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I am a seasoned architect with a strong focus on delivering exceptional architectural and interior design solutions. Proficient in every phase of the design process, I excel at conceptualizing, refining, and bringing to life architectural visions. My expertise spans from crafting initial manual sketches that capture the essence of a project, to seamlessly transitioning into digital realms using tools such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, and Photoshop. This holistic approach allows me to not only create stunning 2D/3D visualizations but also to effectively communicate and present designs.


  • Architect Circumference · Full-time Apr 2022 – Present 2 yrs 3 mos Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Engaging in the comprehensive design and execution of 10 significant and 11 minor projects encompassing diverse sectors, including Residential, Commercial, Cultural, Hospitality, and Rebirth.
    • Project Diversity: Spanning across a wide array of project typologies, my experience ranges from crafting spaces that evoke comfort and functionality to those that cultivate artistic and commercial vibrancy.
    • Strategic Analysis: I meticulously dissect project prerequisites, conducting in-depth analyses to ensure alignment with client aspirations and functional necessities.
    • Design Precision: My role extends to producing meticulously detailed drawings and layouts, which serve as the blueprint for translating ideas into tangible architectural marvels.
    • Dynamic Visualizations: Utilizing cutting-edge tools, I transform concepts into reality by constructing intricate 3D models and captivating renderings, offering clients a vivid preview of the final product.
    • Collaborative Leadership: As a seasoned professional, I effectively coordinate and supervise a multidisciplinary team, fostering a harmonious work environment and ensuring seamless project execution.

    This rich spectrum of experience underpins my ability to deliver exceptional architectural and interior design solutions that harmonize innovation, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance.
  • Architect Impact Design International · Full-time Sep 2021 – Mar 2023 1 yrs 6 mos Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Engaged in the holistic design process, encompassing Architecture, Interior, and Landscape, for 5 significant projects.
    • Project Scope: Spanning Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality domains, showcasing versatility in design expertise.
    • Client Collaboration: Actively assisted clients throughout the project lifecycle, offering guidance and ensuring their vision is translated seamlessly.
    • Design Execution: Produced meticulous drawings and layouts, serving as the foundation for turning concepts into tangible structures.
    • Visual Realization: Created intricate 3D models and renderings, offering clients a vivid preview of the final outcome.
    • Team Synergy: Collaborated seamlessly with diverse team members, ensuring cohesive and efficient project progress.
    • Client Presentation: Developed captivating presentations for client meetings, effectively communicating project concepts and progress.

    This hands-on experience underscores my adeptness in delivering comprehensive and captivating design solutions across Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality domains.
  • Architect - Intern CITE' Architecture and Planning · Internship Jul 2019 – Aug 2019 1 mos Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Executed an architectural Duplex Design project in Murree and an Interior Cafeteria Design project in Islamabad.
    • Thorough Analysis: Conducted detailed analysis and comprehensive research for project insights.
    • Design Production: Produced meticulous 2D Drawings and precise 3D models.

    This hands-on experience showcases my ability to deliver tailored design solutions across diverse architectural and interior contexts.
  • Architect - Intern Aga Khan Planning and Building Services · Internship Jul 2018 – Jul 2018 0 mos undefined, Gilgit-Baltistan, undefined Engaged in two distinct architectural endeavors: an Office and a School project.
    • Design Execution: Produced precise 2D Drawings and intricate 3D models for both projects.
    • On-Site Involvement: Conducted site visits and executed thorough material studies, contributing to the success of various other projects.

    This multifaceted experience reflects my versatility in design and my proactive approach to ensuring project excellence.


  • COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN B.Arch, Architecture 2016 – 2021

Joined: August 12, 2023

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Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan