A graduate of Product design, currently seeking a new career path. A highly creative and hardworking individual, whose drive allows tasks to be completed quickly but thoroughly, exploring different ways tasks can be completed to streamline the process, yet still achieve the desired outcome.

I can learn and adapt quickly to most scenarios & have a passion for design that has followed me throughout education, in particular an interest in CAD design and engineering. I have a high attention to detail which enhances my ability to produce functional, high quality 3D models and renders. A proficiency with editing software means I can produce line art & illustrations for technical and marketing documents. In my spare time I experiment with 3D printing, CAD modelling for animation as well as 2D Audiovisual animation.

3D Models


  • University Of Lincoln BA(Hons), Product Design 2017 graduation
  • West Notts College BTEC Diploma, Foundation Art & Design 2014 graduation

Age: 27

Joined: December 17, 2017


Manchester, England, United Kingdom