Global rank:
102 / 70,935
Skill pts: 454
2nd 2nd Place
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I wish to deepen knoledges that I�ve acquired during my studies and try to reach to the top of the pyramid. A cooperative and successful as long as possible is what I want and I'm sure I will succeed. Working with CAD systems such as SolidWorks is one of my desires and pleasures.
Desired Salary: 800,00 EURO / month
Benefits: Holiday vouchers ,bonuses for relocation possibly
Job Type: Full time
Department: Engineering
City: Bucharest, Craiova
Career Level: ENTRY-LEVEL
Availability: anytimework experience
CIVIL DESIGN, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN ▒▒.▒▒.▒▒▒▒ - still working
Working city:Craiova
Department:civil engineering/industrial design
Company activity field :Construction and design of power transformers, electric motors, aparatus, electric locomotives.
Responsibilities:Design of electrical parts and electric motors components of all kinds,Rotating electrical machines design, computer graphics in Autocad, Solidworks (▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒), drawings, necessary documentation for projects.Research and development in order to reduce production costs, simplify partsand existing assemblies or during project implementation, time reductionand projects designed parts.
Achievements:I have simplified some parts of electric motors by reducing component sizedimensions and weight, which automatically led to a reduction in production costs up to 7% of the initial costs of products.
I�ve reduced the number of components of electric motors especially bearing assemblies by finding new solutions to achieve cost reduction of components without affecting the initial costs of production.
We designed various simple or complex parts from a welded version to cast version and from cast to welded to reduce production costs and time.
Benefits:Holiday vouchers ,bonuses for relocation
▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Faculty of Engineering in Electromechanics, Environment and Industrial Informatics � Master degree.Profile: General electromechanicsSpecialization: Complex electromechanical systems
▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Faculty of Engineering in Electromechanics, Environment and Industrial InformaticsDomain: ElectromechanicsProfile: General electromechanicsSpecialization: Electrical traction
▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Machine Building Industrial School Group BalsProfile: TechnicalSpecialization: Technician in Transportation (thermal engines)
Courses, certificates & awards
SolidWorks 2010 courses certified by the company CAD WORKS INTERNATIONAL Craiova- SolidWorks Advanced 2010- SolidWorks Simulation 2010- SolidWorks Simulation Premium 2010- SolidWorks Simulation Professional 2010Certificate of Proficiency in English awarded by the Faculty of Engineering in Electromechanics, Environment and Industrial Informatics.Certified Professional - Technician in Transportation.Catia V5R12 and SolidWorks2008 courses through the Faculty of Engineering in Electromechanics, Computer and Industrial Environment and a volunteer trainerspecialized in 2D and 3D designabilities
Foreign Languages(Knowledge level):
english (advanced)
spanish (medium)
french (beginner)
PC Skills:
SolidWorks2008-2010 - AdvancedAutocad (any version) - AdvancedCatia V5R12 - MediumProEngineer - MinimumWord , Excel , Matcad, Eagle Profesional, Pad2Pad, All Windows versions
Other skills or details that are relevant to your CV
Knowledge of computer operating only on PCs with Microsoft Windows operating systems.Competent, team spirit, hard working ,respectful, analitical , flexible and with good skills of negociation.
mini interview
1. Which was your biggest professional achievement?
Designing a short-circuit brush lifting device
2. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Working in a serious company where to be respected and appreciated my work and my efforts.
3. What's your biggest dream? Describe your ideal career
I want to get a step higher up the hierarchy of engineering field and dreamingto become a respected true engineer throught my work.
4. What job do you consider to suit you best?
DesignerResearch and Development Engineer
5. Describe your ideal company.
I am looking for a company with well management set up and employees with a sense of responsibility where everyone knows what to do, conscientious from were i can deepen and learn new knowledge in the field of specialization and why not other areas.
6. Which is the department you would like to work in (you can make only one choice)? Explain why do you consider that you are right for the job and why you made that choice!
Field of Design, Research and Development, Testing.I think I'm ready for this department because of my experience and knowledgein design, simulation, research and development.I�ve made this choice because of the desire to know and to participate in projects and innovations and because I was attracted by the technical domain since I was a kid.
7. Give a detailed description of your personality (hobbies, hopes, the things that motivate you, your lifestyle and workstyle, etc ).
I am a communicative person willing to work in a consistent team, I thinkthat i have all the necessary qualities, I am a nature lover, walks, movies, good music, i am passionate about DIY electronics (Do It Youself), I have a normal lifestyle and a well organized schedule that will not affect my professional behavior and health.


Age: 39

Joined: March 9, 2012

Last seen: September 19, 2023


Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania