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Cad Crowd helps clients find nearby 3D printers that are available on a project basis. Many offer fast delivery, a variety of materials & local pickup for your area. Our 3D printers can help you fix your 3D printable design, rather than just the 3D printing services.

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How 3D printing services work

Upload your 3D model

Upload your 3D model

Use a simple STL file format

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Choose a printer

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Pickup & shipping

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What can I expect from your 3D printing services?
Cad Crowd’s 3D printing has print prototypes available on demand. This makes it easier to refine the design, get instant feedback and cycle until the final output is perfect. Costs are also decreased because errors are identified prior to the printing stage.
After choosing which 3D model to print, who owns the IP rights for the design?
For all 3D design projects finished through Cad Crowd, the Intellectual Property rights for the individual designs belong solely to the client who paid for the service. This is in accordance with the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all freelancers who submit their work through our portal.
Which project should I choose before having the 3D design printed out?
You can take your pick from our public projects, private projects, and hourly projects. If you want as many designers to join your design contest, go for the public projects option. Hourly projects are suitable for clients who are looking for ongoing work, while private projects are for clients who want to keep their design details confidential.
What else do I need to know about your 3D printing services?

The possibilities of what you can print with 3D design are practically endless. Its application ranges from engineering to the military; fashion to medicine; and automotive to food. Cad Crowd’s 3D printing services are offered in collaboration with premium 3D printing companies that create physical 3D models quickly, efficiently and for a wide array of applications. 

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