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I am a mechanical engineer who has extensive research experience in aerospace and automotive industry domain. I have published 9 international research papers mostly on mathematical modelling of complex systems and simulating the same using softwares like Matlab, EES, etc apart from indulging in experimental research. I also specialize in concept design and 3D modeling of the mechanical systems and conducting various analysis like stress, dynamic analysis, etc. Capabilities 1: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING /Architecture 2: Product visualization 3: Furniture Modeling Excellence in 3D digital animation and specializes in Film/Commercial /Architectural animation. Our skilled technicians and talented artists work behind the scenes, driving this company with energy, imagination and professionalism. We create quality furniture modeling and designs at lesser costs and time. We have record of delivering 16 high end furniture in a single working day. We deal in furniture which is used in 3d Arch Visualization. Complete 3D intro of character. Create addictive experiences through the utilization of interactive technologies and interaction design. We have experience in gaming, 3D movies and Advertisement 3D modeling. Professional product representation/visualization. High end design for print and advertizing media. Image representation of product and feature list with cool graphics. We have done many projects in this category. From High end Interiors to Exteriors of different level. We have a record of having 5 star reviews for each of our project.