Our professionalism and engineering expertise along with our reliable FEA results can help solve all types of mechanical engineering problems. For our consulting services, we work with the worlds best FEA tools available. FEA suite is our weapon of choice for this kind of projects. We use computer-aided design (CAD) to do the design and drafting documentation, which can be used for any FE analysis. Our clients can also simply send us any type of CAD file and we can convert, modify, import and prepare the FE model.

We able to help you on your next project, whether it is a standalone CAD project or a Finite Element Model that requires the CAD design for importing the geometry, our team of engineers has the mechanical knowledge, training and experience to assist you.

When it comes to projects that require both CAD and FEA, our engineers prepare the parts and assemblies in a FEM friendly way, so as to reduce the time spent afterward for the preparation of the FE model, improve some characteristics (mesh, contacts) and enabling the optimization process.

We offer CNC programming services and can provide a G-code program for a complete part, or a single feature. Working from a CAD model or print, we will create tool path for your job, and output a CNC program that will run on your machine. Additionally, you will be supplied with a setup sheet, showing cycle time, a tool list, and part setup information.


  • NIT DEGREE, DESIGN 2009 graduation