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crowdsourcing fitness product design

How Cad Crowd helps clients create innovative fitness products

You don’t have to look far to realize the fitness movement has gone far beyond a craze to become a permanent fixture. Gyms, fitness centers, workout stations, whatever you want to call them are widely found across countries in stand-alone businesses, in condominiums, at workplaces, and in homes. At least one major newspaper has identified “How physical fitness can boost your career” (The Globe and Mail – May 4, 2018) for the individual, but that can also be turned around to how a physical fitness business can be financially boosted through new ideas.

new fitness trampoline designWith such widespread interest, competition is fierce to offer the latest equipment to the fitness industry and aficionados. Many cutting-edge enterprises are staying in demand by developing their equipment and routines on how to use new technology. However, developing such fitness products is not for the faint of heart as they often require input from specialists such as kinesiologists, freelance engineers, and software designers before the first nut and bolt are milled. In short, it takes a considerable investment of cash even before a prototype is created.

To save on this initial cost, but definitely not by cutting any corners, is to use a CAD services (computer-aided design) company that also has access to expertise in a battery of professions. The ability to provide the necessary knowledge to any particular project through the streamlined access means the project will be concluded faster and design costs drastically reduced. The difference between using a CAD company and painstakingly sourcing every individual component to provide a new product would be comparable to getting someone to cut down trees and mill the lumber for a new house, rather than just using a contractor or going to a lumber yard.

Gym fitness bench designLike most things, not all companies in the same business provide the same results. Some are much better than others, and Cad Crowd is such a company that has an established reputation that equates to satisfied customers. Cad Crowd provides a unique twist to getting inventors and ideas off the ground quickly and economically. It provides a platform where new projects can be launched so that experts in a wide variety of specialties can spontaneously input their contributions. This is accomplished through a contest that the inventor starts and designers submit their entries.

The designers are part of an extensive global platform maintained by Cad Crowd, and community designers work on contests based on parameters like design work scope and deadlines. This cost and time cutting strategy has produced hundreds of successful contests resulting in many products on today’s market. Let’s focus on the fitness industry and some examples of how it’s used Cad Crowd contests.

Medicine ball design contest – Challenge won by DesignAssist

Something as staple as a medicine ball was looking for a revamp by this contest owner who runs a gym. Forty ideas later this entry by DesignAssist was chosen for its graphic appeal and its textured surface to grip the ball comfortably.Medicine ball new design concepts

Workout Single Leg Bench Crowdsourcing – Won by Martin Arguello

Another gym owner didn’t just want to perfect existing equipment but to provide something entirely new for hip thrusts, split squats, box squats and step ups. Designer Martin Arguello understood the contest owner’s requirements and presented this concept. Fast on the heels of this winning design were 33 other impressive entries.Workout Single Leg Bench Crowdsourcing

Urethane dumbbell Concept design contest – won by Mecanikad

Yet another common piece of equipment was seeking a makeover – dumbbells. This time though it was a manufacturer who wanted to ramp up what it offered by giving these muscle pumpers a modern look. Designers submitted 103 entries, and it was designer Mecanikad who had the winning concept. Perhaps you might see these dumbbells at your own gym.

New Dumbbell Design Concepts

Gym equipment storage rack challenge – won by MILARS

Entering a gym to see equipment scattered all over the floor is not appealing, let alone trying to find an item when you need it in your routine. This manufacturer wanted an expandable equipment storage system that would prevent clutter by giving a home to kettlebells, dumbbells, weight plates, and barbells. Designer MILARS, along with 12 others, created this design that the manufacturer approved.

The incredible part of this contest is the award amount in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars. Imagine the total cost of getting quality designs from companies sourced by yourself, without even considering the amount of time it would take doing this alone or having someone do it for you. The economics is simple that Cad Crowd contests are affordable, making them head and shoulders above other forms of design creation. Contest owners also keep all paid entries, so the client is able to own the IP for more than just the winning design entry.

The above contest samples have been about gym equipment and accessories, but spin-off or complementary items are just as essential.Gym equipment storage rack challenge

Water Bottle Cooling Element Design Contest – Won by Zaher

This innovative design by Zaher will guarantee that your power drink or water will remain cold in your bottle, while you build up a sweat during a workout. Start a Cad Crowd contest with an idea or innovation, not necessarily just about the fitness industry. Some contests have been run to design houses, yachts, jewelry, robots, and even earbuds. The client’s imagination is the only real limitation. Stop just thinking about some idea and make it a reality by contacting Cad Crowd, and let that dream start making money for you and your business.Water bottle cooling element

Skateboard design contest – by josefdesign

Lastly, let’s look at this contest started by an individual who wanted a skateboard to be unique, provide a mode of transport and help with physical fitness. There were 11 cool entries to choose from, but designer josefdesign got the thumbs up. Awesome.New skateboard concept design

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