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You have an excellent architectural idea that is going to satisfy your clients while furthering your business goals. You already have a location in mind, as well as some of the finishings and interior elements you want to include.

Right now, you’re in the ideation and concept phase, which is a creative place to be. However, to move on to the next step in the architectural design process, you need a complete architectural draft as well as additional relevant documentation.

How do the energy systems flow throughout the space? What are the necessary regulations that you need to keep in mind as you build? What materials will you need? An architectural design idea can bring more questions than answers. This reason is why architectural detailing services are so necessary. They are the foundation for the concepts you want to implement in your architectural project.

Your architectural plans need to include detailed and well-crafted drawings, material listings, energy source information, dimensions, timelines, and exceptional floor plan drafts while still adhering to construction laws and regulations. This type of process involves collaboration and cooperation between CAD services, contractors, architects, and even real estate professionals.

As a result, architectural detailing is a necessary service. This process allows you to streamline the design concept process while also keeping all information organized and in one place. However, before you can begin the architectural detailing process, you first need to hire a capable design professional to help create the right documentation you need and manage the architectural detailing process.

A lot goes into the architectural design and construction process. The team here at Cad Crowd wants to help you make this process straightforward and organized. We understand that you have to manage budgets, lead your team, hire new talent, and handle the project management process.

There are many documents you need to facilitate the architectural detailing process, and our global network of experienced architectural 3D modeling freelancers can develop all of the information that you need.

To see why architectural detailing services are necessary for your business, and how our team can help you navigate this process, take a read below.

The documents included in an architectural detailing project

For the architectural design process to move smoothly and efficiently, there are a variety of documents needed to ensure this occurs. When you are working with a Cad Crowd designer, these are the components you can expect to add to the package.

When you begin to break ground on your next architectural project, you want to ensure you have the right documentation and information to ensure you’re working with the most accurate and precise information. One mistake can take your project from a success to a costly endeavor that drains your time and resources.

We understand that while each of the documents listed above is necessary, it can be challenging to acquire all of what you need. This reason is why we have been matching businesses and entrepreneurs with capable designers for almost ten years. Each Cad Crowd designer is pre-vetted and selected by our experienced team of designers and engineers.

As a result, you can trust that you are working with a professional who has the skills and experience to provide the architectural detailing services that you and our team need.

Our architectural detailing services process

While each designer may have a unique way of working with you to reach your goals, these are the general steps that you can expect when working with a Cad Crowd designer:

Information we need to help you find the right designer:

  • Details regarding your architectural needs and the area – Where is the location of your project? What are the specified dimensions? What is the climate and weather associated with the building site? These are all questions, where the answers will allow us to have the information necessary to help you find the design talent that can best handle the project.
  • Your preferences – What are your building preferences, and what type of architectural style will you use in the build?
  • What materials are necessary? – What materials, construction tools, devices, and equipment are required for this project?
  • Timeline – What is the schedule of this project? What are the phases necessary in your architectural design process?

Matching you with a designer

Once we receive the information above, we can then help you find a designer who is capable of handling your architectural detailing services. We can help set up a crowdfunding campaign that allows you to receive designs and select the best one. Next, we can also help you find a designer with a confidential quote, or hire someone for a specific block of time. 

From there, once you select a designer, they can take your information and determine the architectural detailing services that are necessary for your specific design process. Our designers are experienced in using a variety of premier design tools like Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SketchUp, or an alternative to complete projects.

The submission and revision process

After the designer works on the project, they will submit documents related to the architectural detailing process and seek feedback for revisions and alterations. If you need to send preliminary designs to stakeholders or check it against your original specifications, this is the phase that will allow you to sharpen the plans to ensure they are what you need.

During this phase, the designer will also confirm your timeline, important deadlines, and milestones to ensure they are helping you stay on track with getting your project from concept to completion.

Final drafts and final delivery

Once the designer has all of your feedback and suggestions, they will create a final draft that takes them into account while also meeting all regulations and guidelines. Each project is covered with our Accuracy Guarantee to ensure that you are receiving designs that are accurate and that meet your expectations and standards. Once you have agreed on the plan and are happy with the direction of the architectural detailing, our designers will submit the final version to you.

Again, each design process is unique, and we understand that the practice of architectural detailing may look different depending on your building needs. However, you can be sure that our designers will work to confirm what you need, use high-end software to create each document, incorporate your feedback, and deliver documentation that is informative and well-crafted.

The benefits of architectural detailing services

If you are still on the fence about whether this process is worth investing in, take a look at these benefits and advantages of architectural detailing.

Ensure you have all the documentation you need – You could order a floor plan layout or a materials list separately. However, at some point, each stage of your architectural process is going to require a different type of document that is included in an architectural detailing services package. This process prevents you from having to halt progress by stopping to get the information you need. You can instead ensure you have all the documents at one time.

An easier time gaining approval – When you approach your stakeholders (especially investors), you want to make sure you have all the information you need when you seek their support. Architectural detailing enables you to let your investors know that you have thought through every part of the architectural process and are ready to move to the next level.

Catch mistakes – As you think through your architectural design, develop specifications, and have a designer create documentation using this information as a guide, you have the opportunity to catch mistakes ahead of time. As 2D layouts and 3D renderings take shape, you will get a look at your design before you break ground so you can identify and fix any errors before you begin building.

Have someone dedicated to this process – Architectural detailing is not a process that you want someone to split with another task. The level of detail and time associated with completing this process makes it one that you want someone to take seriously. So, having a freelance architectural site plan designer who is dedicated to this project is a good idea. You can be confident that you have an expert and experienced designer working on this project.

These benefits only scratch the surface of what you can hope to gain from architectural detailing services. Investing in this process can save you money and time while allowing you to better handle your customer’s needs.

Allow Cad Crowd to handle your next architectural detailing project

We know you have a lot to handle, and we want to make your architectural design and building process as straightforward as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure all the necessary information associated with this process is created and collected. The last thing you want is to deal with errors, not have all the information you need, or have someone unskilled managing this process.

Here at Cad Crowd, we are committed to matching entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself with capable and talented designers who can bring their knowledge and skills to your project. So, regardless of where you are in the building design process, we want to help you move toward a successful finished project.

If you are ready to locate a talented designer, we invite you to reach out to us today for a free quote.

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