Top 100 Sites for Free 3D Models and CAD Block Libraries

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Looking for the best list of all the free CAD files and main 3D models online? Every 3D modeler and CAD service freelancer can find inspiration with a computer and an internet connection. The virtual world is filled with millions of free and paid 3D models and STL files that will work with the most popular CAD software and 3D printers. We’ve gathered a list of 100 best sites for free 3D models containing file types: .blend, .fbx, .dxf, .dae, .abc, .3ds, and more.

Top 100 Sites for Free 3D Models and CAD Block Libraries


Cad Crowd – Free 3D models

Cad Crowd has thousands of free 3D models available for download. Our network of freelance design services uploads their models to download for free. It’s a great place to discover creative product designers or share your own work. You’re able to comment and upvote models that appeal to you, allowing the best to rise to the top. You can also sort the models by category (for example, architecture or product design) and look for specific file types.

Visit: Cad Crowd


Instructables – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 32,450,000

When it comes to 3D models or 3D printable files, Instructables is not the first website that comes to mind. If you take advantage of the “search bar” properly, however, there is a good selection of models you can download for free. Even better, the website always tells you how to build that particular object. In some ways, Instructables opens the door for everybody to start their own projects, not just building or printing 3D objects but every imaginable DIY project. If you encounter some difficulties, don’t forget to go into the community section, where you can find lengthy discussions about various 3D CAD topics.

Visit: Instructables


ArtStation – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 31,490,000

As of now, there aren’t any free 3D models available on ArtStation. It features an option to sort the models based on price, and it does start at $0, but the price only goes as low as $1 at the moment. But the website is more than just a marketplace for assets. There are also tutorials and artists’ portfolios you can access. In fact, the website is developed for 3D artists to showcase their works to potential users (and probably buyers). Assets uploaded by members of the ArtStation community are free to download, but only as an image in the JPG format. Downloading community-uploaded works requires no registration.

Visit: ArtStation


Thingiverse – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 19,160,000

Run by MakerBot, one of the most recognizable names in the 3D printing industry, Thingiverse is backed not only a massive but a knowledgeable community to keep the site updated with new models every day. As it stands, there are more than a million printable objects uploaded. Most models are available for download in STL format, but some models still require some optimizations and editing to make them ready for printing. The community is not just comprised of professionals and experts; Thingiverse encourages everyone to join. If you cannot contribute, you can at least learn more about 3D models from the community.

Visit: Thingiverse


Adobe Stock – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 16,110,000

There aren’t any free 3D models in Adobe Stock. You either have to purchase the model or continue with a paid subscription. If you go with an annual subscription option, however, you will get 1-month free with which there is a maximum ten asset download. The website offers not only 3D models, but also images, videos, and templates in various categories. Its 3D models come with more specific categories, too, including lighting and materials, so you can adjust these elements as needed for your projects. All in all, it is a staggeringly large marketplace especially filled with professionally-developed 3D models.

Visit: Adobe Stock


Unreal Engine – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 13,740,000

Compared to the Unity Asset Store, the number of assets you can use in Unreal Engine is quite small. Most are taken directly from Epic, and only the exceedingly good quality ones are collected. It is more of a marketplace than a free library, but it provides a separate section for the freely downloadable content. All assets can be used for all sorts of projects, both personal and commercial, without any cost as long as the project is built using Unreal Engine. Categories include characters, environments, architectural, visualizations, weapons, textures, 2D assets, and audio files. Browse the learning center to find educational content and video tutorials.

Visit: Unreal Engine


Creative Market – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 11,950,000

With a network of 5.1 million potential customers behind it, Creative Market brings great opportunity for every modeler to start a profitable freelance venture. Although all assets on the website are premium files, a new account (which can be started for free) can access some free downloads and take advantage of good discounts. The free offer includes six free products and a 10% discount. Creative Market has more than 5,900 3D assets from various categories such as architecture, texture, landscape, and animated models. You can also find many useful files for modeling projects including templates, photos, fonts, graphics, and software add-ons.

Visit: Creative Market


Unity Asset Store – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 7,830,000

Another reputable repository of 3D models for game-making is the Unity Asset Store. The growing library of free and premium objects includes everything you need to build a good game. It has 3D objects, textures, animated models, as well as samples of complete projects. There are also useful extensions and tutorials to explore. Since you must put any object into your cart before proceeding to download it, registration is required. However, the website allows you to use Google account credentials. You can look for free models by filtering search results, or go to the bottom of the page and click the “Top Free Assets” button.

Visit: Unity Asset Store


SketchUP 3D Warehouse – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 7,020,000

This site is an online warehouse that acts as a gigantic storage facility where you can download plenty of 3D models. There are more than 2.7 million models available from the website, and all of them are created using SketchUp. All files can be converted to STL format using the tool provided as well. It is easy to find just about everything here from a simple chair and a massive bridge to bottles and dinosaurs. This site is the biggest library of free 3D models all around the world. Once you find something you like, it is almost certain that you will come back for more.

Visit: SketchUP 3D Warehouse


Sketchfab – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 6,000,000

Sketchfab is more like a marketplace for modelers to monetize their works than a library of free files. That being said, the downloadable section has plenty of good-looking 3D models you can use as inspiration to start building your own models. One thing that separates Sketchfab from a lot of other similar websites is the way it supports VR and AR viewing experiences.

Visit: Sketchfab


McMaster – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 5,350,000

This website is run and managed by the McMaster-Carr Company, a private Illinois-based supplier of raw materials, tools, maintenance equipment, supplies, and tools. The company’s main products fall under the electrical, mechanical, utility hardware, and plumbing categories. McMaster is a prime example of how a company can deliver product information with as much detail as possible to help customers choose the right items for their specific needs. Most of the products listed on the website come with detailed specifications and 3D models in various formats that customers can download for further inspection. Products technical drawings are available too.

Visit: McMaster


TurboSquid – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 5,140,000

Developing 3D models is one of the most time-consuming aspects in the design process. According to TurboSquid, their customers save on average 27 hours per model; people choose to get a ready-made model that they can immediately use or develop even further rather than creating the models they need from scratch. Free models are also available, and they are put together in a separate section. You can also sort the files by the software used, for example, Maya, Blender, Cinema4D, and 3DS Max. It is easy to browse the entire selection – both free and paid – and to sort by price.

Visit: TurboSquid


TinkerCAD – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 5,140,000

You are probably aware of the fact that TinkerCAD is an app, but it is also a repository of user-friendly 3D printable files that you can download for free. It is part of Autodesk, so the website is also home to learning resources. You need to register to get full functionality, including downloading the files, but there it’s completely free. Users are welcome to submit their creations so others have the chance to appreciate them by downloading or posting comments.

Visit: TinkerCAD


GrabCAD – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 4,500,000

More than 5 million people are registered GrabCAD members. They share ideas, and of course, 3D models on the website. There are apps for professionals and millions of free models to download. It is not just the collection of CAD files that make the website great; it has separate sections filled with tutorials, discussions, as well as questions and answers. Members are allowed to post design challenges, which are not strictly posting contests. The challenge can be a technical question or mystery that you cannot solve on your own so that everyone in the community can share their opinions.

Visit: GrabCAD


CGTrader – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 4,090,000

New account registration with CGTrader currently comes with a $20 credit that you can use to make a purchase. There are also some free models that you can locate through the sorting option. Registration is required to download the free files – which grants you the free credit – so you will have a $20 credit to spend too. If you are a freelancer, CGTrader has a list of available gigs.

Visit: CGTrader


Free3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 3,180,000

Available models can be used by various programs including Blender, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya, FBX, and OBJ. There are also animated, rigged, and low poly models. Among those files, the website provides more than 4,000 printable models ready to download. Free and premium files are nicely separated, allowing you to browse and move easily between the two options. Another plus is that you don’t have to register to download the free files. You can also use the website to share and sell your work without an account opening or product listing fee. Free3D has more than 13,000 free and over 59,000 of premium models.

Visit: Free3D


3dsky– Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,470,000

To download free 3D models on the website, you must upload at least one model first. To gain access to pro models (better quality works) you need to upload 15 models, with the majority of them meeting the website’s requirements for “pro level” quality. While it says there are free assets to download, the strict limitations encourage users to contribute to its database.Users who upload more models can earn a higher percentage of every sale. The maximum any user can earn is 70% of a model’s sales price. Registration is required.

Visit: 3dsky


Textures – Mostly paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,350,000

Formerly known as CGTextures, Textures provides tons of 3D scanned objects and textures. Download requires registration, and the files are all premium. You can buy credits from the website and then use those credits (or credit packs) to buy 3D assets. There are also subscription options ranging from 3-month to 1-year periods. Subscription is a good idea if you intend to purchase a lot of files. Credit packs are valid for up to three years, so there is no need to rush to spend them all. Textures also offer Pixel Peeper, a utility for Windows, free of charge.

Visit: Textures


Pond5 – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,290,000

Starting as a marketplace for video and footage makers in 2006, Pond5 underwent a massive change as it expanded its business offerings to include music, vector illustrations, sound effects, images, after effect templates, and 3D models. The radical shift also came with a major overhaul of the website itself. Although Pond5 is not a website specific to 3D models, you can still find a reasonably large collection of assets on the website. Most are paid. The free ones are probably not of the best quality, but they are there.

Visit: Pond5


Yeggi – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,260,000

The homepage may look like a repository of 3D printable models, although in practice it is a search engine. Think of it as Google, developed for the sole purpose of helping you find specific 3D models using certain keywords. It has more than 1.6 million assets, both free and paid, from just about every category imaginable. Clicking a model redirects you to the actual website that hosts the file. You can sort search results based on price, popularity, and date updated/uploaded. It is an easy way to look for printable files, although the website does not seem to put quality above quantity.

Visit: Yeggi


Daz3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,100,000

Specializing in rigged 3D human models, Daz3D has more than 30,000 free and paid assets. In the shop section of the website, you can go directly to the “Weekly Freebies” category to take a look at the current no-cost content available for download. Daz3D is actually a software company. In 2012, it changed its business model from selling software to focusing more on selling the 3D assets. As for the software itself, the company is giving it away for free. Resources and add-ons are sold separately. You have to pay to get the best quality assets, but the weekly freebies are not that bad either.

Visit: Daz3d


Renderosity – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,070,000

In the “Free Stuff’ page on Renderosity, you can download a massive number of 2D assets including textures and materials. However, this is mainly a marketplace – a huge one for that matter – where you can purchase the works of 2D and 3D artists all around the world. The website has more than 800,000 existing members, so it appears to be a good place to sell your assets and make money. In addition to the downloadable assets, Renderosity also offers tutorials, software, audio, and deals for members.

Visit: Renderosity


Smithsonian Digitization – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,012,800

The team who handles 3D digitization for Smithsonian Museums claim that even if they work 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, it will take them 300 years to turn all the collected artifacts into digital files. So, the people on the team have a lot of work ahead of them. In the meantime, you can download the readily available 3D models for free. All the assets are 3D-scanned. What you get is a true representation of actual physical objects instead of digitally-recreated files. No registration is required, and you can watch video tours of the files before downloading any of them.

Visit: Smithsonian Digitization


MyMiniFactory – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,990,000

The site has more than 55,000 3D printable objects submitted by over 12,000 individuals from all around the world. Perhaps you can even say that MyMiniFactory is a bigger, more established, version of YouMagine. Unlike YouMagine, which promotes open-source creations only, MyMiniFactory has both free and paid objects. There are common categories like gadgets, toys, sports, home, garden, electronics, jewelry, and outdoors. Two of the most interesting categories are Mini World and Scan the World, where you can find models and miniatures of iconic figures and buildings. Another great thing is that all the files available from MyMiniFactory are “guaranteed printable.”

Visit: MyMiniFactor


Archive3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,310,000

Among all websites mentioned on the list so far, Archive3D has the simplest yet most straightforward interface. Nothing distracts your attention from browsing the models. All files are put together under their own categories, and there are multiple pages to scroll through for each category. All files are 3D models of common everyday items such as clothing, chairs, tables, lamps, smartphones, faucets, and so much more, and all the files are available for free. There are thousands of images that are available in various file formats.

Visit: Archive3D


Mixamo – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,280,000

Mixamo used to sell their models for reasonable prices (at around $15 per animation), but now they are completely free. Although there are only several dozen 3D characters, you can get at least 1,000 animations at no cost for your games. You are allowed to submit characters (your own and those downloaded from other sites) here and apply animations to them using the available tool. This flexibility is one of the best elements of this site.

Visit: Mixamo


BiblioCAD – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,190,000

You need to sign-up with BiblioCAD to download any file from the website, but it has a good collection of assets attached with enlarged tile preview. Some are free; others are premium. By signing up for a free account, you are allowed to download a maximum of 20 free files per day. A premium account gives 180 more files including the free and premium ones. The premium account uses subscription-based models starting from a 1-month subscription to a 36-month subscription. BiblioCAD also has a long list of video tutorials on 3D modeling using various programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Photoshop. You can sort the tutorials by difficulty level or software type.

Visit: BiblioCAD


Sweet Home 3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,180,000

Focusing on interior design applications, models available from Sweet Home 3D are freely downloadable. Most models are generally low-poly, so there are not many details. But they are designed for best performance. You can download them in OBJ + MTL format, or import them directly in Sweet Home 3D software. As long as you respect the license and implement proper attribution, you are free to use, modify, and even redistribute any 3D model downloaded from the website. You have the option to download a collection of models in a compressed format or individually. Several samples of ready-to-use interior designs are provided too.

Visit: Sweet Home 3D


OpenGameArt – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,140,000

Not only does OpenGameArt offer free 3D assets for game developers, but it also gives a lot of other valuable resources such as 2D art, sound effects, music, textures, documents, and concept art at no cost. The website exists so that open-source game developers have easier experiences finding inspiration and creating the kind of games that everybody can enjoy without spending too much money. Any art submitted to the site can be used for free, but remember to adhere to the licenses. Some artists would like to be credited, as they should, for every context in which their works are used. The only negative aspect is that the collection is not curated, so finding high-quality assets will take some diligence.

Visit: OpenGameArt


BIMobject – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,070,000

Not only does it have a large collection of free 3D models, but it also features a reasonable amount of 2D models too. The 3D models posted on the site are available in various file formats, including Allplan, 3DS, and Revit. BIMobject also offers some apps that will work with popular design software such as Vectorworks, ARCHICAD, SketchUp, Revit, and of course, AutoCAD. All the apps are available for free, and they integrate with the website’s cloud storage service so you can browse directly from your program without switching windows. With more than 28 million models to explore, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Visit: BIMobject


Evermotion – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,040,000

The most valuable free 3d model assets in Evermotion are textures which include trees, bricks, concrete, stones, marbles, metal surfaces, textiles, wood, and ceramic tiles. There are 3D assets too, but the free options are limited in both number and category. You can still find several hundred free models although most (if not all) of them are in architecture, or more specifically, interior design. If you expect to see a repository of free assets, the website will fail to impress, but if you see it as an inspirational gallery, you are in for a treat.

Visit: Evermotion


Cults.3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,030,000

It is a community, a collection, and a marketplace for 3D models all in one place. It even organizes design and 3D model competitions and takes requests to build models. You can download a fully-detailed 3D model of a castle for free. The overall quality is comparable to a premium iPhone Max case. Cults.3D even informs you about the latest deals in the 3D printer market, in case you are looking for more filaments, software, scanners, or 3D printers.

Visit: Cults.3D


3DExport – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,020,000

The site has four major categories: 3D Models, 3D Print Models, Low-poly Models, and 3D Tutorials. Each category is further divided into premium and free sections. The collection of free files includes approximately 4,500 assets, while the 3D print models are much lower at just around 350 files. 3DExport offers customized modeling and 3D printable objects, so it does appear that the website keeps in touch with modelers and customers. You can also find some tutorials on 3D model creation and game development here. There is a strong social environment on 3DExport, and that is always a good thing.

Visit: 3DExport


Cubebrush – Mostly paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 1,010,000

The 3D models on Cubebrush are mostly paid although there are free resources available at times. At the time of writing, the site has a “Free Weekly Art Resources for Download” promotion, but it is not clear if the option will continue to exist. However, Cubebrush says that signing-up will grant you access to more free resources every week. Apart from 3D assets, the website also has print models, game-ready models, 2D game assets, materials, stock photos, tutorials, as well as tools and applications. Currently, there are more than 38,500 products and over 195,000 members.In case you are interested in opening a store , Cubebrush is a good place to start.

Visit: Cubebrush


Reallusion – Free, trial download, and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 889,160

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is 2D and 3D software and content developer which also provides a place for the general public to join its massive online community and forum. Some assets in its marketplace are created by “featured developers” while others are uploaded by community members. It has a page called Content Store and another called Content Marketplace. The former is filled with 2D and 3D assets, while the latter also contains software and plug-ins. Freebies are also available, but please read the license before you download because some items are only on a trial basis or they require a special license before you can export them to other formats. The license is not free.

Visit: Reallusion


SketchUp Texture Club – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 880,260

Despite the name, this website offers more than 3D textures for you to download for free. You can download various packs of 3D assets. For example, people, vegetation, backgrounds, and cut out objects. The list of categories include accessories, office furniture, outdoor furniture, bathroom furniture, and kitchen furniture to name a few. Some files are only for club members, but you can still download plenty of assets as long you are a registered user. Every 3D model comes with a short description, designer information, and the rendering software used. For the textures, a free account is only allowed to download up to 5 files (small to medium sized). It does not appear that the same limitation applies to the 3D models.

Visit: SketchUp Texture Club


Poliigon – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 810,350

When your project involves architecture designs or games, 3D textures are indispensable to make sure that the end result is as realistic as possible. A large portion of the assets available from Poliigon are not free, but it has about 60 textures to download at no cost. Fortunately, even the free textures are good quality. You can also browse the art gallery to see some works that include textures from the website. Registration is required before you can download anything, but it is a relatively quick and painless process. The list of categories is pretty long, including but not limited to bricks, wood, tiles, plaster, rust, Sky HDR, and stone.

Visit: Poliigon


RevitCity – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 793,260

Similar to many other 3D asset repositories on this list, the contents in RevitCity are user-generated. The amount of files compatible with Revit is overwhelming, and you have the opportunity to appreciate the works of others by commenting and starting a conversation with the authors. The layout, however, is a little bit outdated by today’s standards; it looks like a full-blown forum instead of a library. Navigating the website can be awkward at first, but it does not take long to get a grasp of how everything works. You must register to be able to get the download link for any asset.

Visit: RevitCity


Pinshape – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 776,910

Users can view, edit, and download free STL files from Pinshape. You can even edit the file directly on the website. The community is comprised of more than 70,000 designers and manufacturers. All files are carefully curated to include only the most presentable models in all categories. In addition to the free files, Pinshape also offers premium models. It has thumbnail previews, and each file comes with clear information to tell you whether it is free or not. Downloading free files does not even require you to register. Learners can take advantage of other sections of the website including the Guides, Forum, and Contests to hone their skills.

Visit: Pinshape


CadNav – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 742,140

Every model is available for free. In addition to 3D models, it also has a long list of categories filled with textures and Vray materials. The game development category features many good-looking characters, objects, and even buildings, as if they are taken straight out of popular online games. Some models are quite rough in the sense that they need a lot of improvements, but all in all, CadNav is an excellent resource for zero cost 3D models that you can utilize for your projects.

Visit: CadNav


3DOcean – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 708,900

There are nearly 60,000 printable models and CG textures in this website from various categories including base meshes, animals, clothes, and materials. 3DOcean offers some plug-ins for 3D CAD software too. It does not have any free assets, but you can use the “Collections” option to save and share the assets or images you like. 3DOcean is part of the Envato Market, with a strong base of more than 35,000 designers and developers on its back. One of the best things is that you can read reviews of other buyers and take a look at the author’s portfolio before making a purchase. You also have access to free tutorials and an opportunity to join the Envato community.

Visit: 3DOcean


Blender Market – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 690,680

Designed to provide a marketplace for fans of open-source Blender software, the website has become a portal for creative modelers and designers to showcase and monetize their works. There are no free 3D models here, but many are affordable starting from $0.99. One of the most expensive packs sells for about $890, but it contains more than 1,000 individual files. The list of categories is pretty long, too, including tools, anatomy, weapons, sci-fi, creatures, electronics, and more. Products are not limited to 3D assets only, because you can find great resources such as for render setups, game engine utilities, and video tutorials.

Visit: Blender Market


Blend Swap – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 649,700

A free option in Blend Swap is provided, but it still requires registration. A free account gives you access to an unlimited number of downloads for 24 hours. Assuming you have a reliable Internet connection, you may be able to download thousands of assets within that time. An associate membership removes the time limitation and gives more benefits, for a price. In the past, Blend Swap had to deal with some harsh criticisms due to low-quality assets. Now it implements stricter submission application requirements to make sure it does not happen again. With higher quality standards, it is a reliable library to find great models.

Visit: Blend Swap

3DOcean – Paid 3D models


Average Monthly Traffic: 631,760

This site is a serious marketplace for design professionals filled with a large collection of 3D models, website templates, videos, graphics, audio clips, photos, and even plug-ins and codes. While you are looking for the right models, take the time to join the global community of designers and learn a lot from the free tutorials. There are more than 59,000 CG textures and 3D print models from various categories. Sorting options include price, date, popularity, rating, and file formats. Besides individual categories such as, the website has plenty of theme packages from which you receive multiple files with a single purchase.

Visit: 3DOcean


Highend3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 619,460

With almost 70,000 models available for download, including both free and premium assets, Highend3D is certainly worth visiting. This site is home to around 650,000 artists specializing in Maya and 3DS Max. Every file has a small tile preview, although you have to click anyway to take a better look at it. On top of being a marketplace for those modelers, it is also a repository of tutorials that all beginners can appreciate. You can join the forum to get in touch with talented artists and ask for suggestions from the more experienced members. You are required to register with the website before you can download anything.

Visit: Highend3D


TraceParts – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 619,110

For 3D artists specializing in mechanical engineering design, there are very few online resources that can do a better job at providing free assets than TraceParts does. It has a huge collection of 3D models and drawings of multiple categories including but not limited to hydraulics, mechanical components, heat transmission, pneumatics, building & constructions, and electrical. TraceParts offers more than 100 million 3D assets to download at no cost. Each asset even comes with a technical datasheet. Business clients can use the platform to collaborate with designers in creating specific parts as well.

Visit: TraceParts


STLFinder – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 587,834

First things first, STLFinder is not a library of 3D assets where creators can upload their designs directly to the website. It is a search engine that crawls and indexes only 3D models from the entire web. The user interface cannot get any more straightforward than this; the homepage gives you a box to enter a search query and some popular terms underneath it. You can tell STLFinder to find only free models, only paid models, or both, and currently, those are the only sorting options available. The price depends on the source website. Creating a bookmark for future reference is allowed, but you have to create an account first.

Visit: STLFinder


Hum3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 530,680

For a website that claims to have the biggest collection of 3D models of cars, weapons, electronics, and objects, it certainly has a lot of live up to. Taking a glance at the list of categories, fortunately, Hum3D does appear to offer a massive library to explore. In addition to vehicles and military objects, there are also food and architecture sections filled with hundreds of objects you can purchase. A collection of free models is available in separate sections, and you are allowed to add your own models to the already long list of files. It is a good place to look for a base model that you can improve for various projects.

Visit: Hum3d


3D Content Central – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 512,030

In the event you are looking specifically for electronic and mechanical components, 3D Content Central should serve you well. You can also find 2D blocks, 3D parts, and assemblies or macros for SolidWorks. The files are saved in multiple formats compatible with various programs such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor Series, Solid Edge, and more. Some parts are user-contributed while others are actually supplier-certified. Categories include bearing, knobs, handle, hydraulics, bolts, brackets, gears, and cylinders. The website layout is a bit outdated, and you have to register to download. If you need specialized parts, the 3D Content Central has a “Request” option that you can send to general users or suppliers. Everything is free.

Visit: 3D Content Central


Share CG – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 475,140

This site is both a marketplace for paid 3D assets and a repository for free files. Share CG is powered by its members because they are allowed to upload their creations. They can choose to either share for free or to put the 3D models up for sale. Currently, there are more than 10,000 2D and 3D assets, and over 16,000 graphic arts. You can also find a healthy amount of downloadable textures, photography, materials, scripts, software, plug-ins, audio, and materials for your projects. Sorting options for the 3D assets includes categories, usage rights, format, and price (share or sale). You must register to download any file.

Visit: Share CG


CAD Blocks Free – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 385,380

The website has a pretty impressive collection of free 3D and 2D assets. You don’t need to register to download, and the search functionality is quite good. CAD Blocks Free allows users to upload their models and put prices on them, so the website is also a marketplace. This situation means some models are not actually free, despite the website’s name. Its “Manufacturer CAD Models” is interesting, since all the models in this section are created by companies and available at no cost. To look for free assets, you can either go directly to the free section or browse the store then sort by price to include models priced at £0.00.

Visit: CAD Blocks Free


Part Community – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 375,390

This is another 3D model catalog sourced from a large number of suppliers of mechanical parts. There are millions of both three-dimensional and two-dimensional product drawings for download in various formats compatible with Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA, Solid Edge, NX, Creo, etc. The “supplier catalogs” section of the website is similar to Autodesk Part Community but not exactly the same, as there are some different names on the list. Another section called “3D Model Sharing & 3D Printing” is filled with assets uploaded by users.

Visit: Part Community


YouMagine – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 367,740

As a website that boasts about itself as a place for a community of 3D printing enthusiasts, YouMagine does what it promises to do. The interface is user-friendly, refreshing, and attractive enough to keep you browsing for hours every day. It has more than 14,000 designs ready to print, and all are open-source files.

You can download and print them right away without a lot of hassle. YouMagine focuses on providing a medium for everyone to post their open-source creations and help each other to improve their skills. Some of the registered members are perhaps professionals, but there is no specific requirement for anybody from any educational background to join. All in all, it is a good website not only to look for 3D models but also expand your network.

Visit: YouMagine


Arcat – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 361,670

Designed specifically for architectural designers and modelers, Arcat claims to have the most extensive free building product specifications to date. Its CAD library offers more than 7,000 details in DWG format (among others), while the BIM library also has thousands of objects data and systems available in multiple formats. Arcat even provides a wide variety of free tools including the SpecWizard to automatically configure building specifications into a CSI 3-part format.

Visit: Arcat


Enscape – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 361,670

You don’t get to download individual free 3D assets from Enscape, but complete sample projects with plenty of files included. The available samples are: a big mansion along with furniture pieces (there is also a preview video); a collection of RPC objects compatible with Enscape; a selection of most frequently used IES lighting; common Revit materials (with their Enscape alternatives); a dozen of HDRI skyboxes; and SketchUp materials. In case you don’t have Revit or Enscape installed, you can use the standalone export available for free from the website as well. Downloading the free samples requires no registration. It also has visualization gallery to showcase how good Enscape 3D is.

Visit: Enscape

Clara.io_ – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 360,560

Offering more than 140,000 free downloadable 3D models in various formats, compiles the resources (assets, tools, materials, lighting setups, etc.) that you need to start creating and sharing. The assets available from should be compatible with popular software including Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, SketchUp, and Unity 3D.

The list of categories is pretty comprehensive and includes people and vehicles. is the brainchild of an experienced team at Exocortex, a suite of products used by professionals to create films. The website boasts its assets are “made by professionals for professionals.” In addition to 3D assets, you can also download powerful modeling and rendering tools from this same site.



PixelSquid – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 317,550

If you think there is a similarity between TurboSquid and PixelSquid, you’re right. While the contents of the two are different, both are developed by the same team. Unlike most other websites that offer 3D assets, PixelSquid uses 3D models and transforms them into the PNG format with perfect transparency, allowing you to use those files directly on Adobe Photoshop. The website also claims that the PNG images are really created from photo-realistic 3D objects. You may not be able to modify the downloaded assets, but everything is ready to use. Layered PSDs are available as well. Currently, there are more than 60 free assets. Subscribers have access to the entire catalog and royalty-free license.

Visit: PixelSquid


3D CAD Browser – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 289,780

There is a pretty impressive collection of free and paid 3D models on the website. A lot of them are saved in multiple formats too, such as OBJ, MAX, STL, WRL, LWO, DXF, and more. Categories include Vehicles, Aircraft, Watercraft, Architecture, People, Electronics, Furniture, Industrial, Nature, and Weapons. 3D CAD Browser allows you to use all downloadable objects for all sorts of projects, both personal and commercial, but you cannot re-sell or provide them for free to others.

Visit: 3D CAD Browser


Blend Swap – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 288,700

It is a simple platform to share, exchange, upload, and download 3D models created using Blender. All assets are available for free; the only limitation is the number of downloads allowed per day. You can remove the limitation by subscribing to the website. At the time of writing, the subscription costs just ten dollars per month. Blend Swap also accepts donation with no minimum amount, which gives you a “Friend” badge and two more downloads. The website offers 22,000+ assets.

Visit: Blend Swap


CAD Blocks – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 274,340

With any 3D assets repository website, you want a combination of good collection and user-friendly interface. The CAD Blocks website gives you the right combination of those elements. Launched in the summer of 2016, the website is relatively new, but its rather old-fashioned black & white theme delivers a satisfying appearance and performance at the same time as if the website has been around for many years. Some 3D assets are free, and others are paid. Every download is clearly labeled, so you know whether you can get it without a dime or need to pay for it. The preview gives different perspectives of the object: top, side, front, and back.

Visit: CAD Blocks


CGAXIS – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 247,270

An easy method to search for free models in CGAXIS is to browse the assets and sort by price to include only the $0 options. The website has a section titled “FREE,” but it does not give you a list of the available downloads. The section only acts as a reminder that you can get full access by paid subscription. There is a small collection of individual 3D assets (only nine as a matter of fact), but eight packages are also made freely downloadable. Since each package contains multiple assets, you can get a lot of 3D assets from all of them. You don’t need to register to download the freebies.



Autodesk Online Gallery – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 246,850

Part of Autodesk, you can expect an overwhelming collection of high-quality 3D objects on the website. Although all registered members are encouraged to upload their creations, it is safe to assume that Autodesk has stricter requirements for quality. That being said, there are more than 44,000 models ready to download and use. Categories include Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Civil Infrastructure, Media & Entertainment, Product Design & Manufacturing, and Other Industries. It also has a great thumbnail layout. Sign-up is required.

Visit: Autodesk Online Gallery


Google Poly – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 246,720

If Remix 3D is Microsoft’s asset library, then Poly is Google’s collection. Both have a library of free 3D objects meant to be used for AR and VR applications. While the assets are free, make sure you read the license before downloading because you may be required to credit the author. Most models in Google Poly – as the name suggests – are low-poly and flat rather than textured. You can remix the 3D objects using the Google Blocks application or Tilt Brush if you want. The files can be viewed on Daydream View or Google Cardboard. Using the downloadable objects, you are allowed to create animated GIFs directly on the website.

Visit: Google Poly


3dMdb – Free and paid 3D assets

Average Monthly Traffic: 234,000

Also known as a 3D model database, the website contains nearly 4.5 million 3D assets both free and paid. Bear in mind that 3dMdb is not a repository, but only a search engine that links to several dozens of 3D model shops and libraries. Some are suitable for printing, while others are intended for graphic design purposes or further editing on CAD software. Most are easily imported to various file formats compatible with popular programs such as Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, Sketchup, and more. Of all the 3D assets indexed, more than 1.9 million of them are available free of charge. 3D assets are not categorized by type, but you can sort them based on popularity, update time, relevancy to search query, price, and the actual websites from which the models are sourced.

Visit: 3dMdb


DWG Models – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 231,900

The website may not be the easiest to navigate or most eye-catching, but it’s very accessible. The categories are well laid-out on the left-hand side of the page, and those with sub categories are marked. Both free and premium blocks are placed on separate pages too, so it should be easy to find the file for which you are looking. There is a direct payment method for every purchase, which means you don’t even need to register to buy anything. If you are going to be a frequent visitor, you might as well register anyway because registered users can view every file more easily.

Visit: DWG Models


CADdetails – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 231,390

CADdetails gives more detailed and specific information about the 3D models available. Every model is also clearly associated with the modeler or company. Most (if not all) of them are professionals in architectural products, meaning you can find a lot of high-quality BIM files, CAD drawings, and 3D models. With more than 61,000 downloadable models, for both commercial and residential projects, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the available options. Let us not forget that all contents can be downloaded free of charge. Registration is required.

Visit: CADdetails


Gambody – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 200,270

It is another premium 3D printing marketplace with no free offerings at all. Not only are you allowed to purchase STL files from the website, but you can also upload and sell your creations here. Gambody sets itself apart from many competitors in the market by focusing heavily on game-inspired models including characters, vehicles, and weapons. Being very specific while maintaining good quality comes at a price the website has to pay: a limited number of offerings. Currently, there are 386 items on Gambody, making it one of the smallest in terms of quantity. As you move up to the more expensive STL files, however, you will find models with mind-blowing attention to details.

Visit: Gambody


Archibase Planet – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 198,710

The free stuff on this website includes 3D models, manuals, documentation, HQ textures, and more. It is also a place where designers and modelers can build a portfolio by showcasing some of their works on the website. Visitors can look for designers based on specialties, locations, languages, and even town/city. If you are a designer or modeler yourself, Archibase Planet keeps a long list of email addresses for professionals (with their specialties also on the list), so you can get in touch with any of them easily. The database consists of more than 171,000 architects and designers from all around the world.

Visit: Archibase Planet


CG Studio – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 198,670

With slightly less than 28,000 assets to download, CG Studio is not the biggest 3D models repository on the web, but it makes up for the lack of quantity with quality. The website claims that all assets offered are created by professional 3D artists, which appears to be true indeed. Some models are available for free ($0) and the most expensive ones can be in the range of several thousands of dollars if not more. Of course opting for the higher-priced assets should give you better works. Models are saved in multiple popular formats including obj, 3ds, lxo, lwo, blend, unity, and more.

Visit: CG Studio


Design Connected – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 198,140

There are more than enough free 3D assets to download from Design Connected, and they are put together in a separate section from the main marketplace. All models are related to the architecture field including interior design and visualization. The overall layout of the website is clean, bright, and easy to navigate. Keep in mind that some of the free models were added years ago, so they may not all adhere to the current standards (for example, compatibility with more recent programs). For eligible students, Design Connected offers a 50% discount off the price of all 3D models purchased. Registration is required for download.

Visit: Design Connected


CAD-Blocks – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 196,460

You are welcome to download thousands of DWG files from CAD-Blocks for free. All the assets are compatible with many popular CAD programs including AutoCAD. The files are grouped so that you will get multiple assets from a single download. No registration is necessary, but you can only use the downloaded assets for personal use. A lot of the 3D models on CAD-Blocks are relatively simple in appearance with few colors (if any) and non-animated. There is no assurance that the models will always work as intended in your software, but everything is free, so it is worth visiting.

Visit: CAD-Blocks


All3DFree – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 191,740

While the layout may look a little bit outdated, the quality and amount of the 3D models available in All3DFree is quite impressive. The dark-colored interface is good because you can see every preview with better clarity and stronger contrast. The collection of 3D characters is limited in number, yet the quality is good in general; the site is not the greatest, but it is acceptable at the very least. If you explore deeper into the website, you will also find a reasonable assortment of 3D textures and AutoCAD blocks. The list of categories is quite impressive.

Visit: All3DFree


Artec3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 190,200

One thing that separates Artec3D from the vast majority of 3D model repositories is how it creates the objects listed in the website. Instead of creating the objects from scratch, Artec3D uses scanned-objects. It hosts only a small number of objects divided into four categories including Industrial, Healthcare, Art & Design, and Science. You can download the objects in various formats such as OBJ, PLY, STL, and WRL. The website itself is mainly an online store that sells 3D scanners and software. The objects are meant to showcase what the scanners can do, and you are granted the opportunity to inspect the results more carefully by downloading them.

Visit: Artec3D


Modlar – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 183,900

Manufacturers create the architectural 3D models in Modlar, so the quality is at the professional level. Despite that fact, everything is free, although you must register to download. You may register using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or an email address. One of the best things about Modlar is the way it allows you to save models for download later. Some files are not saved in all file formats, so read the description carefully before downloading. Assuming the 3D asset you want is not compatible with your program, there is a good chance you can find some great alternatives on the website.

Visit: Modlar


Kenney – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 177,400

Created by a Dutch game developer who goes by the name Kenney, the website is filled with numerous gaming assets—including 2D and 3D—that anybody can download for free. Another great thing is that the models come with Creative Commons (CC0 1.0 Universal) license, meaning you can use them in any project including commercial ones without asking permission. Or you can purchase an assortment of models for a small fee. Downloading is only free if you choose the models one package at a time, which isn’t too bad at all since the quality is more than acceptable. One of the paid bundles includes 20,000 game sprites and characters for a little less than 10 dollars.

Visit: Kenney


Craftsmanspace – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 165,620

Unlike most 3D asset galleries which often claim to collect and share the works of professionals, this website is proud to be part of the DIY community. One of the first things you notice on the homepage is how rudimentary the design is, but the layout works as every section is stated clearly. Free stuff includes metalworking and woodworking plans, 3D models, patterns, technical books, and software. The quantity is not the biggest, but just enough to get every DIYer started.

Visit: Craftsmanspace


First in Architecture – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 165,080

A reasonably large library of CAD blocks is available on First in Architecture; some are free, and others are not. This website has a little bit of everything. In addition to downloadable files, there are useful tools, tips, tutorials, and even a comprehensive guide on how to improve your chances of becoming a professional 3D modeler. The CAD blocks mostly fall under the architecture category including construction, interior, furniture, and landscaping. Other categories are people, trees, vehicles, accessibility, and miscellaneous, but nothing is far removed from the architectural world. Some files are also available in PSD format, so everyone can make use of the files for various purposes.

Visit: First in Architecture


Renderpeople – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 158,460

In case your project involves a lot of 3D rendering of people, the website gives you a nice collection of human characters or objects you may want to use. Since most of the assets are paid, Renderpeople encourages users to give a test run using the free samples. Looking at the samples, the quality is more than respectable even for commercial projects. The website hosts more than 2,200 premium 3D people compatible with recognizable software including 3DS Max, SketchUp, Cinema 4D, Blender, Rhino, Photoshop, etc. It is worth mentioning that downloading the free samples requires no registration, and you can use the files for any project, even commercial ones.

Visit: Renderpeople


Polantis – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 157,880

This website is another professional-looking space that focuses on architectural 3D assets. Polantis has thousands of free 3D models all related to architectural design, for example, furniture pieces, fences, kitchen, bathroom, partition, plumbing, lamps, floor, masonry, frame, and more. All files are available in various file formats such as CAD and BIM. Most assets on the website are free and created by manufacturers, giving some level of assurance of quality. Some unbranded generic objects are listed under the Premium category. There is no subscription; you need to pay anytime you make a purchase. The lowest amount possible is 10 Euro for five objects, and the highest is 100 Euro for 65 objects.

Visit: Polantis


3dtotalShop – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 151,720

Part of, the website was developed with the simple purpose of providing tutorials and reading materials to modelers. Now it has grown into a massive repository of eBooks, galleries, and informative interviews too. The 3D models in the site are paid, but textures and high-resolution images are free. To find the free contents, look for the link to the textures gallery at the bottom left of the page. You should see various categories including Animals, Architectural, Clothing, Device, Environment, Food, and Household. Registration is not required to download the free assets.

Visit: 3dtotalShop


3D Textures – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 135,020

Once you get to the website, you’ll be greeted with a lot of different textures that only encourage you to keep on scrolling . The 3D models are actually on a different website but linked directly into that category on the homepage. All assets, textures and 3D models are available for free. For the textures, patrons have the options to download a 4K resolution uncompressed PNG version and some additional files for tweaking. The owner of the website also takes requests; if you are impressed with the quality of the free assets available, you may want to order some more personalized objects too.

Visit: 3D Textures


3DModelFree – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 122,260

It is easy to recommend 3DModelFree to anyone who is currently looking for 3D models, AutoCAD blocks, and 3D textures. All models on the website are user uploads. Here is the catch: all models are not supposed to be redistributed for commercial purposes. Assuming they are, you are fully responsible for possible legal consequences. Everything is free and available in common formats such as 3DS, OBNJ, B3D, SKP, STL, and X. The website is easy to navigate, with a long list of categories on the left side of the page. Each file also comes with a preview.

Visit: 3DModelFree


Zortrax Library – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 117,500

The previous version of Zortrax Library was integrated into the Z-suite software, meaning only those who have Zortrax printers could access the available files. Since the company has split the software and library, now everyone can browse the models online. The categories are quite comprehensive including architecture, art and design, automotive, aviation, education, engineering, fashion and accessories, games and cosplay, household objects, medicine, robotics, and Zortrax parts. Registration is required, yet downloads are free. Most of the files are optimized for the ABS filament. If you have not used materials for 3D printing before, Zortrax Library is a good place to look for great projects.

Visit: Zortrax Library


Free PBR – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 113,180

There are more than 120 free PBR textures available from the website. All are royalty-free, and you are allowed to use them in any type of project; personal or commercial. Everything is a 2K texture map and is compatible with Unreal Engine, Blender, Unity, and other popular software.The categories include floors, wood, synthetic, rocks, cloth and fabric, and architecture. Each category indicates the number of textures inside. Registration is not necessary to download the assets. The paid option is voluntary. It gives you access to 16 PBR (4K).

Visit: Free PBR


Texturemate – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 111,500

All textures and patterns on the website are free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial applications. Texturemate also offers Photoshop brush packs that you can download at no cost. While they are free, you should not redistribute any of the files “as is” for commercial purposes. All textures can be used in popular 3D modeling programs including but not limited to Blender, 3DS Max, and SolidWorks. Scroll through the pages or select from the categories (and sub-categories) on the left-hand side of the page. Download as many as you need and you don’t have to register.

Visit: Texturemate


Car Body Design – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 104,970

If your interest in 3D design leans heavily on the automotive world, Car Body Design is the repository you want to visit often. It even claims to be the most comprehensive library of automotive design sketches on the entire web. Note the use of the term “sketches” above because the website does give you free access to a massive gallery of car design sketches drawn by professionals and students alike. Sketches are spread across three different pages including Featured Sketches, SketchBoard, and Image Library. Make sure to take a look at them all in case you need a large dose of inspiration. 3D models are also available; all assets come with links to the original source.

Visit: Car Body Design


Remix 3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 104,260

Compared to most of the other repositories of free 3D models, Remix 3D is relatively new and was launched just about two years ago. This site is a Microsoft project, and it is always good to know that there is a big name behind the creation of a website. According to Wikipedia, Remix 3D has a library filled with thousands of free 3D objects mainly intended to be used for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. It is part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and the service is integrated with Paint 3D, SketchUp, View 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and even Minecraft and PowerPoint software.

Visit: Remix 3D


Vizpeople – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 98,580

Click the “Free Stuff” section and download high-quality, albeit limited in quantity, 3D models from various categories including people, animals, vehicles, trees, gadgets, and furniture. There is also a collection of free royalty music you can use for all sorts of purposes. Vizpeople has a somewhat minimalistic yet professional layout.Everything is placed neatly under tabs and sections, making the website pretty self-explanatory. Premium assets are displayed in an attractive design with good tile previews and categorization. You don’t need to register with the website to download the free assets.

Visit: Vizpeople


Visual Wander Art Club – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 89,140

It is not a marketplace, but an online space where freelancers can showcase their works and hone their skills thanks to its informative contents, contests, tutorials, discussion forums, and a collection of inspirational projects. While the website does not sell any 3D assets, it offers some free models too. Free assets are actually taken (or borrowed) from other online repositories. Clicking the download link will take you to an external website where the file is originally hosted. Categories for the free assets include 3D models, cutouts, HDRI, materials, scenes, and textures.

Visit: Visual Wander Art Club


3DXO – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 87,400

Offering 182 free 3D models and 623 free textures, 3DXO’s library may not contain the biggest collection on the web. You can enter a keyword and use the search function or scroll through the pages to find the file for which you are looking. The number of files is not that impressive, but the variety and quality will not disappoint you. Most of the 3D models are common items, meaning they will be useful for various personal and commercial purposes. Categories for the 3D models include furniture, household, Christmas, plants, electronics, and misc. textures and stock photos have their own categories.

Visit: 3DXO


Resources Blogscopia – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 86,700

It is a personal blog owned and run by Carlos Fosch. Being a personal blog, the range and number of 3D assets available for download is adequate, at around 140 models, mainly in interior and exterior design. More than a dozen free textures are also available such as fabric, tiles, wood, and carpet. All are accessible and downloadable at no cost, and you can use them for any purpose, even commercial projects. The only limitation is redistribution without attribution to Scopia, the company that Carlos Fosch works for.  No sign-up is required. You can download all files in a single zip file too.

Visit: Resources Blogscopia


VIZPARK – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 82,300

The “About” page on VIZPARK offers an accurate description of the way most people think of 3D arts. It states that 3D arts are beautiful, but not everyone has the skill and knowledge to come up with good-looking models. Sometimes, it can even be painful to create appreciable digital 3D objects. It may not be a popular opinion, but true nonetheless. VIZPARK came to the market to remove the hurdles and provide a gallery of downloadable 3D models and textures of everyday objects. There are also some free plug-ins for 3DS Max.


Draftsperson – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 76,100

Draftsperson takes simplicity (and to some extent accessibility), even further than cad-corner. In other words, the layout is a little bit more difficult to navigate. But you don’t have tile previews for the downloadable blocks. The categories include architecture, vehicles, people, animals, furniture, and landscaping. While there are no tile previews, the title of the files is quite self-explanatory. All the files are saved in AutoCAD 200 format. Not all of them will fulfill your needs, but there are certainly more gems than you realize hidden among a crowd of rough stones.

Visit: Draftsperson


XYZprinting 3D Gallery – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 74,460

The vast majority of the around 8,000 STL files in XYZprinting do not appear to have been printed before. What you see on the website can be, therefore, rendered over photos rather than real images of physical objects. Registration is required before you can download anything, but there doesn’t seem to be any existing digital rights management attached to the files either. There are more free assets than paid ones. You can even sort by file formats and filament materials. The categories include fashion, office, gadget, housewares, education, tools, and toys. The animal section is strangely not listed in its sorting options, but actually exists.

Visit: XYZprinting 3D Gallery


Artist-3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 72,800

Categories of 3D assets from the website include architecture, life forms, transport, nature, military, misc, technology, and household. It also has free eBook tutorials on 3D modeling and photo manipulation software. All models are freely downloadable, but please read the Link Exchange ground rules before using any of them. Artist-3D does not allow you to sublicense or actively redistribute any of the model source files and other digital media. You cannot put the downloaded assets on your own (or others’) websites either. In case you intend to use them for commercial purposes, always acquire a license from the original author beforehand to avoid legal issues in the future.

Visit: Artist-3D


NASA 3D Resources – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 72,340

If you specialize in games, particularly space-themed games, the 3D resources provided by NASA can be invaluable to your project. You can find a collection of space-related textures and models, created by the most authoritative agency in space exploration. The library is not the biggest. It only has around 300 models and over 100 printable files. Visualizations and images are available as well. It also appears that the website is constantly updated, so it is a good idea to check back now and then to look for new assets. You don’t have to register to download, and everything is free.

Visit: NASA 3D Resources


3D Scan Store – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 69,140

As the name suggests, the library does not offer drawn 3D assets but scanned ones. 3D Scan Store offers more than 3,000 assets available for download, and most (if not all) of them are scans of humans. There is only one free asset, and that is a scan of a human head; the great thing is that this free model comes with all the data set necessary for rendering. Nearly all 3D models you find from the site come with a high resolution—10k or higher. All scans are captured using advanced photogrammetry software known as Agisoft PhotoScan.

Visit: 3D Scan Store


Model+Model – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 68,500

Focusing mainly on providing premium 3D assets for users, Model+Model gives only 35 free files for you to download and you don’t have to register first. Categories include accessories, furniture, lighting, tech, and plug-ins. Once you are in the “Free” section, the categorization disappears; since there are not too many files listed there, you can view them all quickly enough. Premium files are available as individual 3D assets, or you can purchase packages instead. Each package comes with multiple 3D assets and nice-looking previews without navigating to another page. Some of the packages are kitchen accessories, architectural lights, books, chairs and tables, and interior lights.

Visit: Model+Model


Syncronia – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 67,070

CADdetails and Syncronia are similar to each other in many respects. Both provide 3D models from professionals attached with detailed specifications. Suppliers and manufacturers information is also provided. One of the biggest differences is that Syncronia focuses heavily on visitors with a professional background on design and architecture. Everyone is allowed; But, the level of complexity of most models available is best suited for the more experienced people. Syncronia collaborates with Autodesk; all files are compatible with various well-known programs such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max, and Revit. You can sort the models based on manufacturers, categories, keywords, and file formats.

Visit: Syncronia


Crazy 3D Free – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 66,700

All resources in Crazy 3D Free are available at no cost, so the name does live up to the offering. Whether you are looking for 3D models, textures, AutoCAD blocks, materials, or architectural 3D rendering designs, the website has you covered. While everything is free, it may take some diligence to find great quality assets, because the website does not seem to have strict submission requirements. Crazy 3D Free also puts on a reminder that all resources are not supposed to be used for commercial projects; otherwise, the users are liable for any possible legal issues due to unauthorized use.

Visit: Crazy 3D Free


CAD Corner – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 66,600

Although the homepage of CAD-Corner seems very simple, it stores a huge database of blocks for you to explore and download. All blocks are created (or updated) for at least AutoCAD 2006. If you happen to use an older version, you can download an Autodesk Batch converter or DWGgateway to get rid of possible compatibility issues you may face. The free CAD blocks download index includes various common categories in the architecture/construction industry; each main category has even more subcategories. The only downside is that you cannot see any tile preview of the blocks you are about to click. This minor inconvenience is far outweighed by what the site has to offer.

Visit: CAD Corner


Dimensiva – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 65,370

You need to register with Dimensiva to download any of the 3D assets, including the freebies. A free account gives you an unlimited amount of downloads, albeit for the free files only. However, you cannot download directly from the home page, and your browsing experience may be cluttered with ads. The content is all about architectural design, so expect to see the usual categories such as office, lighting, bathroom, and accessories. Every 3D model comes with a concise description including texture, dimension, file size, and compatibility. Unfortunately, there is no sorting option to separate the free assets from the premium ones, so you may have to browse the entire website to find something at no cost.

Visit: Dimensiva


3Dupndown – Free and paid 3D assets

Average Monthly Traffic: 61,200

All assets available on the website are for the 3D printing purposes. Unlike most libraries or repositories, which offer both free and paid assets, 3Dupndown actually gives the opportunity for all creators to earn money from their designs, even if the assets are listed as “free” for download on the website. Each time a registered user wants to download an asset, there is going to be an advertisement or two displayed on the page. The advertising revenue is shared between 3Dupndown and the creator. The website is also quite generous as 70% of the revenue is deposited into the creator’s account. There are various categories such as fashion, sports, hobby, etc.

Visit: 3Dupndown


p3d – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 57,780

One thing that makes p3d different from many other 3D assets repository is how it presents the models on the website. Instead of providing a simple preview of the models with thumbnail images or videos, p3d actually opens access to its cloud-based 3D model viewer tool. You can manipulate the models (albeit to a very limited extent) directly on the website. The tool runs natively on modern web browsers, so there is no need for a plug-in or additional software of any sort. It is great in case you want to share a finished model to someone else who is not that familiar with the more complex CAD software.

Visit: p3d


FAB365 – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 56,800

Registered users enjoy most features in FAB365; they can download, buy, and sell printable models. There are only four categories: gadgets, art, architecture, and home, but you can find a collection of grouped models under Themes. It does appear that the models are well curated because they feature more or less the same level of sophistication without sacrificing familiarity. The options for free models are quite limited and they are listed under the “Collections for Beginner” section. You can also find very affordable files too ($1 or less). This collection is intended mostly for people who have just bought their 3D printers and want to discover device functionality.

Visit: FAB365


DMI Car 3D Models – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 54,700

As you have probably guessed, the 3D models on this website are all about cars. They are not printable files, but models to be viewed or modified using CAD software such as LightWave, 3DS Max, Wavefront, etc. The categories are pretty extensive, including rescue, fire, police, truck, bus, military, and race cars. It is also easy to search for free 3D models by brand; in fact, most of the recognizable brands are available such as Ferrari, Toyota, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Mazda, and Jeep. All models are not supposed to be used or redistributed for commercial purposes unless you have permission from the authors.

Visit: DMI Car 3D Models


FlyingArchitecture – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 51,580

There are three major categories on FlyingArchitecture: 3D models, materials, and scenes. If your profession or interest mainly revolves around architectural projects, chances are you don’t probably need another category. In addition to 3D models for download, the site also gives access to PSD files that you can use as a tutorial for how to render the assets properly. For those skilled enough to work with CAD software, FlyingArchitecture shares its library of textures and materials too. While the main focus here is architectural visualization, downloaded models can be used for any project you see fit.

Visit: FlyingArchitecture


Treatstock – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 51,260

You have no free downloads in Treatstock. It is an e-commerce website with a strong emphasis on connecting buyers to suppliers of 3D printed objects. In addition to offering a few thousand 3D models ready to print, you can also upload a model and have it printed for you. The website even offers a search option to help you find 3D printing services near your location. When requesting a printed model, make sure to compare multiple suppliers to get the best deal. To some extent, the website is a marketplace for rapid-prototyping needs as well. Use the custom order to get only the printable files rather than printed objects.

Visit: Treatstock


Vention – Free 3D assets

Average Monthly Traffic: 50,780

It’s not entirely wrong to consider Vention a repository of 3D models, but the website has gone further than that by allowing you to use the assets directly on the website. The main focus of Vention is on manufacturing or commercial grade equipment, and it acts as a creative platform where users can drag-and-drop prebuilt 3D models to build their own versions of industrial machinery. There are only about 500 parts in its cloud-based CAD, but everything is modular and all fit with each other. Once you’ve built the equipment you need, it is easy to order all parts necessary in one single package.

Visit: Vention

3dfind.it_ – Free 3D assets

Average Monthly Traffic: 50,400

As an attempt to be a modernized version of a 3D assets search engine, is quite promising mostly because it gives multiple options for users to look for any content using not just text queries but also shape, photo, as well as value and parametric inputs. There is also a search function based on “functions,” for example, clamping, adjusting, arresting, cutting, etc. The purpose is to save time for engineers and designers when they are looking for specific parts. You can even upload an existing 3D model, and the search engine will help you find similar objects. As it stands today, is still in a beta version and some searches come up with blank results.



Threeding – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 50,030

Some STL files on Threeding are available free of charge, but most are premium assets. There are more than 1,000 files ready to download listed under various categories from toys to historical artifacts. You can even have the file printed and shipped to you. It is, in fact, a good thing because there is assurance that you do get what you want instead of downloading a file and finding it quite difficult to print. If you have some models ready to use, you can submit/sell them here and share the revenue with the site. Threeding offers worldwide shipping. Anybody (including businesses) can purchase, sell, share, or exchange their STL files.

Visit: Threeding


Texturer – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 47,400

Texturer is just a simple website with a great collection of textures that can be useful for 3D modeling projects, Photoshop, and game development. All images available on the website are free, and you also have the freedom to use them for both personal and commercial projects. There is no download limitation, no registration, and no hassle. All you need to do is to browse the categories, and you are a few clicks away from getting the image/texture. There are no 3D models because all files are high-resolution images taken by cameras and edited when necessary. Designers, web developers, and animators can certainly make use of the textures provided for their work.

Visit: Texturer


NIH 3D Print Exchange – Free 3D models

Average monthly traffic: 45,000
The term “3D models” is often associated with the photorealistic digital rendering of humans, vehicles, buildings, animals, or fictional characters. NIH 3D Print Exchange, however, takes a more traditional path in the sense that it uses 3D models as educational tools. The assets available from the website are considered scientifically accurate representations of objects commonly used in biomedical science such as cells and molecules. There are around 5,500 free STL files readily compatible with most 3D printers. It also has a free set of tools for you to create and share models. All in all, it is a great library of assets if you are a teacher or an educator.

Visit: NIH 3D Print Exchange


Bitgem – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 42,100

Head directly toward the “Free Models & Textures” section of Bitgem to find a small number of 3D assets you can download at no cost at all. However, do not expect great quality. The site claims to have the support of industry veterans, which may (or may not) suggest that the premium assets are in fact created by professionals. The overall quality is pretty impressive, and you can also download in packs instead of asingle file at a time. Again, the assets are targeted at game developers. Registration is required.

Visit: Bitgem


Human Alloy – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 38,100

Most files on Human Alloy are paid. There are only three free 3D models available for download. All accessories shown in the preview are included as freebies as well. The free assets will work just fine in various programs including 3DS Max 2014 + VRay (Complex Shader), Autodesk, and Wavefront. You must register to download the free assets. The website has more than 136 premium assets, and some of them are actually packaged-files in which there are multiple assets in one download. Human Alloy also provides a Live Preview of its 3D people, but in various settings. The website layout is reasonable and easy to navigate.

Visit: Human Alloy


Oyonale – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 36,100

Available at no cost in Cinema 4D, POV-Ray, and Wavefront OBJ file formats, you can use all the 3D models from Oyonale for personal and commercial animations and art. Images, texts, and animations are copyrighted, but only in the traditional sense; in other words, fair use is authorized, but distribution is not allowed unless you acquire permission from the website owner (which is usually granted for non-commercial applications). Oyonale is the brainchild of a 3D modeling hobbyist based in Paris, France. Although the website is now rarely updated, it already has a reasonably large collection of 3D assets. No registration is required.

Visit: Oyonale


3DShook – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 29,800

This website is all about 3D printable models. Most of the files are premium, which you can access by registering with the website. Several subscription options are available including monthly, yearly, K-12 yearly, and a Commercial License. If you want to buy without subscribing, 3D Shook offers one-time purchase that includes either a 40-file or 100-file pack with no time limits.There are 42 categories in total ranging from work and office to art and icons. Whether you are downloading free or premium files, you must at least sign-up. Thousands of models are available to keep you printing all year long.

Visit: 3DShook


Boss888 – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 28,400

If you specialize in design and architecture, Boss888 should be on your must-see list. There is a wide range of exterior, interior, furniture, and decorative models available for download. All files are saved in the AutoCAD 2000 format to remove most compatibility issues. When you first navigate through the categories and downloadable sections of the website, the available models may not seem like much. However, many individual files contain a group of 3D models or blocks, so you do get plenty of them. It also appears that Boss888 is not shy about updating its files, which usually is a good sign of reliable resources.

Visit: Boss888


3Delicious – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 28,200

There are more than 2,000 pages to explore on 3Delicious; each page is filled with a large amount of 3D models, and all are free to download without registration. The website is very simple (some may say it is overly simple). It does not even have categories. Every page is a collection of thumbnail previews of the available models.The categories are daily, weekly, monthly, half year, year, and all top models. The search feature exists but, unfortunately, is not particularly useful. If you want free 3D models without all the hassles and clutters, 3Delicious does not disappoint.

Visit: 3Delicious


CAD Architect – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 27,600

A collection of free and paid CAD blocks related to architectural projects including construction, exterior, and interior design. Browsing the website in its entirety is free, but you must register to download any file (free or premium). Registration takes less than a minute. It is quite difficult to see which files are free and which are not, but a short description of each category says that free blocks are available. In addition to CAD blocks, you also have the opportunity to browse and download drawings, building templates, and color symbols. The building templates include various subcategories, for example: residential, commercial, and industrial.

Visit: CAD Architect


3DRT – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 21,000

The recurrent theme on 3DRT is science-fiction, which makes sense since the website focuses on providing 3D models for game developers and the online environment in general. Free 3D models are available, but they are few and far between. You may want to go elsewhere in case you don’t want to spend money. The gap in quality between free and premium models is clear; if you want good quality assets, be prepared to purchase them. The site is not even expensive, and with some files, you get an entire pack for the price of one.

Visit: 3DRT


Redpah – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 17,400

It is easy to find a collection of free and paid 3D printable files in Redpah. There are approximately 1,200 files to download. They can’t all be downloaded free of charge. The most expensive one currently on the list is reasonably priced at $50, and many of them range between $1 – $20. You can sort by categories listed at the top of the page, or click the “Top Artists” button to preview the works of the most popular modelers in the website. Redpah recommends that you download the free STL files from any artist to check the quality before downloading the premium ones.

Visit: Redpah


Libre3D – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 17,200

This site is an open-source 3D printing repository for anybody to use at no cost. Libre3D focuses on building a constructive community of modelers or 3D printer owners that encourages them to share their works with the world. The website is the brainchild of a small team of professionals consisting of inventors, coders, researchers, hardware testers, and operators. Everybody is welcome to upload printable files or download any of the submitted assets. It is not the biggest collection, but there is a great variety. The library seems to contain about everything from plumbing parts to food-related objects.

Visit: Libre3D


Repables – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 10,800

Repables provides a place where people from all around the world can share 3D printable files without any influence from manufacturers or license restrictions. The website does not even have an “About” page. It has plenty of users’ uploaded printable files, and most of them are quite simple. One of the most annoying issues is that Repables does not offer any organization system for the available files. There is no categorization, so you need to browse pages of files to find what you’re looking for.

Visit: Repables


3DKitbash – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 10,600

Specializing in articulated models and toys such as robots and monsters, 3DKitbash is influenced by the science fiction world. A small selection of free, excellent quality models is available. Apart from the free samples, the website offers a 3D Printer Test Kit, filled with a collection of basic shapes with the right level of sophistication. The kit is essentially a test to see what your printer can do, but unfortunately, the file is one of the premium offerings. If you look hard enough, there are some free models among the crowd of premium ones, for example, the GRAPHICA Mega Ghost and the GRAPHICA Fish.

Visit: 3DKitbash


3Dagogo – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 4,000

3Dagogo has a collection of free and premium 3D printable models in various categories. The number of models available is not overwhelming but should be enough to keep you browsing. Keep in mind that the models are meant to be printed, so in reality, the model size can be quite small. The selection of free models is available in every category, and the premium ones are relatively affordable. You must register to download.

Visit: 3Dagogo


Fast Track CAD – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 3,700

This site is a collection of architectural CAD assets. You need to register to download any of the available files, but everything is free of charge. You can sort the products by name or title (which is arranged alphabetically) from access doors to windows or by company/manufacturer. Each product is attached to author information including the company’s mailing address and official website. In case you want to find a specific model from a certain manufacturer not listed on the website, you are encouraged to file a request. Fast Track CAD is very professional and straightforward.

Visit: Fast Track CAD


Virtual 3D Lands – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 3,100

The assets are provided in various formats including .obj, .dae, .vob, and .tiff. Similar to Oyonale, the Virtual 3D Lands website is also a personal project of an enthusiast based in Paris, France. All models are freely downloadable, and the author wants you to credit the website when you use his works. Most 3D assets were made using Bryce, Photoshop, Hexagon, Poser, Amapi, and Vue Infinite. Some pictures were created using Lightwave and 3DS Max. There are more than a dozen good tutorials and a collection of 3D textures to explore as well. You don’t have to register to download.

Visit: Virtual 3D Lands


Shapetizer – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: 2,200

The marketplace is based in China, and some models are only available for shipping in that country. Assuming you are somewhere else, pay attention to the shipping options before making a purchase. Full functionality and features are only available to registered users. The non-registered user can still find some free files, but there is no sorting option, so you have to browse all models to access them. If you are downloading files instead of purchasing physical objects, take time to read the device compatibility section. There is also a streaming download with which it is possible to print any file without downloading anything.

Visit: Shapetizer


Digimation – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Unlike anything previously mentioned in this list, Digimation does not limit itself to providing 3D models. It offers virtual training, interactive marketing, as well as modeling and animation. All models are available from the website’s archives, and you have to pay to access them. Digimation says that the archive is the biggest collection of high-quality 3D models, containing more than 16,500 files from various categories. All models in the archive are saved in OBJ format, ensuring compatibility with all popular 3D software including game engines.

Visit: Digimation


3DOcean – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

This site is a serious marketplace for design professionals filled with a large collection of 3D models, website templates, videos, graphics, audio clips, photos, and even plug-ins and codes. While you are looking for the right models, spend the time to join the global community of designers and to learn a lot from the free tutorials. There are more than 59,000 CG textures and 3D print models of various categories. Sorting options include price, date, popularity, rating, and file formats. Besides individual categories such as Architecture, Sports, Science, Anatomy, Animals, etc., the website has plenty of Theme Packages from which you get multiple files with a single purchase.

Visit: 3DOcean


3DX – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

More than just a repository of 3D assets, 3DX is a practical example of how industrial engineering professionals and 3D modelers can collaborate and share their ideas in a mutual relationship. While the public can download and upload 3D models of various categories (mostly within the field of mechanical engineering), the more serious enthusiasts can use supplier-certified models and get in touch with the companies that made those assets. Not only are the 3D models available for download at no cost, but each asset comes with a detailed specification and Bill of Materials. Suppliers include Applied Robotics, Behringer, Jergens, and Sierra Pacific, to name a few.

Visit: 3DX


Gelato VFX – Paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Based in Manchester, England, the Gelato VFX is a boutique VFX studio offering several modeling services including 3D scanning and visual effects. The 3D Scan Store is one of its most recent business expansions, filled with realistic models of everyday items including fruits, bread, masonry, vegetables, fabric, and desserts. The amount of files available is quite limited, but the company says it is uploading new models every week. All models are premium, and prices range from £2.5 to £12.5. Gelato VFX also takes requests so that it is possible for you to get scanned models of almost anything. Judging from the previews, the quality is excellent.

Visit: Gelato VFX


3DModelSpace – Free 3D assets

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

It is a massive database of 3D models for mechanical engineering projects. The website is an online catalog for a large number of suppliers of components and materials. For example, valves, gears, bearings, clamps, gearboxes, motors, fasteners, and so on. It also appears that 3DModelSpace serves as a landing page for Grainger, an American Fortune 500 industrial supply company. But Grainger isn’t the only supplier whose products are listed in 3DModelSpace; in total, there are more than 750,000 CAD models of parts and components. You can preview the parts using PDF viewer as well.

Visit: 3DModelSpace


Large Geometric Models Archive – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

There are not too many 3D assets in the Large Geometric Models Archive, but all are “very large models,” according to the website. The models available on this archive are going to give some real challenges to your abilities to do surface reconstruction, geometry compression, automatic simplification, visibility techniques, surface fitting, and rendering. It is a website for the more serious enthusiasts to put themselves to a test.

Visit: Large Geometric Models Archive


Colacola – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Filled with renders and downloads of high-quality assets, Colacola is a humble-looking personal website created by Anders Lejczak, who is credited with a long list popular video game projects including but not limited to Far Cry 3 and World In Conflict as a Lead Artist. His works have been featured by well-known publications. For example, Ubisoft WiC Behind the Scene, 3D Creative Magazine, Cinema4D (10.5) Installation CD, and National WW2 Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. Most assets are renderings of aircrafts, attached with tutorials and information on how the model was built. Despite its simplicity, it is a blog not to take for granted.

Visit: Colacola


Klicker – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Apparently, the website doesn’t have much to say about anything it does. But most importantly, it does give free access to a relatively small gallery of 3D models of various categories such as interior, human, trees, and some furniture pieces. All models are in 3ds format, and all you have to do is click and download. Thanks to the minimalistic website layout, the pages load fast and you can get each file with just a single click. In addition to 3D models, you can also find photos, funny animations, and several links to external photo libraries.

Visit: Klicker


MorphoSource – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

While it is indeed a library of 3D assets, it is more appropriate to call MorphoSource a data archive containing 3D models of biological specimens. The website is mostly geared toward researchers or museum curators who are in need of further analysis of both extinct and extant species for educational purposes. That being said, the models are available for download regardless of your profession. Registered users can also download the data set attached to every model. There are more than 15,000 models and you can preview any of them using the built-in viewer.

Visit: MorphoSource


Rendernode – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

All 3D models and textures available on Rendernode showcase what the company is capable of. Rendernode specializes in 3D digital modeling, rendering, and concept development. Every 3D asset, including models and renders, are packed in familiar formats such as .fbx and .obj, so you can just open and tinker with it in any way you like. High-quality materials are optimized for V-ray and textures are tileable by default. A small number of assets are available free of charge, and the paid ones come at reasonable prices too. More comprehensive samples of the company’s works are available on the portfolio page.

Visit: Rendernode


Autodesk Part Community – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Judging by the layout alone, the Autodesk Part Community must be one of the most straightforward websites to offer 3D models of mechanical parts and equipment. Suppliers are listed alphabetically, and you may need to browse through a lot of names until you find what you’re looking for. An easier way to find a part is to use the search function by categories where you will come across familiar-sounding terms such as flange, chain, fitting, bearing, gear, and so on. Clicking any of the categories brings up a list of suppliers, and this is where the actual search for 3D models begins. It is not the easiest way to look for 3D assets, but then again, the complex navigation system is necessary to cope with such a comprehensive library of parts.

Visit: Autodesk Part Community


WireCASE3D – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

This site is home to a huge repository of 3D models, 3D visualizations, 3D printing, 360 panoramas, and VR. There are not many free models available from Wirecase3D, so it may not be the best place if you don’t plan to spend a little bit of money. For buyers, however, the website has a healthy amount of great 3D models, visualizations, and printable objects. You must register to download. The overall website interface is user-friendly and straightforward.

Visit: WireCASE3D


Marlin Studios – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

You will find some free models and textures on the sample page, but most files are premium. There are thousands of textures packed in multiple categories, for example, classic stonework, roofing, interior, absolute metal, classic arch ornament, and general purpose. On another part of Marlin Studios website, you can find premium 3D models organized by themes such as city buildings, home and office furniture, and suburban houses. In total, there are 668 professionally-crafted 3D models for purchase. In addition to 3D models and textures, you may want to take a look at 2D and 3D animated characters; these drawings are premium files as well.

Visit: Marlin Studios


STLHive – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Most files on STLHive revolve around drones, radio-controlled cars, robotics, and toys. It is a good looking website with clear photos of the available models. The people behind the site are responsive too. There is a long list of categories including, but not limited to, environmental, raspberry pi, RC, replacement parts, model railroads, and trains. Some of the categories are unfortunately empty; the most popular one is currently education (with 69 models) followed by robotics (57), and wheels & tires (51). STLHive also takes modeling requests for a fee, so the options are limitless. The customer requests category has 26 files already filled with random objects from elbow pipes to fan assembly.

Visit: STLHive


Rinkak – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

This site is a Japanese-based 3D models marketplace. Once you are in, the interface is in the Japanese language so you may need to change that before you start browsing; price information remains in Japanese Yen. Most of the files are premium; if you are a registered user, however, you can browse a small number of free STL files. One of the best things about Rinkak is that you don’t have to pay anything to upload and list your files for sale. The marketplace only takes a fraction of the revenue after sales are concluded. For the beginner, Rinkak should be an ideal place to start a freelance venture.

Visit: Rinkak


CGIndia – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

This site has a small collection of free 3D models and textures, but it is worth considering for its long list of tutorials, news, and contests. All models are free to download and used for both personal and commercial projects, but some other downloadable files are premium. The assets are downloadable in .zip format, and you don’t have to register. CGIndia is more of an online magazine and portal than a repository of freebies. You will find more information than downloadable files. It has free Photoshop brushes, job boards, 3D modeling tutorials, and more. It appears the website is rarely updated, but the information and resources remain relevant today.

Visit: CGIndia


CGPort – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

The main focus here is interior design. An interesting part of the website is the “Project” feature that allows you to start an entirely new project and use or combine only specific objects that you like. Instead of getting stuck with pre-included models in a design, you have the freedom to mix and match the way you see fit. It gets easier because you can also add a photo of an unfurnished room to modify using the website. There is a reasonable amount of 3D models, but each is of great quality. Registration is required.

Visit: CGPort


Dremel 3D Idea Builder – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Run and maintained by Dremel Digilab, a manufacturer of 3D printers, the website has more than 130 printable models in various categories. As you may expect, the layout is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. You can sort the models by date or print time, making it easier to find a project suitable for your personal preferences. Categories include home, organization, personal items, seasonal, gadgets, and entertainment. The shortest print time is 7-minutes for a small snowflake, while the longest one is 36-hours for a complete list of alphabets.

Visit: Dremel 3D Idea Builder


Works by Solo – Free 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Works by Solo is another example of a personal 3D printing project turned into a small online gallery for others to enjoy. Works by Solo, as the name suggests, is run and maintained by Bernie Solo, a self-proclaimed artist, designer, and maker of things. The website does not have much to offer, but everything is at a great level of detail to test what your 3D printer is capable of. Works of Solo gives links to Bernie Solo’s other social channels including YouTube and Instagram, in case you need more inspirational contents.

Visit: Works by Solo


Trinpy – Free and paid 3D models

Average Monthly Traffic: N/A

Printable files in Trinpy are divided into two major categories: Standard and Premium. The former is available for free, but you must register to have access to the download links. The free account does not limit the number of files you can download; however, you are not allowed access to the premium ones. A paid subscription gives you the same benefits and up to 12 downloads of premium files per month. Another option is to purchase a credit pack of up to 5 premium files and unlimited standard files. Strangely enough, only the credit pack comes with guaranteed-printable purchase. You can also sort by top designers, featured designs, or the more conventional categories such as jewelry, miniature, art, and household objects.

Visit: Trinpy

Cad Crowd Has 3D Modeling and CAD Design Freelancers

Cad Crowd provides pre-vetted, high-quality 3D modeling and CAD services on-demand. Our network of qualified freelance designers and engineers are experts in their fields, whether that be architectural design or mechanical engineering. We also provide a unique crowdsourcing opportunity. You can host a contest, where you get to post your design and have the community submit their interpretations. You get to choose the best design out of the submissions, and you only pay the winner. Learn how you can launch a design contest in under 15 minutes. If you’re looking for assistance with a CAD draft or 3D model, find out how it works or contact us for a free quote.