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Last updated: Jun 24, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Fire Sprinkler System Design Professionals

A fire sprinkler design system is important to any sort of professional or residential building. Not only is it comforting to have, in many places it is required by law and must be able to comply with safety codes and regulations. There are a number of things that need to be taken into account when it comes to its design, and it takes a knowledgeable person in order to construct one. That is where Cad Crowd comes in. At Cad Crowd, we can connect you with fire sprinkler design freelancers who are skilled in getting together the plans for a functional and safe system.

There are a few elements of fire sprinkler design systems that have the greatest impact on the design. For one, the water that is available to the building that is being constructed is most important, and the design of such a system is based off of the water that is available. The design parameters will vary from project to project with each space having its own special needs.

When it comes to water supply, there are three elements that make up what is known as the water curve: residual pressure, static pressure, and the flow of the water. Static pressure is the pressure that is available when there is no flow of water. With residual pressure, the pressure that comes with the flow of water is observed. Water flow means the gallons per minute at which the water flows.

There are a few different hazards that must also be considered when creating these fire sprinkler design systems. Occupancy often determines the different type of hazards. Light hazards include fire sprinkler design systems built inside of office buildings, schools, hospitals, and restaurant seating areas. Ordinary hazards refer to two groups: group one includes locations such as a restaurant service area, a parking deck, and beverage manufacturing locations. Group two includes mercantile, repair garages, chemical plants, barns, wood shops, and piers. Places that are considered to be extra hazardous in terms of fire sprinkler design include two groups as well. Group one encompasses printing factories, aircraft hangars, and saw mills. Group two includes anywhere where manufactured home assemblies take place, anywhere with flammable liquid being sprayed, and any sort of plastic processing center.

Since there are so many intricacies involved with fire sprinkler design, you can leave the design up to professionals who know what they are doing, and the best of the best of those professionals are at Cad Crowd. Here, we can set you up with freelance fire sprinkler designers who can design something to fit your specific building and hazard level. You can stay in touch with these designers during the entire process in order to ensure that everything comes out the way you want it to. Your project will be delivered to you both on time and within budget. To get started, contact Cad Crowd today for a no-obligation quote on your fire sprinkler design system project.

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