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Most small-business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors do not have the capital to purchase a 3D printer for product design, parts and prototypes. As a result, we’ve launched Maker6, which allows buyers to get instant quotes on 3D printing from local 3D printers. According to MacKenzie Brown, the founder and CEO of Maker6, “Maker6 is a straightforward and an easy to use online marketplace. It gives start-ups and small-business owners access to a broad range of 3D printers with a wide range of materials, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive commercial 3D printer on their own.” In addition, the demand of both international and local 3D printing motivated the CAD Crowd team to offer 3D printing services to help small business customers in creating opportunities to achieve success.

Instant 3D Printing Services Quotes

Cad Crowd provides instant quotes for 3D printed materials and other 3D design services on demand by automatically tabulating the cubic area of the 3D print file and several other factors. It also gives opportunities to clients who don’t know how to format a file to be properly 3D printed by finding local 3d printers available online. Moreover, it allows buyers to enjoy faster pickup than going to bigger companies that may require additional shipping fees and other charges.


Find Cool 3D Printed Products & File Templates

Maker6, with its beta already up and running, is set to attract numerous small-business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs whose objective is to find an easy way to purchase a 3D printed materials and prototypes, at the same time saves time and money.

Now generating good response and feedback among buyers and clients, Maker6 is projected to grow and continue to provide 3D printing services among the rising number of buyers and customers in the 3D printing industry.

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