10 Awesome Vehicle Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery


CAD design is so often a combination of engineering and 3D modeling skills, so it’s no surprise that the Cad Crowd gallery is full of incredible designs for new vehicles as well as breathtaking renders of old favorites. It seems like CAD designers just can’t get enough of slick models of their favorite cars, planes, trucks, and boats. For this round of the Cad Crowd recap, we thought we’d take a look at some of these awesome vehicle designs! We’ve got things that roll, things that fly, and things that float. Here we go.

1. Yacht 3D Modeling Design by Muhammad Alieddin


Who wouldn’t want to own a yacht? Maybe you’re lucky and you already do. If not, you could always imagine. Or, if you’re Muhammad Alieddin, you could go a step further and design a yacht in SolidWorks! Yacht design: it’s a thing. This yacht looks ready to cut right through the waters.

2. Concept Buggy 1.0 CAD Drafting & Design by dan2jcad


This buggy looks like the fastest thing on the dunes. A luxurious but sporty looking two-seat buggy with a kind of retro-future cyber style. Park your yacht on the beach and go for a ride.

3. R-TFC 007 Flying Car 3D Modeling Design by Ridwan Septyawan


Maybe you’re not a yacht person or a buggy person. But who wouldn’t want a flying car? Nobody, that’s who. This thing is appropriately futuristic looking and pretty suave to boot. Maybe not great for taking the kids to school. Maybe there will be a minibus version, too.

4. Ferrari 246 F1 3D Modeling Design by MICHAEL DIMOU


Did you know that Formula One racing has been going since 1950? It’s true! This cute looking car rendered so elegantly here is the Ferarri designed for the 1958 races. Still looks pretty futuristic, though. It’s no wonder this F1 racer has been a fan favorite among gearheads ever since.

5. 1955 Porsche 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geek1955-porsche-cad-design

Speaking of much-beloved vehicles from the ’50s, check out this teal meany from 1955! This car may not have propellers but it sure is fly. And you can take that pun to the bank. This is the kind of elegant vehicle that turns heads at car shows, and this awesome model turns heads, too.

6. Porsche Carrera 911 3D Modeling Design by Aminegn


Flash forward a few decades, and there’s a new breed of Porsche in town. Just as sleek as the 1955 model above, but with a bit more of a modern edge. The black with gold detailing is a particularly nice touch and makes for one heck of a sexy automobile. Whether you prefer this or the 1955 model above probably says a bit about your personality.

7. Formula 1 3D Modeling Design by Daniyal Altaf Baloch


And here we have another formula 1 design. This one is much more modern than the 1958 Ferrari, and shows off some of the more recent features of the contemporary one-seat racer paradigm, including the characteristic scoop up front. A functional and utilitarian and yet still very attractive design. The fantastic rendering contributes, of course, to its allure.

8. RC Helicopter 3D Modeling Design by Rubab


Remember when remote-controlled helicopters were called just that? Now it’s all about drones. But what’s the difference, really? This awesome RC chopper harkens back to simply times. Looking sleek and cool with deep blue hues, this RC copter doesn’t need any cameras to justify itself.

9. Ducati 796 3D Modeling Design by Saket Trade Links


Ducati has been in the business of making killer motorcycles since the 1940s, but the company has been around even longer. Today they make some of the most sought after and recognizable bikes on the road, including the Ducati 796 Monster, beautifully rendered here in the classic red. Something about that color just makes you want to go vast.

10. Baja Vehicle Engineering Design by Raphael Smith


And why not finish the list with another awesome buggy design. This one’s a one-seater ready to tear it up in Baja California. It’s a lean mean buggy racing machine. Also displayed is proper helmet use. Protect your noggins, folks!

And that wraps it up for this week! Be sure to check out the gallery for more incredible examples of work from our talented community of designers. You can also check out our contest section for crowdsourced design competitions. Interested in hiring a designer? Find out more about how Cad Crowd connects you with the design services you need to meet your project goals!