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Sketching has always been a critical part of architectural projects and bringing construction ideas to life. For decades, architectural design services expressed their design ideas with a pencil and paper. From the legendary Michelangelo to the great Frank Gehry, architects have been using art to express technical architectural concepts for years.

Today, much of the sketching has transitioned to being done on computers with the help of advanced CAD software tools. This change significantly speeds up the design process and adds ease and precision to the design timeline. However, some architects still prefer the freedom associated with sketching their architectural ideas. For some, pen and paper sketching allow them to capture all the details of their architectural plan. There are no limitations and no design software learning curves.

By itself, sketching is a crucial part of the design timeline. Many times, it is the first step in the process and is a medium for the architect to initially think through the design project as a whole. From the structure itself to materials used, it is the first step in truly bringing the design from concept to completion. Sketches are detailed, which is why they are typically used to show how the design will meet zoning requirements and the size layout of the development.

There are a variety of uses for 2D sketches, but as with any design project, the first step is finding a CAD designer who is the right fit. That is where the team at Cad Crowd comes in. For almost a decade, we have helped entrepreneurs and business owners find talented and innovative freelance designers who can help them meet their design goals.

There are many benefits to investing in architectural sketch design services and we want to be there to help every step of the way. For more insight into the process and how we can help, take a look below.

The benefits of architectural sketch design services

An architectural sketch is more than just a drawing. It symbolizes the foundation of ideas and creativity. However, beyond that, there are some functional and practical benefits of having a designer take on architectural sketch design (whether by hand or with the help of design software). Take a look at the advantages of investing in this process below.

The ease of creating by hand – This one is more toward hand-drawn sketches. For most designers, having the opportunity to convey their design ideas by hand allows them to get a full sense of the design and correctly communicate what they are thinking onto paper. It is organic and truly captures what the whole idea is. 

In the same way, our designers are equipped to take your ideas and blend your vision with their creativity to put your concepts on paper. This level of artistic freedom enables them to create without the limitations of any software program.

Showcasing unique features – CAD programs have come a long way. They enable designers to create almost anything. However, there are some limits to how natural and organic a digital sketch can look. Whether it be the way nature surrounds a residential project or showcasing the exact form of a tree next to a window, it can be challenging to truly convey these natural and almost artistic concepts through CAD programs. Architectural sketch designs are just as much art as they are technical drawings that also showcase the space between objects as well as energy systems.

Allows clients to offer suggestions in real-time – Creating an architectural sketch design can almost become like note-taking. As you discuss the concept as well as your ideas, a Cad Crowd designer can work with you to hear your thoughts and develop a sketch from your recommendations and specifications. Whether they are using a CAD program or sketching on paper, the designer can record your ideas in real-time.

Take time to brainstorm – Maybe you don’t know what you want. Architectural sketch design enables you to work with one of our CAD design services to work through your preferences and try out concepts. For example, you might have thought a structure may work on a hill, but you have now decided that it wouldn’t. Our designer can erase (with a CAD program or by hand) and start again. Architectural sketch design allows you to brainstorm without the pressure of getting it perfect. Before long, you will have gone through the natural process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Create an efficient work process – Architectural sketch design can also add efficiency to the design process. For example, it can help give entrepreneurs like yourself a better handle on what they’re looking for. It also makes picking out errors and solidifying the details of the design much more straightforward. This tactic brings about communication, which will always help to create a consistent workflow that diminishes mistakes and speeds up the process.

Does away with functionality issues – There are things you may have thought were possible or that made sense before you actually saw it on paper. Fortunately, sketching lets you know what works and what doesn’t before you pay someone to create a photorealistic 3D model. If there are layout issues, or if the architectural idea is not functional, a sketch will likely reveal this. You then have the opportunity to explicitly express what you do and don’t want.

Architectural sketch design is a critical process, especially at the start of your design timeline. It allows you to have the first opportunity to truly see your plan and understand if you’re on the right track. Nevertheless, for you to get the most out of the experience, you need a capable designer who knows how to correctly showcase your ideas and preferences.

Our team wants to help you find the absolute best designer for your next project. Each professional within our global network of designers is pre-vetted and experienced in their respective niche. So, regardless of where you are in the design process, we can assist in finding you the right person for the job. For a look at how we help entrepreneurs and business owners find a talented designer who is best suited for the job, take a look at our How It Works page.

Why you should outsource your next architectural sketch design project to a Cad Crowd designer

Can anyone sketch? With enough learning and experience, they can. In fact, your initial sketch on a napkin or piece of loose paper can help our designers know what your initial thoughts are. However, you can get the most quality for your money by hiring a freelance architectural 3D modeler to handle your next architectural sketch design project. 

We understand that you have a business to run, and you may have in-house designers working on other related projects. Therefore, here are the reasons why outsourcing your next architectural sketch design project is an excellent idea for your company.

Let someone else handle the hiring process – Whether you want a private contract, or want to receive bids from multiple freelancers, the entire process is someone else’s to manage. No longer do you have to look through CVs or resumes or comb the internet for design talent. Our global network of designers is already vetted and has the experience you need to complete your next architectural sketch design project.

Don’t worry about an NDA – In the past, you may have had to create your own NDA with help from expensive legal counsel. Fortunately, at Cad Crowd, you do not have to worry about this process. Each of our designers is bound by our terms of service, which includes non-disclosure language. As a result, you can be sure that your initial sketches and ideas are secure and will be kept private.

Take advantage of a global talent pool – Your next 2D CAD designer could be located in another city or country entirely. Here at Cad Crowd, we understand that talent knows no geographic bounds. From Indiana to India, there are excellent designers out there who can provide exceptional services and we want to connect you with them. So, when you interact with a designer on Cad Crowd’s platform, know that you are working with the best regardless of where they are located.

Allow your team to work on core business activities – Whether you are trying to find design talent, or are managing the hiring process yourself, you—and even your team—could be taken away from the work they do best. Our platform takes two primary responsibilities off your plate: hiring and, in this case, sketching. Outsourcing both processes frees you and your team up to handle the work that you do best.

Save time and costs – Having a design professional who is dedicated to this task will likely ensure it is done much faster than an in-house employee who has to split time with this and other work. On the other hand, outsourcing also allows you to save money. You only pay for the time that the freelancer works for you. You do not have to pay a costly yearly salary, and you are in more of a position to offer a mutually-beneficial wage.

Get a unique perspective – A freelancer is someone who is not impacted by company culture. They are outside of the boundary lines of groupthink. Therefore, you can work with someone who has a unique perspective dictated by their own experiences and skillset. They can offer solutions and ideas that you and your team may never have thought of before speaking to them.

There is a wide range of benefits to outsourcing your architectural sketch design services, and we want you to realize each one. Our team at Cad Crowd is committed to finding you a designer that gives you the freedom to explore your design idea through the art of architectural sketch design.

Our architectural sketch design services

These are some of the design services that we offer. 

Construction drawings – Whether you need to convey elevations, foundation plans, or roofing plans, our team of designers is prepared to help. They can create documentation that gives your contractors the information they need to start construction on building projects that adhere to your specifications.

2D drawing and floor plan design – We think that one of the best ways to entice renters and potential property buyers is to give them a birds-eye view into a residential property. You are taking the time to provide them insight into how the space functions and a real look at what they can expect during a walkthrough. This tactic is going to help you seal the deal. We feel confident that our designers can help by creating detailed drawings and drafts of floor plans to go along with your architectural sketches.

2D CAD drafting – While the aesthetic piece of the drawing is essential, it is also crucial to show the technical aspects of your building concept. HVAC, electricity, sewage, and even solar paneling are necessary parts of the building process. Taking the time to show how these energy systems function, their location, and how they will impact the structure of the building is an excellent way to get stakeholders on board.

AutoCAD drawing – While pen and paper may offer the most freedom when it comes to conveying an architectural idea, the AutoCAD program is excellent for drawing with the help of software tools. It can help designers bring the detail and feel of a building project to life. From creating complex templates to blueprints, AutoCAD provides a variety of drawing functions to designers and drafters alike.

Regardless of whether you want a pen and paper sketch or an intricate CAD drawing, our global network of designers is ready to help you today. We understand that you may not have a complete idea of what you want. However, we feel confident that our designers can also help guide you to the right decision regarding your architectural sketch design.

Our team wants to help you move from concept to completion, and we know that a talented and capable designer can help achieve this. So, if you need our architectural sketch design services, we invite you to reach out for a free quote today!

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