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Creating and adopting CAD (computer-aided design) is one of the most significant steps in the manufacturing and design industry. The introduction of CAD systems to businesses of all sizes allowed engineers to increase accuracy and uniformity and move design processes away from relying on physical prototypes. 

CAD has tremendous benefits for businesses at every stage of the manufacturing process. However, this growth was not without problems. When the first CAD systems were brought to market, they were prohibitively expensive for small businesses. The high cost kept small businesses from advancing at the same rate as the larger businesses that could afford CAD tools. This gap in access created a demand for new and more affordable CAD systems. 

Additional CAD systems were developed; some were good products, but many were unremarkable. Today there are a handful of major CAD systems on the market. However, many small businesses are using CAD software systems two decades or older that are outdated. 

CAD data conversion services

The variations within CAD systems have created file compatibility issues that impede drawing accuracy. For instance, incompatibilities result in the inability to open CAD files on a different software system. CAD data conversion services are necessary to ensure valuable drawings and files remain accessible. While some conversions are straightforward, others are a tedious process. The CAD data conversion difficulty depends on the type of conversion, the degree of precision that must be maintained, and the data type. 

In some CAD data conversion situations, success can be determined by minor details. For example, a single option box checked or unchecked can make all the difference, which is why it's best to enlist the help of experienced and vetted freelance CAD data conversion experts. The CAD file type conversion experts have already seen what can go wrong and can help you avoid it. 

Finding the right freelance CAD data conversion designer or engineer for your project can be difficult. Cad Crowd has thousands of experienced, vetted engineers and designers worldwide available to help with your next project. Working with Cad Crowd to complete is fast, simple, and safe. 

How it works at Cad Crowd 

The project submission process at Cad Crowd was made to ensure client ease and satisfaction. The first step is to request a quote through a simple online form. To complete it, tell us a bit about your business project in depth. The more you tell us about your project, the better the quote will be. 

The next step is reviewing the CAD designers in our talent pool. If someone appears perfect for your project, you can communicate directly with them by choosing the private project option. This is the best option if you're confident that you know precisely the professional you need. 

If you're unsure, there's always the option of a design contest. You'll receive submissions from interested freelancers. With entries from various freelancers, it's usually easy to pick the best one for your project. 

Some projects are best suited to hourly work. Given your request for a quote, you will receive recommendations for specific designers and engineers from our database. 

Remember to communicate effectively with the designers you're considering, regardless of whichever option is best for you. Good communication will make the process more pleasant and keep the project on track. Review the how it works page for more details on the project submission process.

Benefits of freelance CAD data conversion services

One of the main reasons to periodically convert CAD files is to ensure they can be opened and viewed on other CAD systems. Even though the leading CAD systems have similarities, there are many differences in their inner workings. As mentioned, many small businesses are still running obsolete programs causing CAD file incompatibility. 

The current CAD systems work with 3D models, but this is not true for many dated systems still in use. For example, some of these older systems are only capable of 2D and wireframes. If someone tries to open a 3D model in a system like that, it will not work, and sometimes it results in a blank drawing or causes the program to crash. 

Precision must be maintained when moving CAD files from one system to another, and differences in accuracy settings play a role here. CAD data conversion freelancers can convert from one modern CAD file to another type relatively easily. 

Another reason to convert CAD files periodically is to ensure they remain accessible as files age and systems change. A conversion policy ensures the owner maintains access to drawings and prevents the loss of work. They are a critical asset for any business and should be protected.

Here are some of the CAD data conversion services that Cad Crowd offers:

CAD data conversion services

Application of CAD data conversion in the industry

The primary purpose of CAD data conversion is to maintain compatibility and accuracy between systems. You may use a different CAD system than your subcontractors or suppliers, and modern CAD versions are reasonably easy to accommodate in this scenario. 

CAD file compatibility is essential for significant projects and rush scenarios. Sometimes the difference between saving the day with a rush job and stopping production completely to wait can come down to CAD file compatibility. No one wants this issue holding up their business or any orders to other companies. 

Advice on CAD data migration and conversion

One thing to consider is asking others what CAD system they run. If you use the same system as most of the vendors and subcontractors you work with, there's not too much to go wrong. However, that's not always the case. If you're using a different system, becoming familiar with the file formats and options that export the best from your program is best. 

Popular CAD software options

  • Revit – Revit is now an Autodesk product. This specialized CAD system was made for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, and contractors. It allows individuals to contribute and view the same 3D model of the project. Revit updates the model periodically to include the changes made on the local copies that all the parties are working on, allowing everyone to stay on the same page during a construction project. Freelance Revit conversion services are available for companies to use. 
  • AutoCAD – AutoCAD is a classic, and it has only become more and more advanced as new versions are released. This system may be the most well-known, and businesses can use AutoCAD in virtually any industry that manufactures a product. 
  • SolidWorks – SolidWorks has been on the market for decades, and other CAD systems have focused more on traditional 2D drafting and simple CNC programming, whereas SolidWorks uses a solid model. It is tailored towards engineering rather than just basic drafting, and creating new 3D models and assemblies is where SolidWorks shines. 
  • Creo – Creo is another CAD system that utilizes 3D solids. This system is a product of PTC. PTC developed the first parametric solid modeling CAD system, which was replaced by Creo called Pro/ENGINEER. Creo was made to work with PTC's other programs for manufacturing as part of a full suite. 

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Many mishaps are possible when CAD files are created in one system and opened in another, and a mismatch is unavoidable. If compatibility is not addressed, CAD files become useable for subcontractors and vendors. Regularly maintaining CAD file conversion will help to avoid those issues. 

It's easy to find the freelance CAD data conversion services you need. Our procedure was made to help and protect you. Request a quote today for CAD data conversion services.


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