Skeeter Ebersole
Global rank:
2,318 / 37,702
Skill pts: 10


For university study I considered teaching, mechanical engineering and architecture, but settled on mechanical engineering. I have worked over ten years in the field, but not consecutively.

At one point I considered a career change into the pastorate, but while studying for that I worked as a substitute teacher, which led me to pursue at teaching certificate. Ultimately I did not go into the pastorate and only briefly worked as a teacher. I returned to engineering and CAD work on various occassions throughout this time period.

All of this culminated in my working the past 8 years as a missionary in Paraguay helping at-risk children. Even my engineering skills have come in quite handy to make a life for myself in a developing nation, and the skill set has even proved beneficial in my ministry to analyze and solve many types of problems.

Funding for ministry is nearing an end and in order to continue I need to work professionally as an engineer and with CAD design once again. I see this as the best of both worlds, because helping children and doing design are both in my blood.


  • CAD DESIGN ENGINEER Custom Design Inc. · Jun 2004 – Jun 2010 6 yrs Kalamazoo, MI, USA (June dates are approximate). Custom Design builds injection molds, primarily for the auto industry. I worked on EDM processing of mold components, programming graphite cutting, detailing, and modeling of 3D client parts from mocked up 2D prints. I worked with KeyCreator and Solidworks in this position.

    I left this job in 2006 and returned in 2008. I also did some work for them in October 2018 while in the US for an extended visit.
  • CAD DESIGN ENGINEER Summit Polymers · Jun 1998 – Jun 1998 0 mos Kalamazoo, MI, USA (June dates are approximate) I did their Unigraphics work, plus I worked with Catia and Ideas, and several wireframe and surface programs for legacy work. I proved myself adept at adjusting to different CAD systems.
  • CAD DESIGN ENGINEER General Motors · Jun 1992 – Jun 1994 2 yrs Lansing, MI, USA (June dates are approximate) I learned Unigraphics, as a surface modeling program, on the job. I transitioned to Unigraphics as a solids program with the rest of the design floor.
  • PIPING VALIDATION TECHNICIAN Tower Pinkster Titus and Associates · Oct 1992 – May 1994 1 yrs 7 mos Kalamazoo, MI, USA (months are approximate) I worked on-site at a pharmaceutical client in Kalamazoo taking field measurements from which I created or corrected plumbing plans for various gas and liquid systems. The CAD work was done with Autocad.


  • Cornerstone University Post BA education certification program, Elementary Education , 3.83 2000 – 2002 Activities and Societies: I substitute taught in various school systems across Kent County and did other jobs to support myself. The program was not designed to give an additional degree, which would require additional non-program electives, but to simply add all the required education classes. I obtained my MI elementary education license with endorsements in Math and Science.
  • Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Master of Religious Education, Christian Education, 3.28 1998 – 2000 Activities and Societies: I worked as a substitute teacher in various school systems across Kent County. My intention at the time was to pursue a pastoral position.
  • Michigan State University Bachelor of science Mechanical Engineering, mechanical engineering, 3.03 1989 – 1992 Activities and Societies: I worked between 20 to 30 hours a week in various jobs to support myself. For electives I took classes on Solar Energy Conversion, Computer Aided Design (theory), and Automotive Engines.
  • Lansing Community College Associate of Science Degree, Pre Engineering, 3.72 1987 – 1989 Activities and Societies: I worked between 20-30 hours a week in various jobs to help support myself. I was in a program to transfer into the Michigan State University Engineering program. I took additional classes to be able to finish with an A.S. degree. Many were board drafting classes which I believe gives me an advantage with 3d visualization as it had to be done mentally with no 3D computers.

Other experience

  • Teaching I taught one semester of 8th grade math and one semester of Kindergarten in Douglas Arizona during the (hidden) school year.

    I taught 3rd grade for one Semester at Asuncion Christian Academy in Paraguay in 2006.
  • Subsitute Teaching Mainly in elementary classrooms across Kent County while studying in seminary and teacher education, from (hidden).