5 of the Most Popular Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

woven cube 3d modeling design

The prolific Cad Crowd community has uploaded thousands of designs to our 3D modeling library over the years. Every week sees some awesome new entries from designers’ portfolios and from various design challenges. Some of those designs have really caught the attention of the community. And so, behold! 5 of the most popular designs ever uploaded to the Cad Crowd gallery!

5. Oxygen Splitter Product Design by MAF14

oxygen splitter cad design

What’s an oxygen splitter, you ask? Well, it’s a device that allows a single oxygen tank to be used by two patients in resource-poor environments. Like, say, space. Or a disaster area. It’s easy to see why this intricate yet simple and beautifully rendered design is one of the most liked items in the gallery!

4. Woven Cube 3D Printing Design by BRAVO

woven cube 3d modeling design


Yowzers. This is an image that you can take your time with. Absolutely beautiful 3D rendering of a highly intriguing object. It would be a great treat to actually print one of these incredible things, but it’s hard to imagine the physical object rivaling the beauty of this 3D model!

3. Unique Mobius 3D Modeling Design by BRAVO

3d mobius design

Hey, does this seem familiar? That’s right, it’s another jaw-dropping bit of 3D modeling design by BRAVO. Given that we have thousands of members and thousands of submissions to our gallery, it might seem pretty surprising that one designer would be featured twice in the top 5. But when you see the style and quality of the work BRAVO does, it’s no surprise that their quirky and whimsical designs are such a hit with the community!

2. Car Model 3D Modeling Design by Rahul Sharma (RS)

car design 3d CAD

Look at that! It’s a whole car, except for all the parts you usually see when you see a car! Totally naked. While elsewhere people drool over images of beautiful cars, here at Cad Crowd we drool over 3D models of the inner workings!

1. Prototype Chopper 3D Modeling Design by Julien Dupays

Motorcycle design 3d modeling

… Alright, well we can drool over this kind of thing, too! It’s not hard to see why this sleek beast is the most-liked image in the gallery! Look at the spokes! Look at the lines! The quality of the 3D modeling is matched only by the brilliance of the design. A gorgeous bike, beautifully designed.

If you like what you see and you’re looking for some 3D modeling, you can hire any of the above designers! Or, you can post a crowdsourced design contest and review submissions from dozens of designers. Or, take a look at our 3D modeling and product design services!