Beer + Earring = Beerring : The Bottle Opener Earring!

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I am looking for some creative masterminds to design an earring with the functionality to open a beer bottle! After a frustrating day on the boat with no bottle opener in sight I realized my earring could possible be used if only for few design changes! I have the trademark for "Beerring" and now just need your awesome design!
1. Earring must be able to remove the cap off a bottle using just the earring and finger force. 2. Earring must be able to be easily removed. Ideally no stud backs (see attachment). Hinge closures are easier to get on and off. Bottle opening hooks can’t get in the way of the earring post. 3. Earring must not deform on usage. Strong but not too heavy metal and sufficient thickness (we can get a few material options cast) 4. Earring must be small in size ( less than 1.5” x 1.5") and simple in design for daily wear. It needs to look like you’re wearing a regular earring..not a bottle opener. 5. I visualize it as a hoop (to apply the load with your finger) but I’m open to all ideas!
Don't Wants:
I don't want a very large (+1.5") earring. Not too elaborate of a design. Simple simple simple! I don't want it to look like a bottle opener. I don't want it to be very hard to pull the bottle cap off! (We will need to print some samples and make changes as needed)
Ask for Sample:
I would like to print some of the designs and experiment with prying open a bottle prior to choosing the best one!
  1. Any! Just need the .stl. I use fusion 360


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#9 Ear Ring with bottle opener by jeya_sundara_krishnan_s
Download Files
#8 Heart Beering by Heavenly_Builder
#7 beer-ring-concept-1 by rajendrras
#6 Concept 2 by rajendrras
#5 bottle opening earring by prajitb
#4 The Bottle Opener Earring by CAD PLUS
#2 The Bottle Opener Earring by ZOUHAIR


Mon, 05 Jul 2021 16:19:43 +0000
I suggest you to make this project blind and prepaid.
Sat, 03 Jul 2021 11:16:02 +0000
Hello JMB103 This is a really good and creative task. I'll definitely enjoy doing this. Let's get started.
Sat, 03 Jul 2021 07:47:17 +0000
Hi, really fun idea. Please confirm whether earrings are for pierced ears?

Design And More


Fri, 02 Jul 2021 21:22:18 +0000
Please make the contest Blind.

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