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I come from a strong mechanical background as a Chartered Engineer, a first-class masters’ mechanical engineering graduate, with over ten years of experience in the Building Services industry. I feel I would be an ideal candidate for this role as I have gained enough experience in various facets of design, sustainability, and project management over the last 10 years.


  • Principal Mechanical Engineer PSH Consulting Ltd · Full-time Jun 2022 – Feb 2024 1 yrs 8 mos London, England, United Kingdom As a principal mechanical engineer, I lead a number of large projects from the concept stage right through to construction and commissioning. I often had to collaborate with the broader design team both within the organisation and outside. My typical day varied from carrying out calculations, drafting designs, attending meetings with clients, Architects, and Contractors, and managing a team under me.

    • My first project at PSH was a prestigious commercial office development within the commercial centre of Guildford. I was responsible for developing the VRF, ventilation, basement car park extract, domestic and drainage systems. As part of the project I often had to liaise with and attend meetings with the Architects, Structural Engineer and the client.

    • One of the more natable project I lead was a £600 million pound mixed use high-end residential development in London consisting of 3 cores, providing 232 new construction build to rent (BTR) apartments, communal amenity spaces, entrance lobby and corridors, shell and core and retail units. The entire design was done on REVIT of which I am competent using. I also designed the district heating system, ASHP and VRF system, commercial Kitchen extract, commercial and domestic sprinkler, domestic services and drainage systems. I often had to work closely and attend meetings with the Architect, Structural Engineer and the client to deliver the scheme.

    • As part of this project, I developed the energy model and overheating model using IES and drafted a report and presentation that demonstrated how the scheme met the sustainability targets set out in the concept.

    • Another project I worked on is one that is regarded as the largest hotel refurbishment in Europe, which is a 29 floor multi story building that was previously a Holiday Inn Hotel including a ground level public house. It includes car park and swimming pool areas are situated in the lower basement levels. I was responsible for designing a ASHP, WSHP, commercial and domestic sprinkler system, car park smoke ventilation, ventilation, domestic and drainage systems. The complexity of this project came about because I had to fit new renewable energy systems into an existing building built in the 70’s, which meant certain parts of the design was done on REVIT.

    • A very exciting project I developed for Stage 2 planning submission was a house in the countryside. The client wanted the house to be completely off the grid and be carbon positive. So I developed a designed that provided heating and cooling via a GSHP system powered entirely by an on site PV installation, large enough to power the plant and the house. After carrying out the energy modelling, I advised the Architect on the amount of glazing and the wall buildup needed to make the house as energy efficient as possible.
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer Harley Haddow · Full-time Aug 2021 – Jun 2022 10 mos London, England, United Kingdom I was here for less than a year. In this short period of time, I led various high-end residential projects from conception through to detailed design.
  • Senior Mechanical Enginner WB Shiels · Full-time Jul 2017 – Aug 2021 4 yrs 1 mos London, England, United Kingdom I was exposed to commercial projects, with most of the projects in the Retail and Residential sectors. I have led all the projects I have been involved with, from concept through to handover. In almost all cases, the projects have had very tight deadlines combined with difficult technical problems, so I have had to draw on my ability to work in difficult situations whilst harnessing and improving my technical abilities to deliver the project on time and successfully hand over each project.

    Whilst working as a Senior Engineer, I have been tested by carrying out duties beyond my level, this has helped me develop massively to become a more rounded Engineer. Such duties include M&E and Public Health project lead, mentoring the team, attending meetings, managing clients, managing projects, presenting to clients and stakeholders and carrying out design work.

    • One of the most notable projects I led was Harrods Men’s Superbrands which is located on the second floor of Harrods Knightsbridge. This was a major flagship project of huge importance to Harrods, I led this project from concept right through to construction and successfully handed over the project. Whilst working on the design I worked closely with the Architect to develop an Engineering solution that brings the Architectural vision into reality.

    • I also worked on several other projects, one of which was the replacement of Selfridges Boiler House. This was a complex project which was mainly due to the limited space in which the boilers and pumps, this meant that I had to develop a 3D model of the plant room on Revit showing the boilers, pumps, heat exchanges and connecting pipework and fittings.

    • Other projects include Ugg Westfield, a high-end residential building in Alderney, Richard Mille Harrods, Bulgari Harrods, Harrods Heathrow Airport and Chanel Sloane Street.
  • Mechanical Engineer Atkins Realis · Full-time Sep 2013 – Jul 2017 3 yrs 10 mos Epsom, England, United Kingdom I was the Mechanical Design Engineer for the design of an IBM Data Centre. I developed the cooling system for rack rooms and the UPS rooms. After developing the design, I analysed the effectiveness of the design by carrying out a CFD study to understand where the cold and hot spots where within the rooms. This is because some of the equipment such as the UPS unit were designed to operate in temperatures under 250C during normal operation and 300C during emergency operation.

    • I was a Mechanical Design Engineer on the Heathrow Airport Limited Terminal 2 District Heating and Cooling Options study. I investigated the deficiencies in the system as it wasn’t operating to its full potential and I proposed several solutions which were presented to the client in the form of a report.

    • I also carried out the Part L analysis for the East, West and North East Pier extension of the London City Airport of IES VE. Whilst doing the analysis I had to investigate various renewable energy sources and energy-saving measures in the building such as Air Source Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pump, CHP, CCHP and PV.

    • I worked on Hinkley Point C project which entailed the RIBA stage 3 and 4 designs of the Telecoms Mast and Associated Bunkers for mobile network operators in the HPC site. I was the Lead Mechanical Engineer responsible for designing and delivering the mechanical HVAC design for the Bunkers. The mechanical HVAC was required to keep the temperature within the Bunkers within specification by cooling the communication equipment. Whilst carrying out the design I had to liaise with the Electrical, Civil and Structural design teams to ensure a fully coordinated and coherent design was produced.

    • I worked as a design engineer for the complete design of the HVAC system for a concrete new-build facility. My role involved drawing schematics of the ventilation system, writing several documents and specifications and carrying out calculations. The calculations involved Hevacomp duct and pipe sizing calculations, psychrometric calculations, heating and cooling load calculation, attenuation calculation, CFD analysis and pressurization unit calculations.

    • I carried out a desktop analysis of the infiltration of outside air into the London City Airport circulation area. As it was important to maintain the room conditions within the circulation area, cold air entering the building during winter would prevent this from happening. I came up with several ways in which the infiltration can be mitigated.

    • I led a team of junior engineers to produce several calculations for a set of complex HVAC systems. I also regularly guided them and reviewed the work they produce. I also had to manage the team to produce the work required within a tight deadline.

    • I was seconded into a client-facing role as an Assistant Engineering Manager. This role mainly involved reviewing design changes. In each case, I evaluated the impact the change had on other aspects of the design and how it impacted the overall safety and functionality of the system involved. I was also involved in regular contact with the contractor and resolving various construction issues on site.


  • Kings College London MASTER OF ENGINEERING, Mechanical Engineering, First Class 2009 – 2013 Activities and Societies: Debate Society Afro-Caribean Society King's College Engineering Society

Licenses & Certifications

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) Engineering Council, London, UK Mar 2018 – Present