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I would like to design a more moden hideaway for guinea pig, hamsters, rabbit etc. I would like to keep still wood pine house since these animals will bite it up. I would like it to be more of a luxury look but still in the same sizing because most customers will buy a small starter cage to fit it in. I will post an example in the pictures of sizing of cage.

Guinea Pigs have an issue pulling there food and water bowls in there hide aways and spill everything. I would like the food and water bowls to be attached to the house with a bowl holder where I can remove the bowls on and off to fill up. I would like the food and water bowl to be ceramic. A window can be made where the animal sticks there head out the window to the bowl drink and eat the food easily while inside there home.

Attached are pictures of a hideway would like it around that same size.
Food and water bowl would like it to be more that shape.
Animal Cage picture the hide away would have to fit in that cage size.
More moden luxury look. Sizing of dimensions of hideway attached as well.
Don't Wants:
A plastic hideaway
  1. 3d rendering


1st Winner
#33 Animal Hideaway 02 by rayenb
good day to you ,
i hope you are doing well , this is another concept of the animal hideaway
i will be more than pleased to re modify this design
all feedbacks are welcome
best regard
Mar 16, 2021 21:30
2nd Winner
#22 Animal hideaway by CDdesignSTUDIO
Mar 14, 2021 18:40
#43 Animal Hideaway 3 - KunstIng by kunsting
This is my third design, if you have any requests for a change please feel free to send me feedback.
Bojan -Kunst Ing
Mar 17, 2021 20:47
#24 Animal Hideway by Vassil
Some more ideas with same size. Hope you like it
Mar 14, 2021 21:26
#25 Animal Hideaway by CDdesignSTUDIO
V3.. similar but diffferent
Mar 14, 2021 23:00
#26 G-pig hideaway by CZdesgining
Mar 15, 2021 15:18
#27 Animal Hideaway 01 by rayenb
good day to you ,
i hope you are doing well , this is the first concept of the animal hideaway design
i will be more than pleased to re modify this design
all feedbacks are welcome
best regard
Mar 15, 2021 15:59
#28 Premium animal hideaway by Franson SilverRock
Thank you for hosting this awesome contest. I have taken a unique approach to the design by including a customizable panel, enabling customers to choose from a range of variations(which I believe adds to the luxury feel). Let me know your feedback and feel free to reach out for any queries.
Thank you once again,
Mar 15, 2021 21:47
#29 Animal Hideaway by Bazco
Hello again! Further i have two new design concepts that can be attached to the house in a simple way. I hope you like it, you are welcome to give me a feedback.
Thank you
Mar 16, 2021 13:25
#30 Modern Animal Hideout by ahmadnazree
Hi Contest Holder,
Please find the attached design for your review. Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Ahmad Nazree
Mar 16, 2021 14:30
#42 Animal Hideaway-3 by Vimalgeorge10
Respected Contest Holder,
Thank you for hosting this contest and I am here forth submitting my Third design entry.
This model has got every design element that will definitely meet your requirements.
All the files including step files of house, holder, and cup or bowl are separately submitted along with the different screenshots of the assembled model and pdf file which explains the features of the design.
(My previous submissions are #32 and #34)
I hope that you will like this submission and I am eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback to make any further modifications to the submitted design.
Warm Regards,
Vimal George
Mar 17, 2021 18:14
#1 Animal Hideaway by REDA
Mar 2, 2021 22:41
#35 Animial Hideaway 1 - KunstIng by kunsting
Thank you for the contest. I hope so you will find here a design which will work for you and that you will be satisfied.
I made a few designs, this is the first of them. If you have any changes, feel free to give me feedback, and I will make changes ASAP.
With kind regards,
Bojan - Kunst Ing
Mar 16, 2021 21:42
#36 Animal Hideaway 2 - KunstIng by kunsting
This is my second design.
Feel free to give me feedback and I will improve it ASAP.
Kind regards,
Bojan - Kunst Ing
Mar 16, 2021 21:44
#37 Guinea Pig Hideaway by Akash Jayanthan
Here's my rendering, hope it's to your liking. Design operates well within the cage dimensions, so no worries about bulkiness. As you've described, I've added 2 food/water bowls inside which is easy to take in and out.
Mar 17, 2021 5:42
#38 Guinea pig hideaway by CZdesgining
Mar 17, 2021 12:38
#39 Guinea pig hideaway 2 by CZdesgining
Mar 17, 2021 12:39
#40 Animal Hideaway 03 by rayenb
good day to you ,
this is the new animal hideaway design concept with new adjustments
i will be more than pleased to re modify this design
all feedbacks are welcome
best regard
Mar 17, 2021 14:37
#41 Animal Hideaway 04 by rayenb
hello ,another two designs with a rectangle knob,
I will re-modify this design if needed
best regards
Mar 17, 2021 16:13
#12 Animal Hideaway by REDA
Mar 8, 2021 20:33
#3 Animal Hideaway by Bhupinder Singh
Greeting of the Day...
This design is for Hideaways, In this design , one front door, both side are open for cleaning and proper ventilation and look like cage.
Mar 4, 2021 8:40
#4 Concept 1 by studio701
Submitting the 1st concept, please share your feedback & suggestions.
Mar 4, 2021 9:16
#5 Concept 1 updated by studio701
As per your suggestions the design has been modified with enlarged openings.
Please let me know if there is anything else.
Mar 5, 2021 9:45
#6 Guinea Pig Shack! by SohilSolani
Hi tntgoodies,
Find attached my design concept for your brief.
Please feel free to share your views & suggestions to customize the designs.
Further detailing as per your requirement can be carried out and models/images shared
Mar 5, 2021 10:33
#7 Animal Hideaway by CDdesignSTUDIO
Here you have bit different concept than your original idea..Also I made two handles,if you need to move all you can make that easy.
Best regards
Mar 5, 2021 16:38
#9 Wood decor variation by Yuri_Des
Mar 6, 2021 12:07
#10 Animal Hideway by Vassil
The size: 11.7x9.3x6.9 inch. It's completely made of wood except the front and upper side which are made from plastic net and are openable. Please give me feedback for my design.
Mar 8, 2021 12:18
#11 Modern Pet_House by denvers2
This is a two floor pet house. If you have any suggestions or changes that need to be made please send me a message and will try to get them done as soon as possible.
Mar 8, 2021 15:48
#23 G-pig hideaway by CZdesgining
Mar 14, 2021 21:11
#13 Animal Hideaway by REDA
Mar 9, 2021 19:06
#14 Animal Hideaway by REDA
Mar 10, 2021 23:40
#15 Animal Hideaway by hermancad01
- Combine All Part With Screw System ( ANSI )
- With 3 Air Sirculaton System
( From Right Side, Left Side, and Top Side )
- Hideway Roof Can Slide to Right or Left,
and Lifted Up
- Clear Cover Material From Akrylic
- All Parts Are Obtained From Standard Parts,
So It Is Very Easy To Obtain
- Production Cost is Very Cheap
Mar 11, 2021 3:33
#17 Wood Pine House by Bazco
My first render concept to start with, it's the same size, according to your request, let me know if it needs something to change.
Mar 12, 2021 16:58
#18 Animal Hideaway by REDA
Mar 12, 2021 20:47
#19 g pig hideaway by ishwar_g
I have made a modern and detailed design of the hideaway you requested and as you mentioned in comment there will be no space for bowl on side so i have not made it if you want me to add it please let me know.
Mar 13, 2021 21:40
#20 Animal Hideway by Vassil
Hi this is my proposal for animal hideway with size 11.7x9.3x 6.9. Give me feedback what you think :)
Mar 14, 2021 17:38
#21 Animal Hideaway by CDdesignSTUDIO
Simple,modern,cheap and easy to make.
Mar 14, 2021 18:08




Wed, 17 Mar 2021 23:04:57 +0000
Thank you so much this was a hard pick there was so many good choices. I will be posting a new contest soon.



Mon, 15 Mar 2021 13:10:31 +0000
2 days left. I'm looking for something more one level not 2. Remember it has to fit in a small cage and some of you are forgetting the water bowl and food bowl. I would like that be attached to the front or inside. If inside it would need a way for I can open it to get bowls out.



Tue, 09 Mar 2021 14:12:24 +0000
I want to make a note when doing the design. If you look at my g. pig starter kit picture that cage is the smallest customers usually buy. When putting the hideout in the cage its usually place at either end corner so having the water and the feeding bowl on the side of the house most likely won't work to even fit in the cage or for the animal to walk on the side of it to drink or eat. If it was a big cage it be fine but we have to think of the design for the smallest cage as well since they are the most popular being sold.

edward m barnes


Sun, 07 Mar 2021 16:55:10 +0000
on the pig holder what ID and OD on it

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