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32,120 / 58,162
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I'm a successful event director with nearly 15 years of experience leading festivals and events across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and the USA. I have worked tirelessly to enable dedicated arts practitioners and enthralled audiences to experience the best displays of creativity. As the gateway between the creative vision and the business realities, my role is to deliver inspiring events in often challenging environments, calmly and decisively.

The strength of my management practice stems from an interdisciplinary career. I have a passionate interest in software, design and analytics; seeking any opportunity to use technology and creativity to navigate complex businesses challenges. Having real-world experience in my environment enables me to discern needs, negotiate assertively, and provide solutions across multiple markets and varied genres.

As a Collaborative Leader, Project Manager and Design Thinker; I lead by example and keenly promote sustainable practices. Particularly: environmental protection, energy efficiency, risk mitigation, social development, reputation management, financial sustainability and due diligence on investments.

I believe in our responsibility to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, that identifies talent and celebrates success. Working internationally with deep ties to a broad support network, I understand the value of building organisational intelligence. I'm the champion for fair, equitable and explicit standards; to strengthen ties with workers, audiences and community. My experience and empathy allow me to connect and engage with people in pursuit of this goal.

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