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23,687 / 31,627
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My name is Kamran and I am an industrial designer and consultant.
My specialty is designing industrial and general machines from initial idea to preparing final drawings for the manufacturing of the product. From my time in the university I started working with design software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks because of my interest in designing and creative ideas.
Proposing creative and innovative ideas and positive feedback from manufacturing executives led to my employment in a design and construction company after getting my bachelor degree and during master degree years in mechanical engineering.
I worked for five years in this company and then parted ways with them to follow my dreams and to face new challenges.
Among my capabilities and interests are reverse engineering of parts and equipment, 2D/3D design, and expertise in drafting and 3D CAD designing using solidWorks , Catia , AutoCAD and 3Dmax.
It’s been three years that I’m working with different entities according to their needs and ideas on a project based basis. Freelance working has enabled me to work with many people from different continents and expand my relations.
After starting freelancing in some projects I felt a necessity to get assistance from an architect, which led to my further acquaintance with one of my friends.
Daniel is a professional architect.
He works to create innovative designs which in addition to having strong aesthetic elements satisfy all functional needs taking into account all requirements of designing such as structural, mechanical and electrical considerations according to the international standards.
For Daniel being in such an environment means enhancement of talents and challenging his abilities since he has a great capability in understanding client’s taste and preference and accommodating them taking into account requirements and limitations due to local conditions and applicable standards. He is always trying to turn the challenges, limitations, considerations, and essentially all the necessities into opportunities to produce innovative and creative designs.
Daniel can design in all aspects of architecture, such as interior and exterior design of structures, design of urban projects, and, of course, industrial design based on all common styles. Because of his mastery at various architectural design softwares he can provide beautiful and authentic designs in a minimal time.