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I am a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the design field. I specialize in utilizing SolidWorks at an advanced level, possess intermediate skills in AutoCAD, and excel in creating stunning visualizations with KeyShot. Here are my key abilities:

SolidWorks Proficiency: SolidWorks is not just a design tool for me; it's a canvas where I turn creative vision into reality. My advanced skills in SolidWorks allow me to create intricate part and assembly designs, conduct thorough analyses, and meticulously prepare technical documentation. I harness the power of this robust software to elevate your projects to perfection.

AutoCAD Skills: In the realm of 2D and 3D design, I bring intermediate-level AutoCAD skills to the table. I can assist with various drawings and planning tasks, helping you refine your designs and enhance your projects.

KeyShot Mastery: KeyShot is my go-to tool for bringing products to life with realistic and captivating visualizations. I use this skill to emphasize the aesthetics of your designs and present them to clients and stakeholders in a compelling manner.

With my strong project management skills, I consistently complete projects on time and within budget, ensuring both quality and client satisfaction.

As a mechanical engineer, I am eager to leverage my expertise in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and KeyShot to add value to your projects. How about collaborating to bring your design ideas to fruition?

Thank you,

Can C.
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  • Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Bach. Of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 2,83 2017 – 2022