused continuously. When made with paper, it’s disposable and inexpensive. The designer suggests keeping the paper iteration near doors, as they’re stackable. Thus, there’s no reason to not try out one of these.

Other COVID-19 Projects in the 3D Printing Space

Cad Crowd isn’t the only company out there using 3D printing to combat the spread of COVID-19. In fact, many resources are repurposing their 3D printers and designers to contribute to the fight. Here’s a list of some other sources to check out.

3D Printing Resources

NanoHack, open-source 3D printed maskAn open-source STL file to 3D print a N95 mask
3D printed valvesFabLab developed a life-saving 3D printed valve used in a resuscitation system
Hands-free 3D printed door openerMaterialise has developed a 3D-printed door opener
Corona hookA hook for contactless door opening
3D printed face shieldA 3D printed face shield by Prusa Printers
Hand gel dispenser holderCults3D developed a sanitizer dispenser
Emergency DIY maskEmergency DIY mask for medical professionals
Field respirator by HP3D printed emergency respiration device by HP
Face shield by HP3D printable face shield
Collection of products by Shapeways to combat COVID-19Many products designed to help medical professionals
Xometry’s list of 3D printed productsMultiple products to 3D print
Respirator adapter for recreational maskFiles to convert a recreational mask into a respirator
Hackaday’s How You Can Help spreadsheetA list of resources for you to help

Aside from 3D printing, there are plenty of other tech industries contributing in their own way. Here are some other sources to check out.

Other Tech Resources

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE LabDassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Lab leverages group knowledge to find, prequalify, design and manufacture fast solutions during the pandemic through Open Design, Frugal Innovation and Open Data.
Kaggle, a data science competition siteThey are hosting a competition to predict the spread of COVID-19 globally
KaggleAlso hosting a local US-CA competition

Lastly, here are some reputable industry resources to keep abreast of what’s going on with COVID-19.

General COVID-19 Resources

Google’s COVID-19 infoCOVID-19 information & resources for the US
CDC COVID-19 prevention CDC’s prevention page

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