Cad Crowd Recap: Recently Completed CAD Design Challenges

Training Center Design Competition

The Cad Crowd community is full of talented designers looking to show off their skills, increase their ranking, and (of course!) win that coveted first-place prize in one of our many crowdsourced CAD design contests. Our design challenges run the gamut, from interior 3D design to industrial design and everything in between.

Let’s take a look at some of the recently completed competitions and their winning submissions!

1. Spherical Ice Ball Mold – Consumer Products Design by Ivan Zerpa

Mould for Spherical Ice Ball Design Contest

This contest had the community scratching their heads a bit. The challenge: to design a 3D printable mold that could produce a hollow ice ball in the freezer. Plenty of designers rose to the task, tackling the problem from all directions. The winning entry by Ivan Zerpa is fun, colorful, and (most important) it gets the job done!

2. Lipstick/Lipgloss Concept – Product Design by Edwardmanfre

Lipgloss Component Design Challenges

This contest was seeking a concept design for a lipgloss/lipstick component with a kind of crystal, mineral aesthetic. After more than 30 entries, it was this sleek and fancy design by Edwardmanfre which took the cake. Lipstick is supposed to be a classy thing, and this is one classy design!

3. Training Center Facility – 3D Modeling Design by Kems Studio

Training Center Design Competition

A bit of interior design and a bit of 3D modeling, this contest asked participants to create a 3D rendering of a classroom for a training center. And there you have it! Maybe the lack of windows will help students concentrate.

4. Pet Tracker – 3D Modeling Design by Adam

Pet Tracker Wearable CAD Design Contests

Losing a pet sucks. Like, a whole bunch. The clever device envisaged in this crowdsourcing project would help to prevent that. It’s a pet tracking device that threads comfortably onto an animal’s collar. The winning entry by ace designer Adam is simple, tactful, and to the point.

5. Plug Pendant – 3D Modeling Design by John Paulo

Plug Pendant Design Challenge

There’s no denying that this is a weird pendant, but it’s definitely cool, in its own extravagant way. We’re not entirely sure what The Plug is, but it must be pretty special to warrant a pendant design as fine as this submission from John Paulo! It’s blingy, it’s in your face, and it’s The Plug! What more is there to say?

New contests are always being launched on Cad Crowd. If you’re a designer, participating in contests is a great way to flex your muscle, improve your ranking in the Cad Crowd community, and win yourself some prize money. If you need design work, Cad Crowd crowdsourcing contests are the best around! Learn how it works, or launch your own contest today!