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FAQ for Hiring EDM Electrode Design Professionals

Electrical discharge machining, also known as EDM electrode design, is a manufacturing process that creates a desired shape by using electrical discharges, also known as sparks. Material can be taken away from the piece that is being worked on by sending out rapidly recurring sparks between two different electrodes. These electrodes are separated by a dielectric liquid and then undergo the electric voltage. One of these electrodes is called the electrode tool. The other part is known as the work piece. The process that happens during manufacturing is dependent upon the tool itself as well as the work piece not making real contact with it. At Cad Crowd, we can help set you up with EDM electrode design freelancers who can create for you the pieces you need in an accurate manner.

It works when the voltage that sits between two different electrodes becomes increased. When this happens, the electric field grows in intensity between the different electrodes and ends up becoming greater than the strength that comes from the dielectric liquids. The material is then removed from the electrodes. Once the current has been stopped, the new liquid dielectric is often pushed into the inter-electrode column, which allows the debris or solid particles to be moved away. By putting new liquid into the inter-electrode column, it is undergoing a process called flushing.

There are different sorts of EDM electrode design. One is called the Die-sink EDM and the other is called the Wire-cut EDM. The wire cut EDM machine uses a wire that is wound between two spools. In order to stop the material from eroding and breaking, it is held so that the active part of the wire changes constantly. Die-sink EDM helps by controlling the erosion through the use of electrodes in dielectric liquid, making this the most commonly used method of EDM electrode design services.

EDM electrode design is often used when it comes to making prototypes. It is used in the tool, mold-making, and die industries but has more commonly been used making production and prototype parts. This is especially true in the fields of electronics, automobile design, and aerospace design. Graphite, pure copper, and copper tungsten materials are usually used to make the desired shape. It can also be used in coinage die making. This includes things such as badges and producing jewelry. Often times, this means the use of bronze, low proof gold alloy, or silver materials.

No matter what sort of work you need done for your EDM electrode design, the freelancers at Cad Crowd are able to help. We offer freelance EDM electrode design services in order to get the items cut out as you need them to be in the most efficient manner possible. Choose your own freelancer by perusing portfolios and finding the freelancer whose work impresses you most, or allow us to set you up with who we think is best for the job. Contact Cad Crowd now for a free quote on your EDM electrode design project.

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