3D Sculpture for Mini-Art Piece: Blind

in 3D Printing Design held by alexism
TIME REMAINING: 26 days, 2 hours
The smallest actions, characteristics, attachments, interactions stay with us. People follow us, affecting our consciousness in subtle ways to form each unique part of our being.

Imagine a representation of people leaving traces in your home with finger prints of places they might have touched.

Getting tactical, think of small oval pads for each finger print. Coming up on all sides of the pad would be a splash. They are like fingerprints with energy coming out of them.

Please the attached sketches and inspiration.
–Fingerprint pads for all 10 fingers. The shapes should feel organic, like mini sculptures. They can be similar to each other with modifications – no need to create an entirely different design for each one.
–The fingerprint pads should have stylized fingerprints, rather than real fingerprints, which are lighter and difficult to see. No need to make them as complex a real fingerprint. They can be stylized and less complicated.
–The pad should be the size of a real fingerprint. The splash will be bigger, but not too much bigger (within a few inches around the finger print).

The file format should be an STL or other printable file
–Minimum wall thickness: 1mm
–Minimum details: .5mm

–One file with all 10 fingerprints.
–One file with one finger print to test materials.

steel, transparent resin, or polyamide
Don't Wants:
An angular sculpture – the shapes should feel organic and beautiful.
Ask for Sample:
i'd love to see one of the ten finger pads (if easier, you can create the pad and splash without the actual finger print).


#3 3D Sculpture - Concept 1 by Gregorius Giga
Hi Alexism,
This is the 1st Concept, Please give your feedback and tell me if you need a modification so i know if im in the right direction or not.
Thanks, Giga
Nov 22, 2020 15:35
#2 Finger Splash Print by stphaner
Hidden design
Here is a render of what can be done.
if you enjoy the way it is, please let me know and I will provide you 10 more randomized shapes.
Nov 21, 2020 19:32
#1 Finger Print Sculpt by @ridwan.sept by Ridwan Sept
Finger Print Sculpt by @ridwan.sept
Nov 21, 2020 13:31




Sat, 21 Nov 2020 18:59:38 +0000
Hi @luketmidayo–
There does not need to be a background wall for the file. The mini wall thickness is 1mm and the minimum details should be .5mm. Thanks for your questions.
Sat, 21 Nov 2020 11:17:52 +0000
Should there be a background wall for the file with the 10 fingerprint pads, and also how thick should each pad be?

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