Global rank:
6,998 / 82,453
Skill pts: 5


Relevant Experience
• Three years as a Senior Product Development Engineer with Safe Fleet / Roll Rite developing new product, improving existing product, and supporting operations.
• Three plus years of project management experience in the highly competitive automotive parts manufacturing market launching new product.
• 10 years of Quality Management and Engineering in the automotive and recreational vehicle industries ensuring conformance to specification and improving customer satisfaction.

Technical Competency
• Fluent in Microsoft 365 application including Excel & Word.
• Proficient in multiple CAD Systems such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Fusion 365.
• Skilled in Six Sigma and statistical methodologies.
• Metal Stamping, Rubber & Aluminum extrusion, Iron & Aluminum Casting, Welded Assemblies, Roll Forming, Mechatronic Design