I'm an industrial designer. Everyday inspiration, new technologies, Interaction Design and user experience fascinates me. MY PHILOSOPHY When products are designed, the design is not always the most important. How easy it is for the users to use the product is as important as the design. A total new user experience can lead innovative products like the iPhone in 2007. MY GOAL TO MY CLIENT To combine my passions with my work and work as a professional to the client. If it is a long-term project every week updates about the project are sent out to the client so he knows how to project is going. It helps me that the client can steer the project in the direction hé wants and it helps the client on the end to get exactly what he had in mind. MY STRENGTHS I have 4 years of experience as product development engineer and communication with clients all over the world. I started as product development engineer at a company that build industrial products like traction hoists for suspended platforms and service lifts which are used in wind turbines. therefor I learned to start a design from a document with specifications, requirements and wishes from the client. 3D modeling skills: During the last 6 years I'm an expert in Solidworks and last year I'm started learning Fusion 360 when designing. I can also provide photo realistic renderings, 2d drawings or stress calculations. Graphic Design skills: During the last 4 years was responsible for all the graphic designs projects including Brochures, leaflets & manuals and other Artwork. I am a part-time freelancer, weekly working hours for a project can be discussed.


  • Artesis hogeschool Antwerpen Master diploma, Product development 2013 graduation

Age: 35

Joined: October 10, 2017


Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium