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In 2017, construction spending topped $1.23 trillion. Also within that same year, commercial spending was up 11 percent when compared to 2016. So, in many cities in the U.S.—and likely across the world—more and more buildings are being constructed. This reality means more architectural spending, planning, and strategy.

In the not-so-distant past, most architecture was planned by hand with designers drafting 2D plans. While this was likely more affordable and considerably less complex, this process made miscalculations and errors almost imminent. Today, things are much simpler and streamlined with the help of programs that allow designers to render plans with the use of architectural 3D modeling.

More and more construction companies realize the benefits of incorporating technology into the building and architectural process. According to NBS, 82 percent of contractors say BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the future of project information. So, many realize that technology is naturally becoming a considerable component of the architectural building and planning process.

Cad Crowd understands that there is a variety of moving parts associated with the architectural process. We know that you may have had to start with a 2D sketch or drawing to begin to visualize your next architectural project. However, to take your architectural project to the next level and ensure accuracy while getting a feel for what to expect, architectural 3D modeling is essential.

This technique allows you to truly understand the aesthetic and functional component of your building project, and you need a talented designer to realize this concept genuinely. Cad Crowd exists to connect architectural firms and entrepreneurs with expert and talented designers. Our architectural 3D modeling services are created to make the entire building process more straightforward and streamlined, and our freelance designers will make this happen.

We believe that outsourcing your architectural 3D modeling will give you and your team the time to focus on the critical business activities that drive company growth and success. We are proud to say that our global team of designers and engineers are ready to bring ease and organization to your next architectural project no matter how complex.

What is architectural 3D modeling?

Three-dimensional modeling is the process of creating a 3D graphic of an object, and this same concept can be applied to architecture. Architectural 3D modeling gives the designers the task of developing a three-dimensional model that visualizes the shape, color, and texture of a building that is set to be constructed.

Many times, these are photorealistic renderings that allow stakeholders to see what a building will look like ahead of time. It puts any plans and strategies on full display. From there, all those involved can recognize and address mistakes, and can even test colors or textures against an existing landscape or skyline. It is a digital prototype that allows designers to test initial specifications and plans.

So, why is this important? One of the main reasons, which has already been alluded to, is that architectural 3D modeling enables stakeholders to test out the design and see if any mistakes could be present. However, there are other uses for structural 3D models. A huge one is marketing. According to JDK, 75 percent of construction firms promote themselves on social media.

Well, how can you promote your services before the completion of construction or an architectural project? These models allow firms to share their services as well as ideas for future projects. It will enable customers to get a sense for the type of design work these firms do. So, while architectural 3D models have a practical purpose related to design, they also help firms tell their target audience about who they are and the work they deliver.

Cad Crowd’s global network of designers is experienced at helping firms create 3D models for a variety of reasons. They understand that the purpose of these designs drives the strategy that goes into creating them.

Our architectural 3D modeling services

From concept to completion, our designs are ready to guide you through the entire architectural 3D modeling process. Again, we know that you have much to manage, and we want to ease the pressure by handling your architectural 3D modeling services, so you don’t have to. Take a look at the services we offer that make Cad Crowd a one-stop-shop for your architectural 3D modeling design needs:

Architectural design types


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Interior Design

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The different architectural 3D modeling services we offer

Floor plan design – Before you break ground on any architectural process, a birds-eye view of a well-laid out floor plan can give you and your team the blueprint you need to begin the modeling process. Our team can handle the small scope of a single room or the layout of a multi-floor commercial property. Regardless of the complexity, our designers can help you and your team begin with the best floor plan design possible.

Architectural drawings – Need a little more technical detail for your architectural drafts? No worries, our team can create detailed functional and interior layout drawings that combine aesthetics with foundational and structural information.

Architectural BIM services – As mentioned above, BIM is going to continue to take center stage when it comes to streamlining the design and modeling process. BIM ensures that all of the tools used within the modeling and design process are speaking to one another. It adds a layer of efficiency to the process that will ensure you and your team are right on track to meet your design goals and deadlines. If you aren’t sure about setting this up, our team is here to guide you through the procedure of utilizing BIM services.

Revit design services – While there are a variety of programs out there that allow designers to bring your architectural ideas to life, Revit is designed specifically for architects and builders. This program uses real-time construction information to create digital models. The combination of BIM and Revit allow for the use of dynamic data to update or generate models automatically. If you are looking for a program that focuses in on the construction specifics of a building project, then Revit is the best way to go.

ArchiCAD design services – Looking for a software tool that has the power to create photorealistic renderings while also facilitating the use of BIM? ArchiCAD is an excellent alternative to look into. From sculpting and collaboration to remote access, ArchiCAD comes with a variety of benefits for all who use it. Many of our designers are familiar with this program and are adept at using it to its potential.

3D architectural visualization – From modifying designs in real-time to creating lifelike renderings that truly help you to see what could be, 3D architectural visualization will give you an unparalleled view into your architectural project. Our team can take your sketches and develop them into a model that gives you all the information you need. We encourage you to allow our designers to blend your technical specifications with sharp aesthetics that capture the purpose of your project.

3D architectural animation – Want to get a feel for a building project’s true scope, size, and location? 3D architectural animation is becoming a popular and widely-used technique by architectural firms and building companies. With the popularity of video consistently rising, it makes sense that this would become a preferred method of viewing finished building projects. Regardless of the complexity or scale of the animation, our designers are more than equipped to add animation to your next architectural 3D modeling project.

Landscape design – So, what landscape will grace the background of your 3D model? The horizon around your design can impact how it’s perceived and help you make decisions about its final design. Landscape designs can also add an extra narrative piece to your 3D architectural model. So, developing the look of the model allows us also to enhance the design and add a layer of realism by designing the landscape around it.

So, whether you want to add a virtual walkthrough to your design or place it in front of a specific landscape background, our designers are prepared to do what is needed to produce accurate and photorealistic architectural 3D models. We understand that you have many internal and external stakeholders to satisfy. So, we encourage you to allow us to help you knock your next architectural 3D modeling project out of the park.

What you can expect while working with Cad Crowd

We believe that outsourcing gives you the time and funds to only manage the functions that matter to your business. The team at Cad Crowd understands this and strives to make the design process as straightforward and seamless as possible. So, here is what you can expect when you allow Cad Crowd to provide support for your next design project:

Expert experience – All of our designers are pre-vetted, talented, and handpicked by engineers. This situation means that you can trust that you are working with some of the best out there. We know you are looking for quality, and we will do everything we can to ensure you receive design help from exceptional talent.

Personalization – We understand that every modeling project is unique. Many nuances are specific to your architectural build and we make a point to allow for those. Our designers will bring a high-level of customization and personalization to your next project. You can trust that whatever solutions we bring to your project, that they are created to solve your specific issue.

A streamlined hiring process – Hiring the best designer for your needs can be a challenge. Reading resumes, conducting interviews, and researching references are time-consuming and arduous. So, allow us to take this off your hands. Our hiring process makes it easy to find a designer who is dependable, experienced, and affordable. Again, your primary purpose is to focus on core business activities that push your business forward. So, allow us to handle the task of matching you with the best designer for the job.

Worked with companies large and small – Regardless of the company size, everyone can use a talented designer. However, we do understand that company size and type can come with a lot of unique factors that could impact the design process. Our company—as well as our global network of designers—have experience working with single entrepreneurs and large corporations like Tiffany and PepsiCo. Either way, you can trust that you are receiving the help that is tailored to your company function and size.

A truly global network – Talent isn’t limited to any zip code. You may find the perfect fit for your project in another city, country, or continent. This new era of remote work makes it easy to find an experienced designer, regardless of where they are currently located. Our platform allows you to tap into a global talent pool which makes it highly likely that you will find the best designer for your project.

We believe that the design process doesn’t have to be a complex and challenging procedure that drains you of time and money. So, instead of spending the money to hire a salaried full-time designer or bothering your in-house design team with design tasks, we invite you to consider an alternative.

Outsourcing allows you to hire and pay someone only for the time you need. As a result, you can save money, time, and work with an expert at a much more affordable price than if you hired them full-time.

Regardless of the complexity or scope of your next architectural 3D modeling project, you can count on our team to help you outsource your design work to the best person for the job. Whether through participating in a crowd-funding contest, receiving a confidential quote, or just purchasing a block of time for a recurring job, the process of matching you with a capable designer can be flexible and stress-free.

So, we invite you to allow us to match you with a designer who can help you move through the architectural 3D modeling process. If you would like to get started today, we encourage you to fill out a form to receive a free quote.


Our 3D modeling services can help with any project

At Cad Crowd, we have the privilege of working with some of the best freelancers in the world. They are experts at handling all types of projects. Regardless of what you need help with, contact us to find out how it works.


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