Born in Cadiz, Spain, I always had a passion for design and manufacturing. Nurturing this passion started with recreational boating where I learned about design and building from an incredible master builder. Shortly after, I joined an architectural firm on which I also developed a taste for construction and its intricacies. I was exposed to everything from blueprints to the production of scale models (maquettes). During this time, I also obtained a certificate as a Solar Project Designer through Censolar. I also worked in plumbing designing water systems for irrigation, pools, residential sanitary water, and a few other projects. My interest in design had just begun and there was a long and interesting road ahead of me.

Years later in 2003, I moved to the US where I married my wife, with whom I share a beautiful kid. Moving here opened many doors and I dove into these opportunities head first. In 2004 I joined ACC and attained an AA in Mechanical Design, and from then on I have developed upon that skill. My design exposure since moving to the US has been as follows:
* National Instruments, involved in virtual instrumentation design.
* Alpha Slip Rings, designing custom commutators for oil drilling, radars, etc.
* Sisu Devices, robots and industrial automation.
* Biomedical design for Global.
* Thermal tooling and mechanical solutions design for Intel, CNC machining, and where I also lead the board repair lab.

3D Models


  • Austin Community College Architectural Design Certificate, Architecture 2006 graduation
  • Austin Community College Mechanical Designer, Engineering 2006 graduation