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FAQ for Hiring Sheet Metal Product Design designers

Hire a freelance Sheet Metal Product Design designer! Find the perfect freelancer from our list of Sheet Metal Product Design freelancers.

Sheet metal product design is a process of designing sheet metal pieces to fit into any new building or product. A variety of factors must be considered when designing sheet metal; those factors range from the metal that will be used on the project, the way the metal bends and the angles and radiuses at which it bends, the welding process,  and the fasteners. Because there is so much to consider, it is important that you are delegating these tasks to someone who understands the discipline, and you can find a global selection of such experts right here at Cad Crowd.

One of the most important factors that need to be considered with sheet metal product design is the metal that will be used to produce the product. The metal alone is not all that needs to be thought about: the thickness must also be accounted for. What is also important when considering which metal to use is the way the metal will respond to the powder coating, welding, corrosion, and other forces, so that its behavior can be predicted.

Since sheet metal enclosures are made through cold forming, a process where metal is clamped up and then bent in a machine. The metal usually cannot be formed into a total 90-degree angle at the corners, leaving them curved. You must also consider the different degrees of the curves before continuing, and that is defined by the bend radius, which refers to the bend surface inside of the bend.

Self-clenching fasteners also have to be considered, including studs, threaded nuts, and standoffs, all of which are pressed mechanically into the sheet metal to deliver a solid fastening point. Finally, the way the material is to be welded must be examined. Depending on the design you want to achieve, you may need fully seamed welding enclosures or spot welded enclosures, and that, too, must be considered during the sheet metal product design process.

Figuring out all of these important facets can be tedious, but the sheet metal product design freelancers here at Cad Crowd are well versed in all of the intricacies of the design process. We offer a worldwide network of freelance sheet metal product designers who are familiar with this process and can provide you with the perfect end result. Each of these sheet metal product design freelancers has been vetted and tested to ensure they can handle projects of any kind or size. You will stay in communication with any freelance professional you end up working with, making sure the outcome is exactly what you've desired.

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