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Aerospace engineering is a type of engineering focused on the development of spacecraft and aircraft. Today, this type of engineering has two main branches – astronautical and aeronautical engineering. It is interesting that this specific type of engineering was once called aeronautical engineering, but with the progress made in the field of spacecrafts, it became known as aerospace engineering.

An expert in aerospace engineering must have certain knowledge in a wide range of field including propulsion, aerodynamic, avionics, structural analysis, materials science and even manufacturing. This is quite natural because these technologies can interact and this is exactly what aerospace engineering is all about. Since this is a very complex discipline is not a surprise that there are engineers specialized in specific areas. You will find the best aerospace engineering freelancer on our platform. 

As previously mentioned, aerospace engineering is a very broad discipline which includes different elements. For example, it includes a radar-cross section which represents the study of vehicle signature visible to radar remote sensing. It also includes control engineering which is the study of mathematical modeling of the behavior (dynamic) of systems and designing these systems. Additionally, aerospace engineering includes elements like fluid mechanics, astrodynamics, electrotechnology, statics and dynamics, solid mechanics, propulsion, risk and reliability, software, aeroelasticity and flight test. A good aerospace engineer will come up with a precise analysis of your project’s needs and provide a solution. 

We have aerospace engineering services provided by true professional in this field. All our designers and engineers will work independently or as part of a team in each phase of this process. They can perform a thorough analysis of the aerospace project and design the needed elements. We have already mentioned the elements and activities of this special kind of engineering and our designer can help you with all of them. 

At Cad Crowd, we are proud of our community, which was established after a long period of working and gathering information about the best engineers out there. We have only one goal in our work – to connect clients with the best freelancers in this area. We are offering access to the most talented and experienced designers and engineers and what is even more important their work won’t break your bank. Provide information about your aerospace engineering project. Our team will analyze your requirements and help you establish a connection with the best aerospace engineer. We provide free quotes for every client. Check our exclusive offer and start working on your project with one of the best specialists in the world currently available in the market. 


Ravinder Saggam
Member Since: 2012-12-10
I am Certified solid Works Professional (CSWP) Graduate in mechanical engineering with 3Years of hands on experience in mechanical designing
231 points
Member Since: 2014-11-26
I believe, my ability to think out of the box enables me to challenge myself, and the most fundamental concepts. My experience in benchmarking prevalent analysis tools (Ansys / Nastran) by coding in MATLAB ensures my analysis is not constrained by commercial analysis tools. I’m confident that my skills and passion for industry are a perfect match to the company looking for a motivating Designer. I hold a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Sydney and have worked as Senior Design Engineer for Larsen & Toubro's Technology Development Centre that caters to the conglomerate's Aerospace division. After which, I worked as a design and development engineer for Bauer GMBH. I look forward for an opportunity to work on projects where I can improve my skills and strengths with the accomplishment of the clients goals and objective.
181 points
Member Since: 2016-02-11
60 points
Member Since: 2015-10-12
DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Plastic Injection Molds Press Tools Jigs And Fixture Die Casting Dies Blow/Compression Molds Spm Machines Pumps and vales Equipment design Fabrication drawing Aero space components Turbine Blade/Forging Dies CNC Milling Estimation & costing
31 points
Member Since: 2014-08-11
With over 15 years in the Aerospace Composites industry, I have the practical know how and the mentality for manufacturing design. I am CSWA certified and put my skills to use as our companies advanced engineering design specialist. My design focus is intended for manufacturing technique and productivity.
30 points
Aaron Rdgz
Member Since: 2014-07-11
I am an Aeronautical Engineer graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Chihuahua, with experience in many areas such as 3D modeling, engineering design, and programming in languages such as VBScript, C++, Matlab and CATIA’s CATscript which is useful in the automation of simulation and modeling of parts processes. I am experienced in manufacturing activities such as welding, cutting and metalworking, Mechanical, Fluid and Frequency Analysis using Finite Element Method software like ANSYS, NASTRAN PATRAN, SIEMENS NX and SOLIDWORKS.
30 points
Modest R
Member Since: 2015-02-24
26 points
Member Since: 2013-04-17
Mechanical Engineer Process Piping / Mechanical Engineering
16 points
Member Since: 2017-03-11
Complex Project handling experiences in Packaging Machine for FMCG, Industrial Automation, Aerospace Interiors design using MBF (My Boeing Fleet) and Airbus world tools; Transportation design for High Speed Passenger train and Locomotive etc. I have developed multiple Products during various projects life cycle. I am having work exposure in Europe and America as Onsite Project Co-coordinator. I received many customer accolades for my work commitment and innovative thoughts. Total work experience – 18+ years
15 points
Dwi l.
Member Since: 2015-11-01
I am a professional with expertise as Mechanical Design Engineer in mining, marine shipyard, oil & gas industry for 10 years. My professional working experiences have given me not only a strong technical skills, but also excellent project management skill and exposure to work environment. My main strengths contain effective communication, troubleshooting skills, quick problem solving ability and passionate to learn and adopt new technologies and skills.
10 points