How Crowdsourcing Industrial Design Can Evolve New Product Ideas

Industrial Design Crowdsourcing for New Product Design

Ever wonder where “things” came from or how they got started? Obviously they didn’t magically appear and at some point someone had the idea of developing a new widget, or improving an existing one. As members of the human race that’s just what we do: look for ways to make our lives simpler and more efficient.

The Technology Age has taken us ahead by leaps and bounds because we are no longer confined to the potential of our brains, as now we have extensions of our brains – computers. A skilled computer-assisted design (CAD) expert with an idea can produce incredible design plans or new prototypes designs.

Cad Crowd realized this potential and needed a way to integrate ideas with the skills of engineering wizards. Finding experienced and qualified CAD services experts was a process, but we gathered a database of individuals that span the globe. The next part was finding ideas for our designers to work on, so contests were created. Starting with an idea, clients work with mechanical engineers and CAD designers to crowdsource product ideas into tangible real-world products. The results can be astounding, and Cad Crowd has now become the keystone for inventors and CAD specialists. Let’s take a look at some past contests in the field of technology.

The camera has become a way of life and now users can record practically anything they want in an instant. One of our clients wanted a camera that would always be accessible, without having to search for it in a pocket or purse, or even having to carry it. This person thought that wearing it as a necklace would be the answer and began a crowdsourcing design ideas. The proposals rolled in from our designers around the world.

Wearable Lifestyle Camera Necklace – Entry #1 by REDA

Wearable Lifestyle Camera Necklace – Entry #1 by REDA

Designer REDA thought if it’s a camera, then it should at least look like one…sort of.

Spaggiari design proposal – Entry #5 by Spaggiari Andrea

Spaggiari design proposal – Entry #5 by Spaggiari Andrea

Whereas designer Spaggiari Andrea packed a lot into this design, including a 2-inch screen, microphone, and speaker. Its presence around someone’s neck will surely arouse curiosity. You can even match it to your wardrobe by changing the faceplate color.

!CU – All seeing eye camera – Entry #4 by Decker

!CU – All seeing eye camera – Entry #4 by Decker

Designer Decker thought discretion was the way to go and provided this teardrop pendant. It’s classy and unobtrusive but there when you need it.

Camera Necklace by – Entry #12 by Anne Pauley

Camera Necklace by - Entry #12 by Anne Pauley

A slave to fashion? Check out this piece that designer Anne Pauley describes as an “organic sculpted necklace with an embedded camera.” Who’d know?

Still on the subject of cameras, this next contest sponsor wanted an underwater drone shaped like a fish to examine the bottom of a lake 300 feet down. This contest had very specific size limits and the designers were told the drones would need to be able to operate at the frigid temperatures found at such depths.

Fish Drone – Entry #5 by Adam#5 Fish Drone by Adam

Designer Adam’s entry looks like it checked all the boxes. His design features a back propeller but still stayed within the required overall measurement of 2.5 feet long, 2 feet high and about 6 inches wide.

Underwater drone – Entry #7 by REDA#7 Underwater drone by REDAAnother concept by designer REDA provided a submersible drone design that looks like it can do the job admirably.

Underwater drone V3 – Entry #8 by REDA

#8 Underwater drone by REDA

In another submission by this same designer, a fishier appearance was suggested. And just like a fish, the insides of the underwater drone needed to be soft. At the bottom of a lake, a jelly-like substance would help stabilize the pressure. Wouldn’t want the fish drone getting the bends by resurfacing too quickly, now would we?

The next device uses cameras to see where it’s going, and a good thing because it’s a robotic lawn mower. Although these types of grass cutting machines have been available for a while, this contest holder wanted it to have a distinctive look and our designers were bang on.

Robotic Lawn mower – Entry #29 by rprithvirajan

#29 Robotic Lawn mower by rprithvirajan

This one by designer rprithvirajan would certainly be a welcome convenience to take the drudgery out of this perennial task. Cameras are installed front and back so that Bruno won’t be disturbed while he’s asleep on the lawn.

Robot tondeuse – Entry #10 by iliasouasfi

#10 robot tondeuse by iliasouasfi

This machine by designer iliasouasfi looks like a little car that would drive around your lawn while bringing grass blades down to size.

LadyBug Lawn – Entry #3 by REDA

LadyBug Lawn - Entry #3 by REDA

Ladybugs are a great insect to have around and obviously designer REDA thinks so too with this design. You absolutely know that if any owner had this mower it would be getting its own pet name.

Cameras or no cameras, the scope of CAD design contests on Cad Crowd are limitless because they all begin with your idea. Consumers are constantly looking for something new or improved, and if it’s built there’ll be someone to buy it. Give your idea the breath of life by starting your own design contest with us. We’ve already taken care of the hardest part: putting you in contact with talented freelance engineers and designers. It’s a win-win situation.

Contests are not all we offer here on Cad Crowd. For companies with large or highly confidential project, we connect clients directly with a vetted design professional based on scope of the work. Want to know more? Here’s how it works. Let us connect you with one of our experienced designers today and get started on your next project.

Your idea, small or large, may be something we’ve all been waiting on for a very long time. Let us help. Get a free quote today!