5 Cool CAD Design Challenges Going on Right Now!

mechanical jewelry design crowdsourcing challenge

Crowdsourcing is a great way to find interesting and innovative solutions to any design problem! There are always new crowdsourced design contests being posted to Cad Crowd, challenging the Cad Crowd community and offering up some sweet prize money. Not to mention the prestige and improved ranking that comes with winning! Here are five of the crowdsourcing design competitions that are accepting entries right now!

1. Slick Smart Phone Accessory 3D Modeling Design by Indrawan

Smartphone accessory 3d modeling design challenge

Do you ever drop your phone? Do you do it, like, all the time? Well, this clever product would be useful for you! The challenge: to come up with a design for a smartphone accessory that sticks on to the back of the device, allowing the user to slide their finger under a rubber loop in order to be able to hold the phone more securely. It’s a safety feature, but it’s got to look cool, too!

2. Custom Breathing Straw Wearable Design by John Paulo

custom breating straw cad design contest

This is a unique design competition! The buyer is looking for a tailor-fit, custom straw as part of breathing assistance machine. The challenge is to design a straw that is form-fit to a 3D scan of the buyer’s face. This intrepid buyer is also printing out the entries themselves in order to test them out! An interesting design contest indeed, with very precise requirements!

3. ArtCam Creative Jewelry Design by franznoise

3d modeling jewelry design competition

It’s always inspiring to see the awesome jewelry design work that gets added to the Cad Crowd gallery. This sleek, futuristic entry is a great example of creative jewelry design, which is exactly what this contest is looking for! The buyer is looking to find an ArtCam designer with a knack for coming up with innovative jewelry designs, and they’re looking for someone interested in ongoing work! A neat thing about this design challenge is that there are very few requirements — it just has to be jewelry, and it has to be done in ArtCam. Otherwise, designers can let their imaginations run wild!

4.Mechanical Jewelry 3D Modeling Design by elmasry

mechanical jewelry design crowdsourcing challenge

Another awesome ring design, from a totally different contest! What are the odds? This contest is looking for a specific kind of ring: one with a moving part. That’s quite the design challenge, particularly for something that is intended to be 3D printed! This adorable entry has a cute little moving heart!

5. eBook Cover and Logo Product Design by Ravi Sagar

book cover design

This contest is all about designing a cover for a romantic Muslim book about love and marriage. People say you can’t judge a book by its cover. To those people I ask: why then do book even have covers? Of course you can judge a book by its cover! That’s the whole point.

Do you have a design project that could benefit from crowdsourcing? Or maybe you’re a designer interested in participating? There’s always contests going on at Cad Crowd! Launch a design contest, set the prize amount, and choose the winners! Find out how! Cad Crowd designers are the best around.