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Member Since: 2013-02-04
After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I have got around 4.5 years of experience in engineering industry of which approximately 6 months in the field of Precast & Rebar Detailing and 3 years exclusively on Off-Shore Derrick structure & Pipe Supports detailing With TEKLA& PDMS, One year in the field of steel detailing. I have an exposure to the CAD software’s likes TEKLA ,PDMS and AutoCAD and a Basic knowledge of Mechanical Design Software’s like CATIA . I was involved in project co-ordination, detailing of Connection Design for Steel Structures, and checking of fabrication drawings. I have a considerable experience in detailing of Off-Shore Steel Structures, both PDMS Structures and TEKLA Structures and have a fair understanding about the fabrication requirements. I also have a good understanding of the 3D Model for the detailing of the structures.
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