shubham barhate

IN Tiruchirappalli, India

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From starting off my undergrad studies, I have been very interested in automotive design and building sustainable design for products. In the beginning course of time , I found CAD skill one of necessary to get an idea of the product and it will also provide to analyze the product by means of CAE software like ANSYS 15 . I am extremely handy with CATIA software, I love working with new and sustainable design. In my academics, I have done many projects, usually, I am the one who is making CAD model for a product like recently I have designed goods carrier in last semester. I won 2nd prize in Pragyan design challenge (PDC) 2015 for design and analysis of smart furniture. Recently I am working for helmet design competition held by Rane Group Company where I am making a modular design of helmet with two mechanisms which would be comfortable for customers​.