Global rank:
5,120 / 30,871
Skill pts: 5


Engineer / Pilot / Entrepreneur

My name is Ben Myburgh and I own Pretoria Engineering. I specialize in helping people develop their napkins sketch ideas and bringing them into reality. Using the latest in 2d and 3d CAD modeling as well as 3d printing, we take the ideas from paper to physical parts. I have many years of experience in a wide variety of industries and bring numerous skills to the table. With projects ranging from Brain Teasers and puzzles to the Aerospace industry we can do it all.

Current Projects:
- Red Bull Air Race Team Support - Design/Simulation Engineer
- LIDAR projects for general aviation

Engineering Background:
- Flight Test Engineer
- Composites Engineering
- Automotive Engineering
- Patent Development
- 3D Printing / Cura
- CFD / FEA Analysis
- OpenVSP Aero CFD
- Laminar Research: PlaneMaker / X-Plane

CAD Background:
- AutoCAD
- SolidWorks
- Catia
- Onshape
- Inventor
- Fusion 360

Past Projects:
- Business owner - Murfreesboro Aviation Flight School (3 years)
- Stand Up Desk - Ergo desk for the workplace
- Eddie's Molecule - Kickstarter Brain Teaser Puzzle
- G-Meter - Arduino based LED G-Meter light-bar for experimental aircraft

- Milling / Machining
- Forklift / Heavy Construction Vehicle
- Commercial Pilot / Single Engine / Multi-Engine / Sea Plane / High Performance / High Altitude / Tail wheel