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Sam Mac

Sam Mac

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Dwi l.

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CAESAR II is a system analysis tool that evaluates a piping system’s stresses and structural responses and ensures they meet international codes and standards. It sets the standards for pipe stress analysis and is used as a basis for all other measurements.  

Piping engineers use it to evaluate load on connecting equipment, code-defined stress, and piping position. While it is often used for new designs, it has been applied to existing pipe installations as well. 

Why is pipe stress analysis essential?

It provides information to ensure structural integrity, operational integrity, optimal design of a piping system, and compliance of the governing codes and standards. Pipes that are inadequate for the pressure of the carrying fluid can cause major problems. The same thing is true if there is leakage at joints and sagging & displacement within allowable values. 

There is a need to understand the source of stress in a piping system, such as internal/external pressure, weight, temperature change, forces due to vibration, and occasional loads due to PSV discharge, wind, seismic disturbances and something similar. 

CAESAR II makes it easy for engineers to carry out analysis and develop a working and reliable design. Simply provide the input, and the data needed to accurately define a piping system will be displayed. Modification is also possible in an element-by-element basis or through data sets. 

Apart from a comprehensive analysis option, which takes into account wave loads, seismic loads, wind and support settlement on top of a piping system’s response to deadweight, pressure and thermal loads, it also has designed tools and wizards that allow a view of the plant models, produce accurate analysis, and recommend practical changes to the design. 

Along with the tools, however, is the need for an expert in using the application. Cad Crowd has a community of CAESAR II freelancers that can perform analysis of a piping system’s stress and develop a suitable design. 

What we guarantee is a freelance CAESAR II designer with knowledge and skills that extend beyond CAESAR II services. Some of them are piping engineers in various industries, such as mining, marine, oil & gas, and shipyard. So whether it’s a pipe for a petrochemical or a marine project, you will find a designer that will suit your project requirements. 

How to hire CAESAR II freelancers from Cad Crowd

Contact Cad Crowd, and we will match you with a highly-qualified and pre-vetted freelancer. Provide us with the specifics, and we will work to provide you with the best designer to join your team. 

Find a freelance CAESAR II designer on your own by checking out members’ profiles. This way, you'll be able to gauge for yourself if a professional meets your criteria, and that you pick the right CAESAR II services that you need. 

Cad Crowd can also facilitate a design contest on your behalf, where you choose the winning design and use it for your project. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you are guaranteed an expert in using CAESAR II to its full potential.  

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