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I’m a Certified SolidWorks Expert Mechanical Designer. That means I’m in the top 1% of SolidWorks designers in the world. After nearly 10 years designing, for 50+ clients and 20+ long term projects, I have seen all aspects and complexities of the product development cycle and I’m ready to bring these skills to your next big venture.

Have a large, complex multi-system project you need to design? I’ve been responsible for leading the design of large projects from a fully solar electric vehicle to mass produced robotic testing devices for a global company.

Are you in the early stages and need designs to help secure your funding and impress your investors? I’m not scared to start with a completely blank SolidWorks screen and I can jump in to get the ball rolling.

Do you have preliminary designs but need to clean up and prepare them for manufacture? I’ve helped over 10 companies get ready for large scale manufacture and I can help you prevent headaches in the build phase.

I love designing and hearing about new, game changing ideas. Hopefully we will get the chance to build something together.

-Cole Witte

3D Models


  • University of Michigan Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2013 graduation