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Global rank:
18,724 / 22,988
Skill pts: 0
Aloha, my name is Stu! I am a user experienced focused product designer and systems engineer addicted to creating products and services that will change the world. I am always on the hunt to be apart of projects and teams that will create massive change and potentially impact over a billion lives. My personal mission is to create world class experiences through exponential technology that empowers the lives of over one billion people to achieve their greatest potential.

Experience & Differentiation:
Electro-mechanical/Mechatronics design
Consumer product development
IOT Product Development
Drawing/Drafting and manufacturability for mass production
International & domestic (US) manufacturing
User Experience Focused

Industries Served:
Health and fitness, breweries, medical device manufacturing, ice sculpting, immersive entertainment, solar energy sector, and sailing.

Design Skills:
3D Modeling, Injection molding, sheet metal, machining, weldments, aluminum extrusion, assembly, 3D printing, BOM Management, Design for Manufacturability and User Experience, DFM

Preferred CAD Software: Solidworks

I look forward to meeting and working with clients that share the same passion to change and impact the world through new product development.


  • University of St Thomas Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2014 graduation
  • University of St Thomas Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration 2014 graduation