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Design a pet Waste Disposal system for dogs. By using the design and engineering of a septic tank & leach field system to create a pet Waste Disposal system. The system must be able to liquify solids break down enzymes in bacteria to recycle treated water back into the ground or vegetation etc. The product must contain a lid for waist entry and ventilation. The product design must have a way to clean out sludge buildup in bottom of liquifying portion of the tank. The product can be design for above ground or in-ground application. The engineering of the product should not stand in the way of any design that is appealing and functionable.
The product must have appealing features to the consumer. The size of the product for packaging and shipping and shouldn't cost more than $35 to manufacture
Don't Wants:
I don't want the product to look Industrial.
I don't want the product to leak spill tip over Etc.
I don't want the product to function or look anything like the product called the doggie Dooley.


#24 EinsSeptics by FahmiHusaen
Hidden design
EinsSeptics has been designed by adopting a leach field based on a common septic tank. The tank has 2 sections chamber, the sewage goes into section 1 and then the heavier particles will remain in this section. Water along-with smaller particles will enter section 2 where lighter particles float on water after that it will come out to the ground with pipe.
The lid designed for easy sewage enter, so the sewage not stuck. it also has ventilation around it. The manufacturing cost is $35 or less. The design made from Plastic and Sheet Metal. The lid uses a plastic that can manufacture using plastic molding, it has 2 mm thickness. The material can use ABS, PLA, Etc. It also can be easy to manufacture by 3D printing. I give the STL file that's ready for 3D printing. The leach field uses sheet metal from Alumunium or Mild Steel with 2mm thickness and metal pipe 11/2" for way out. It manufactures using laser cutting, bending and welding process. It doesn't need any high-cost tool so it is easily made. I give the DWG file for laser cutting.
Hope you like it, I'am happy to hear your feedback. Please just let me know.
Dec 20, 2019 13:54
The product system of Pet waste system that can be powers by electric source from solar panel. The Breakdown Enzym system occurs on the middle of octagon and it have 4 section of room/space that can storage water , food, or etc, The border of each section can be replace by multiple position based on the customer decision, it can put on the ground or above a table . OCTALIVE has 28 Octagon Space for planting
The measurement can be custom up to the customers decision
Thank you , all up to the best Decision
Dec 20, 2019 5:58
#22 Pet waste Treatment System by Luthfi Aminulloh
Design Description:
This pet waste treatment system has been designed by adopting the leech filed system in commercial septic tank design, this system has the capability to liquefy the dog pub and treat water back into the ground. The design has a lid for the dog ‘s pub entry and a lid for inspection. Automatic (septic tank) vacuum can be applied easily for cleaning the sludge in the bottom or manual cleaning can be done by directly lifting the first (section) tank and removing the sludge in the bottom tank.
The product designed to be manufactured using a molding machine by using plastic material, because besides its cheaper it also has faster production speed for massive production.
I am happy to hear your feedback to make any changes to the design to suit your needs and manufacturing processes, and I will send the final design file to you. Please just let me know.
Dec 20, 2019 4:09
#21 waste treatment system by MRM1
Hidden design
Dec 20, 2019 1:37
#20 Pet waste treatment system by sherifelsheikh
Dec 19, 2019 20:11
#19 Pet Waste Treatment System by Prashil Raj Shrestha
This Product consists of 3 parts:
1. Mixing chamber and Digest-or
2. Shaft with spiral protrusion for mixing of waste ( for better mixing of slurry)
3. Handle ( can be motor powered too)
To make this product with in $35 or less, the designed is made by sheet metal rolling and welding. The feeder can be pulled open and slurry, water and enzyme can be added. Next to the feeder is the bio gas outlet from which gas can be used for cooking and room heating. The treated matter then can be mixed below the pit and can be used as manure.
The material here used are:
1. Mild Steel
2. Plastic
The design is an underground pet waste treatment system. and the wasted is dumped in the ground.
Dec 19, 2019 18:54
Dec 18, 2019 6:16
#17 Paw Tank by Krithick Naik
Based on Regulated Flow Filtering, the Paw Tank has the ability to filter out and decompose water mixed with Dog Poop to provide water with possibly good Manure.
Place the Green Alluminium Tank in Open Sunlight so that the Tank absorbs heat to destroy all the harmful Parasites within.
Hope you liked it!
Dec 18, 2019 5:38
#16 Pet Waste Treatment Design - First Draft by Eroms
Dec 18, 2019 2:16
Dec 18, 2019 0:30
#14 First Design Attempt by ahmadnazree
Hidden design
Hi Contest Holder, please find the attached design for your review. Thank you very much.
Dec 17, 2019 7:06
#13 Pettie by Rahul7k
The tank has 3 sections, the sewage goes into section 1 and then the heavier particles (sludge) will remain in this section. Water along-with lighter and smaller particles will enter section 2 where lighter particles floats on water. The water from the bottom net will enter section 3 after that it will come out from the tank which can be used for other purposes.
Dec 14, 2019 19:58
#8 Waste Disposal system by Sasa Babic
My idea is to have two chambers first for the animal waste, the second one is for the process water, so it can be sent back into the ground or vegetation. The cleaning is easy because it has a big lead and a smaller one to put animal waste. It has a ventilation pipe.
Dec 8, 2019 18:55
#5 PWTS - J.Johnson by ZM Designs
My design consists of 3 parts
1. Base
2. Lid
3. Basket
The design is designed to be below ground with only the lid exposed. The design, when properly installed is visually appealing as well as functional. The system consists of a basket that is removable for easy cleaning and removal of sludge. The basket has a slit towards the bottom , the slit is positioned low enough so that floating sludge does not exit the basket but high enough so that the potentially harmful unprocessed solid matter does not reach the next chamber before decomposing. In the base behind the basket is a panel with another slit higher than the first. This slit ensured that the water does not just flow out freely causing the water level to drop and dry out leading it to decompose less efficiently. The lid is connected to the base by a one way snap on mechanism and has a no hands opening mechanism which can be operated by using one foot. The product works by filling the basket with water and enzyme/decomposition powder. This solution stays at a constant level due to the design. Animal waste can then be added via the lid and left to decompose. Occasionally water should be added to flush out the decomposed fluid into the final chamber and then out of the bottom into the soil.
I would recommend the product to be manufactured by a form of plastic forming however i would have to consult with you on what methods are available to you. I am happy to make any changes to the design necessary to suit your needs and manufacturing processes. please just let me know.
Dec 7, 2019 17:23
The product system of Pet waste system that can be powers by electric source from solar panel. The Breakdown Enzym system occurs on the middle of octagon and it have 4 section of room/space that can storage water , food, or etc, The border of each section can be replace by multiple position based on the customer decision, it can put on the ground or above a table . OCTALIVE has 28 Octagon Space for planting
The measurement can be custom up to the customers decision
Thank you , all up to the best Decision
Dec 6, 2019 7:05
#2 Pet waste treatment system_Version 2 _Revision 00 by Akash J
This is version 2 of PWT. This design consists of sheet metal bending & welding only. I can improve better aesthetic look than this, Deep forming or other special manufacturing will be required and cost will be more than 35$. If that's ok for you, I will make some other better design with better aesthetic.
Thank you
Dec 4, 2019 19:29
#1 Pet waste treatment system_Version 1 _Revision 00 by Akash J
To make this product at low cost within less time, design is developed based on basic sheet metal rolling, bending & welding. It doesn't need any tool cost and it is easily made.
Material : SS - buffed or MS-Powder coated '
Sheet thickness : 5 mm
This product have to be installed partially or fully below the ground.
Please see this version design, if you ok with this, I will fine tune on each parts & make drawings for it. Also revision can be made if any points to be improved.
Else i will make Version 2 and upload it. Please reply your feedback.
Thank you.
Dec 2, 2019 18:29


Krithick Naik


Wed, 25 Dec 2019 10:21:34 +0000
For all of you who have worked on this project with all your Dedication, dont make the same mistake again.
You have been played with!
Thu, 19 Dec 2019 07:16:24 +0000
The result will be: You were used - for free.

Akash J


Thu, 19 Dec 2019 04:44:30 +0000
One day to go.. let see result
Tue, 10 Dec 2019 05:44:52 +0000
I urge no one to participate in unpaid projects like this. It's not enough that even when the project is prepaid, the buyer only pays for one of the dozens of projects it receives, but some don't even want to pay for it. The role given to designers in this platform is humbling - they compete as prisoners in a concentration camp when their supervisor throws them a piece of bread. Ugly picture ... Let's be aware and not let ourselves be treated like stray dogs.
Thu, 05 Dec 2019 10:39:15 +0000
Please change the project to prepaid and blind for the sake of designer's and their unique designs.
Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:44:51 +0000
I see a number of comments and questions but no feedback from Pet Disposal System. I am therefore reluctant to begin working on this.
Tue, 03 Dec 2019 11:30:04 +0000
Dear Customer, Your project is very much interesting. Please consider following points if possible.
1. Since the manufacturing cost of the product needs to be less than $35, it is really difficult to apply any semi automatic or automatic mechanism for operations.
2. This project needs extensive work from designer's end. But designers are more interested in prepaid and blind projects. This is just to ensure that they get credit for their hard work and are rewarded.

I wish you all the best for this project.
Sat, 30 Nov 2019 08:55:00 +0000
please prepay.

Krithick Naik


Thu, 21 Nov 2019 14:51:04 +0000
Hello,We are genuinely interested in your Project!
I have a few questions:
1)What is the Size of your Final Product you need?
2)Would you use electronics?
3)Can we use Chlorination for decontamination?
4)What Materials do you prefer?
5)Input Volume?
I am willing to Submit a design under the condition that you change the contest to blind and prepaid.



Thu, 21 Nov 2019 08:58:12 +0000
Hello, it is very interesting project, do you need mechanical or manual mechanism to " clean out sludge buildup in bottom of liquifying portion of the tank"
Please change the contest to be prepaid and blind.
Wed, 20 Nov 2019 23:29:39 +0000
Prepaid please

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