2D drawings in Solidworks

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Follow the Procedure to produce 2D drawings (See PowerPoint for method). Really repetitive work. There are 4 Solidworks files in attachment to make a test. We will have hundreds of those to do.
Because there will be so many 2D drawings to do and that is really simple work we we are looking for a cheap way to proceed. We are giving a good amount for this test run to get interest but (About 5$ per drawing), but we are expecting to give a lower amount for the next larger run. From that test run we will select a short list of contender that will have the opportunity to get the rest of the job (Which is hundreds of 2D drawings)

Accurate production of 2D drawings (Follow the repetitive method) and No mistake in the production procedure is also a key element for our evaluation.

Really Cost effective as it only really requires Solidworks Skills no Design Skills.

Fast Turn Around.
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Wed, 01 Aug 2012 19:06:39 +0000
will 2012 work four you too or only 2011?



Sat, 28 Apr 2012 18:17:48 +0000
Hi Patrick

I have completed the task, but before I submit just a query.
When creating the cut list the lengths and widths do not show correctly. ie length and width property not matching part name and the Acrynom block does not show numbers and letters as shown on your power point. I have completed the task as shown in the powerpoint. I could correct it but that would start modifying things which has not been asked for.

Best Regards

Dual2 Ltd



Fri, 27 Apr 2012 18:18:07 +0000
Unfortunately it has to be done in Solidworks 2011
Fri, 27 Apr 2012 04:57:46 +0000
Hmmmm this looks like fun to do.....but can you provide files for SolidWorks 2010??? i do not have 2011... i already bought the 2010 version but i can't afford to buy the 2011 version.

Best regards

eng. Ghioca Claudiu Catalin

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